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Taken with Canon Canon PowerShot A1000 IS

  • 6.2 mm
  • 1/60
  • f f/2.7
  • ISO 125
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Home from date. So hot, so dirty, so messy. 


I love helping her get ready for a date. Washing and brushing her hair. Shaving her pussy. Helping her pick an outfit. Like I'm wrapping a gift for someone. A beautifully, perfectly wrapped package that will come home torn apart and a mess. A hot, sweaty, sexy mess.

This night was special. This was a guy that she sees fairly regularly. Someone we trust. With the random guys, she always uses protection. It was unspoken but, we knew what tonight meant. It had been months since she had seen him. She was so wet when she left. I kissed her deeply as she left.  She gave my rock hard cock a little rub.

It was so hard to not jerk off right after she left. Stroking while imagining what my little slut of a wife was doing. While this guy isn't longer than me, he is wider. She likes that. She also likes that he's younger and usually cums 2 or 3 times. 

It was delightfully excruciating imagining her eyes tearing up and gagging as he stuffs his cock down her throat. Sucking his cock until he cums all over her face. Her spreading her pussy lips for him. Giving that little moan as the head of his cock first enters her. Grunting as he slams into her. Cumming on his hard cock as she squeezes her nipples. Hearing the hot wet noises coming from her sloppy pussy. Puling on his ass cheeks to pull him in deeper while she moans "Cum in my pussy" in his ear. His cock pulsing inside her has he shoots stream after stream into her pussy.

These are the things going through my head while she's gone. She'll text me when she's driving home. She says she's always worried about getting pulled over. makeup a mess. Cum in her hair and on her face. Waiting for the cop to hurry up and write the ticket as cum slowly leaks out of her pussy. 

She didn't disappoint when she got home. I could see dried cum in her hair and on her cheek. Maybe I imagined it but, I swear I could taste cum as I kissed her deeply. I almost came when I felt the mess in her panties. Usually they can get a hotel room about 10 minutes away. Maybe it was because it was a holiday, she had to drive about 30 minutes.  I HAD to get the camera for this one. LOL

I have her lay at the edge of the bed. I kneel in front of her. I have to make sure my cock doesn't touch anything or, I will cum. My heart is racing.  I breathe deeply as I slide off her sticky panties. I waste no time. I lick from her asshole all the way up. The taste of cum mixed with her juices is indescribable. She's holding my head as I continue to lick. She cums hard bucking her hips and rubbing her freshly fucked pussy on my face. She comes so hard when I clean her up. I have to back off for a minute so she can regain her composure but then, I'm right back at it. I know I have to make her cum a few times because the reality is, I'm not going to last long.

She slides up on the bed as I climb up. My cock is so hard. Aching for release.  I give her pussy one last long lick. I move over her and kiss her deeply.  There's something so erotic about sharing the combination of her juices and her lover's cum. So intimate. Something she shares with no one but me. Reclaiming her. Reconnecting with her. 

I can feel the heat from her pussy as my cock rubs up against it. It feels so intense as my head enters her stretched pussy. Which, is a good thing.  If there was any resistance, I would have cum already LOL. The feeling is like nothing else. An all encompassing warmth.  It's hard to describe. I slide in all the way. Grinding deeply into her. Holding it there for a minute for fear of cumming. The sloshing noises we're making as I slide in and out are pushing me close to the edge. When she begs me to cum in her pussy, it pushes me over the edge. I slam into her. Groaning as I cum so hard.  So deep into her. I give it a minute and, I'm still hard enough to fuck her. I pin her ankles behind her ears and now we're fucking. I slam into her over and over again. I thought her pussy was messy before, that was nothing. I continue to fuck as long as I can until I go soft. I pull out and look down. I see the amazing mess we made.

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