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  1. Hope everyone has a nice, long, safe and sexy weekend!

  2. I actually used to be completely oblivious to this...until I picked a woman up in a bar, and later learned she was married. She said, “I thought you noticed my anklet”. Good times 😂
  3. That’s what I’m talking about. Those look amazing!
  4. I half agree. There are different shapes of implants, and it depends on how good the surgeon is. I’m fine with it if it’s a situation where a woman is insecure about small size, shape, etc. But, I do hate when a women ruins perfectly great looking breasts to go awkwardly big. Like “doesn’t fit her body” big.
  5. Silicone-based lube...fuck that shit! lol
  6. That wasn’t the first mass shooting in America...there was the Camden shootings in 1949, the University of Texas shootings in 1966, etc. Columbine was just the first with a major mass media presence.
  7. I disagree. That stuff was always happening, maybe not to the extent of today, we just have a larger media presence today to cover it all.
  8. I can understand your last point. But, I’m a good person, and do good things, for no other reason other than to be a good person.
  9. Central Illinois
  10. jj123211


    Where’s this girls weekend taking place?! haha
  11. jj123211


    Gawd-dayum! Absolutely gorgeous! She has what I like to call “grip hips”