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My Gf's First Meeting With Someone Else


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My gf is going to meet a guy from work tonight, she has told me that he is going to fuck her and I was really excited at first with the thought of her coming home to me well used and full of his cum. But today is the day day and I can't help but feel nervous, jealous and my heart is racing, is this a normal feeling for first time cucks?

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Cuckold Tests

Hi yes exactly the same way happen to me only I had to wait at engagement party where we had met this other guy who was a older black guy .

We had met him before and knew he fancied my girlfriend so I allowed and openly encourage him to chat my girlfriend up.

I was incredibly nervous being the first time and unbelievably turned on why he chatted my girlfriend up in front of me and feeling was incredible erotic which you will go thru incredible sexual feelings

I will tell you the full story if like and I would love to know how you get on

First time is really incredibly horny believe mme

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