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  1. joe_b

    Two Hot Scenes

    The second babe is great
  2. I love watching these and my wife watches before she goes out.
  3. Most times the bull stays overnight. It pretty much goes without saying in my house, that if they are together, you dont bother them. There is one thing about the bull leaving that can be hot though. My wife used to see this guy and he would hit the bars and if he didnt pick anyone else, he would call my wife up. He would fuck her hard then just leave and say something like, 'see ya in a few days'. I used to think it was hot.
  4. joe_b

    The story of me and my wife

    Once Susan had her first guy, she reverted to her old self and began craving other men. She was hanging around her friend Amy a lot and they were doing the bar scene. Over the course of the next month to month and a half she had been with 3 guys. One guy was a one night stand, the other two she had several encounters with, then after awhile, it cooled off between them. She was really kind of hurt by the whole thing over again. She loved the sex, but the guys she was hooking up with always had sex with her, then once they came, they never paid her any mind. She wasnt looking for love with them, but didnt want them to immediately leave after they were done either. I told her she ought to consider seeing older men and they would be more interested a woman her age. She thought about it and ended up responding to a guys Craigslist ad. He was 48 and she was 25 at the time. She told him she had bf and he wanted me to get involved. He was over at her place and they called me over. It took less than 10 minutes from the time I met him until she told me to start sucking his cock. She made out with him at the same time. She then started sucking him and licked her till she was nice and wet. He fucked her good and they were staring into each others eyes as he pounded her. He would lean forward and they would tongue kiss too. He bent her over and started fucking her in the ass and I used one of her dildos on her pussy. She was screaming in ecstasy. She ended up on her knees and he blasted his cum right into her mouth, then she spit it into mine and told me to swallow. I did and licked a little from her lips. I started fucking her and came so fast all over her belly. I licked that up too. After that she got up and went to the bathroom. I sat on one sofa and he sat on the other. When she got back, she sat and the sofa with him and thanked him for a great fuck and he took her in his arms. I could tell she was really happy.
  5. joe_b

    The story of me and my wife

    Things went pretty well for us the first few months we dating. We had lots of hot sex and we got into some kinky stuff. I would suck her dildos and let her stick them up my ass and it gave her the idea to get a strap on. She said that fucking me with a strap on was a great way to relieve tension for her and it improved her self-esteem. I told her I was there for her any time. We also watched quite a bit of porn together which was always giving her ideas. She really likes porn where the woman is degraded and I found that very attractive. We did some role play and she would talk really dirty to me. We were doing a lot of prostitute roleplay where I would act like she was a whore and I would just fuck the hell out of her. She wasnt seeing any other men at this time but I knew it was a matter of time before she got hungry and wanted to throw another person into the mix. One day she told me a friend of hers had broken up with her boyfriend because he found out she was cheating on him. She asked me what I do if I caught her cheating. I knew that with this question it was my chance to show her that I was interested in her having sex with other guys. When she asked me what I would do, I asked her what she meant by cheating. She was like "if got fucked by another guy". I told her that I didnt consider that to be cheating, I told her that if she was fucking others and lying to me about it, then its cheating, if she is fucking others and she is honest about it, then it would not be a problem. She smiled about my response then said "so do you want an open relationship'. I said not really, I told her I thought an open relationship is when both people are allowed to be with others, I told her that I had no plan or desire to be others, but would be quite willing to let her be with others. She was really into the idea. When we were fucking that night we talking dirty and I re-enforced the idea by dirty talking to her about other men fucking her while I watched. Less than a week later she called me and said that she just left a guys place and they had sex. I told her I want to see her as soon as possible so she came to my place. As soon as she walked in I grabbed her and passionately kissed her. I looked right in her eyes and asked her is she has had a shower since she had sex, she said no. I said 'perfect' and licked her titties and pussy then fucked her good.
  6. I met Susan in the Feb of 2012. I was 38 and she was 24. I had recently just broken up with a woman I was dating and was kind of bummed out. There was this younger Jon who I worked with who was in his early 20s. He said there a party at his friends house and I should come to it. I didnt have anything to do, so I went to the party with him. It was your typical party with people in their early to mid 20s, just drinking beer, doing shots, and some people smoking up in a back room. I had been at the party for 20 or 30 minutes and my future wife Susan came in. I had never met her before and at first I wasnt too impressed. She was an average looking girl, not too pretty, but not bad looking either. I didnt really take much notice to be honest. The party went on and I kind of lost track of her and didnt see her. A bit of time went by and she showed back up and this guy came in saying how he just fucked her in the back room. There were a few guys joking around about how big of slut she was and on previous other occasions they had fucked her. Once I heard this talk about her, I became more interested. We were bullshitting a bit, and then she disappeared again. Apparently the guy who lived next door was at the party and he took her into his apartment to have sex with her. The guys keep joking about how she was at parties and would hook up with a few guys. After some time passed, she showed up again, and was all over another guy, who took her to the same backroom the first guy took her to. By this time, I was damn impressed with her and wanted to get in on the action, but felt out of place, because I was at least 10 years older than everybody. By the time she got done with the 3rd guy the party started to die down. She looked outside and started freaking out because it was snowing, and there was an inch or two of snow on the road and it was snowing hard. She was saying how she was scared to drive in the snow. I told her I was leaving soon and I could take her home. She decided to take me up on the offer and I took her to where her apartment was. I had made small talk with her on the ride, but didnt say anything about her having sex with 3 guys. When I went to drop her off she said the snow was getting bad and I could crash at her place if I wanted. I said sure, and that I would take her to get her car once the roads cleared. We got into her apartment and made more small talk and I told her I didnt have a wife or girlfriend. She said she didnt have anyone either. As we talked she suddenly looked at me with these bedroom eyes and started getting closer. I moved closer and we started making out. We kissing deep and heavy petting. She told me how she wanted to suck my dick. I responded by telling how I wanted to lick her pussy. She was really keen on that and went on the couch and spread wide open. I must have licked her pussy and ass for a good hour just thinking about the 3 other men who had fucked her earlier that night. She had some condoms in her purse and she told me to put it on and fuck her. I think I managed to pump her 2 or 3 times before I blew, becuase I was so turned on. We crashed for while, then woke up and fucked again. One thing that really impressed me was when she showed me her collection of dildos and porn. It was really fitting We hung out for the morning, then Sun came out and they had cleared most of the snow. We only ended up getting about 4 inches. I took her back to her car and we exchanged numbers. I had her number and knew I was calling her soon but didnt know how soon was too soon. I thought at first I was going to at least wait till the next day by I couldnt stop thinking about her so I broke down and called her at about 8pm the same day. She seemed really happy I called and invited me to go back to her place. From that point on, we went about 3 straight weeks where I was fucking her over at her apartment or she came to my place. After this 3 weeks of regular fucking, she began to go cold towards me. I thought maybe she was tired of me and wanted someone else. We really hadnt discussed what our relationship was other than the sex we had. She told me she wanted to take a break from seeing me. I was really upset and hurt and didnt know why she wanted that. She told me that she was really starting to fall for me, and she thought I would leave her when I got tired of the sex. She thought that taking about break was the best way to stop from being hurt. I told her I felt the same about her and I wanted to grow the relationship. She then asked why I never take her out to dinner or to do anything romantic. She also said she thought I was embarrassed to let people know I was dating her because of her rep. I decided to her out to a really nice Italian place and I sent her flowers. I told her she was my girlfriend and I was her man. She started to break down a bit. I asked her what was wrong. She said "You know I have been with a lot of guys right?" I told her I knew. She said out of all those guys, that she never had a boyfriend, they were just one night stands or guys that liked fucking her. I told her it didnt change how I felt about her.
  7. Hi everyone, name is Joe here 43 and my wife Susan is 30. We have been together for about 5 years married about 3.5. When I was a teenager I was friends with this other guy and his dad had a big collection of porn on VHS. It was before the internet so getting your hands on real porn was quite hard. His parents were not home and we were over his house and we started watching it. I remember watching these women fucking in front of the camera and I was so turned on by them. I went home and beat off to the thought of being married to woman who made porn and thought about how much I would enjoy being married to a woman who did that for a living. Over the years I had tried to seek porn stars and see if I could find one for dating or marriage, but it never went very far and was never able to find one. Instead of porn stars, I began to seek girls who had repudiations around town. I dated a few, and 2 of them actually developed into long term relationships. The girls I dated always slept around my back, it was just the kind of girls that they were, but I was never really able to get it to be this thing were they would fuck in front of me, or when I was around so the relationships always ended up failing.