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  1. Yep, I can relate to that - wanting to take my wife, introduce, strip and hand her over to someone else - sounds wonderful to me.
  2. All parties have to be in agreement of the 'rules of the game', for us the extra sex was for my wife's recreational pleasure only, I had no part to play when she was in bed having sex with her bull, but we would then have the most wonderful lovemaking afterwards. (note the difference, sex / lovemaking)
  3. Great opportunity there - she knows about him, and he knows she thinks about him when using her dildo, and they both know you approve. You could do what happened to us, our best friend started getting close to my wife at weekends when we were together whenever I was out of the room, like making coffee etc. He would cuddle, kiss and eventually grope her, which turned her on to the point where eventually she told me that she wanted to go to bed with him. The rest is history
  4. I would always be happy to pick her up if she was not alone , hopefully to get to see or hear some back-seat action before taking them to somewhere they could make out for a few hours together.
  5. Oh yes, there's nothing as lovely as waiting for your wife to finish her recreational fucking with a good friend and return with her pussy full of his cum. My slight jealousy knowing what she was doing with him just added some spice to the tensions inside me. My only regret is that she stopped cuckolding me.
  6. Bill, you need a new pair of spectacles mate, that's a perfectly rounded gorgeous ass.
  7. Sounds so much like my wife when she was with Alex.
  8. Would love to be there with you and see her performing for the two of us
  9. Awesome - I just love her.
  10. You may find it less comfortable if she has someone that she sees daily, better if it's someone she normally sees the same or less often than you do. Jealousy is something you have to learn to live with, it comes with the insecurity of letting go of your wife with another man. I soon found that I was quite comfortable with my wife and our divorced best friend, and she was having him daily for 7 years. Is the co-worker attached or single? Occasionally insecurity gave me a few butterflies, but not often, and I soon got used to it and actually liked the feelings I had which was in no small part due to my love for my wife. Good luck, Bryan
  11. She's all over the world now and she's still absolutely gorgeous
  12. What a gorgeous smile, and a beautiful pussy.
  13. I know just what you mean about shaving making your tiny willy look smaller - it does for mine too. But it is so much cooler in summer, and I find that pulling my cock and balls to shave them gets me excited and makes my cock so hard. I am loving shaving more and more.
  14. There's always room for more !
  15. cuckold

    I would like to see my wife with anyone, any race, any colour, any age, any number, I really do not mind. Yes, a shame we're on opposite sides of the globe.