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  1. Not every wife "Makes" their husband clean her. Some do it willingly because it it such a turn on for her and, in turn, a turn on for him.
  2. Interesting questions. I agree that it doesn't mean you're gay if you do something that your wife wants you to do. I've never touched another guys cock and, she's never asked me to. I've had incidental cock rubbing during DP and DVP. I think I would be embarrassed to lick her in front of the other guy when they're finished but, I go to town when she gets home. So .... I don't know what that makes me. lol
  3. Although I've cleaned her, I've never seen her get creampied.
  4. I didn't even notice this topic. So, what do you love about it? My wife has asked me to suck cock for her. She's not into humiliation. She just thinks it would be hot to watch. I don;t know what to expect. What was it like your first time?
  5. I've been in a cuckold relationship for a few years and, whilr have done a lot of stuff outside of my comfort zone, I've never sucked a cock. I really don't know what to expect. We decided it wont be one of her regular guys. We don't want to freak them out. It's something we'd have to tell the guy is going to happen in advance, right? I worry about the act itself too. I don't want to gag and throw up. I don't mind him cumming in my mouth but, I've seen guys she's been with that just kind of dribble when they cum. Others shoot halfway across the room. I think I could deal with a dribbler. So, how do you prepare for one or the other? My wife won't let anyone cum in her mouth so, she's no help lol As odd as it may sound, maybe I have lived a sheltered life.
  6. How has COVID effected everyone's lifestyle? My wife finally has a date this week and I don't know who is ore excited.
  7. Is the fantasy about using Kix?
  8. I don't know about crying but, it's an overwhelming mix of emotions sometimes. Knowing how good it feels for you. Knowing how "Dirty" the wife is being. Knowing that she still loves you but, is having sex with someone else.
  9. Well, my wife went out Saturday. We didn't do much Friday.
  10. That's a tough one. I"Interested" can mean a lot of things. Is "Interested" someone she can have flirty chat with? Somebody she is comfortable with? If her requirement is "Love" then, I don't think that's a hurdle you try to jump. That being said, she won't really know until she tries.
  11. We eased into it. It stared with her sex chatting online and me reading the chats later. then, she started video chatting while I watched from another room.
  12. Well, I was at Taco Bell..... just kidding. She had come home after a night out. I went down on her and... well.... there ws something different. I could taste that latex taste so, I know he had a condom on at some point. After a bit, we determined that he either took off the condom or, it broke. Not sure how she didn't know he came in her. Anyway, she went nuts. She came so hard so, I went to town.