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  3. My wife

    she is amazing
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  5. Dice and dare

    I sent a PM.
  6. All Black players should stand and owners, White coaches,White players White wives should Kneel in front of them facing the Black Man with their head laying against the Players leg and gazing wantonly up into their eyes. View the full topic at
  7. More Gifs, Pics

  8. amazing


    1. Dirtyfun1


      Holy hell that's a lot of fun wasted in her hand

  9. More Gifs, Pics

    Back to work huh?
  10. Pure Thickness

  11. Dice and dare

    Bull here ready
  12. Friend wife maria

    Maria is a very hot milf for sure.
  13. I have been a Bull for about 10 years now. Cant remember all wifes i meet during this years. Still go strong.
  14. Dice and dare

    ‘I consent to the cuckold dice dare’
  15. On the dining table

    Ah, Captain - I sympathise - I have been loking for a replacement couple for a long time now
  16. I was wondering what punishment would be suitable for a white boy who interrupts his dominant white wife/girlfriend while she is speaking to a young black man? Note: The white woman is a BBC slut who has a thing for young black men, which she made clear to her white boy before they were together. View the full topic at
  17. My hotwife Elaine

    I still fantasize about Elaine getting gang banged like this. I guess if she had done it I would probably think of some other scenario to dream about
  18. My husband and I have been together for almost 21 yrs. been swinging for 14 yrs. and we've just started leaning more towards this in the last 2-3 years.
  19. Happy anniversary, and good luck
  20. Awesome Birthday Gift

    I'm definitely considering changing it up the year, for the past few years I've let him have one of my friends for his birthday, while I went with out. I'm thinking I may just let him have me just after someone else has. Thank you for the idea.
  21. Friend wife maria

    Very pretty wife
  22. screw her front of me.

    Hello i am mario skype guttacavem
  23. Young Black 34 year old Bull is seeking females that would like to blackbreeded. Im young full of stamina good condition good looking and a Bachelor degree. Seeking only serious female or couples in FLORIDA AREA View the full topic at
  24. screw her front of me.

    She is not getting fucked. There is no location in the profile. He does not really even want her fucked or he would have let people know where they were.
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