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  1. weaselsnipes

    Jessi's small tits

    They're not small, they're Amazing tits
  2. weaselsnipes

    Wife beds hometown rival

    Amazing wife!! Please the rest of the story & the tape
  3. weaselsnipes


    Delicious, lucky man!
  4. weaselsnipes

    My German Wife

    Beautiful smooth pussy😛
  5. weaselsnipes

    Showing hotwives

    Absolutely beautiful pussy!!
  6. weaselsnipes

    My First Experience

    Very sexy wife
  7. weaselsnipes

    Let me see ur wife pics

    WOW!!! Yor wife is AMAZING!!
  8. weaselsnipes

    Let me see ur wife pics

    OMG Absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!
  9. weaselsnipes

    Let me see ur wife pics

    I think her boobs are perfect & from what I can see the rest of her looks pretty amazing too.
  10. weaselsnipes

    Lynne Mills 003

    I'd have loved to have bumped into you both the day you took these, Lynne you look delicious & I'd have very much enjoyed tasting your goods.
  11. weaselsnipes

    My beautiful wife and me

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  12. weaselsnipes


    Hi, I'd love to share pictures of your Mrs.
  13. weaselsnipes

    My wife and I

    Absolutely beautiful, perfect tits, hope you're planing on showing more of her..
  14. weaselsnipes

    Showing hotwives

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