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  1. No...I think we’re on the same page. I’m talking about people freaking out about the women that are into it.
  2. Is this seriously still a debate people are having in 2020? 😂 Let me solve it for you...it’s all about personal preference and experience...end of story. Some guys are big, some aren’t. Some have endurance, some don’t. Some are dominant, some aren’t. Quit wasting time on the negative.
  3. Yes he is! I’m feeling pretty lucky myself...being allowed to have my way with her
  4. Text from Andrew just said “All yours”. Damn!
  5. jj123211

    Who knows?

    Agree also. My immediate family (brother and parents) know. A certain group of friends know, some of which I’ve been a bull for. I’m always careful to ask couples who knows about them. So that I can avoid any related conversation when need be.
  6. She’s texted me some pics the last couple of days 😉
  7. Right?! As I mentioned above, it was all pretty surreal. Here was this woman who up to that point was just the straight laced, sweet, girl next door type. And in that moment, and later while I was fucking her, I got to see this sort of sex crazed nympho. And, I absolutely loved it!
  8. Her only instructions were get tested (which I do anyway), and don’t bother bringing condoms 😃
  9. Got a text from Ashley the other day...Andrew’s taking the kids to visit his parents at the end of March, and asked if I’d like to come visit her. So looks like I’ll get a break from the cold weather in March lol.