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  1. Nice to see another mature UK couple

  2. UK_EX

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    Yes, like everything, it is personal taste. Agreed, the taste of his cum and her love juices was wonderful, and better than either of them would have been separately.
  3. UK_EX

    He Has EVERY Right...

    This is a major problem, 'social conditioning' to think that going to bed and having sex with someone other than a husband is 'wrong'. Having experienced it (a long time ago now), I can confirm just how wonderful it can be.
  4. So, any update over December and January?
  5. UK_EX

    London Vacation Opportunity?

    Damn I would love to see you doing that (and more) with my wife .... sadly she is not up for it, but I am continuing to work on her. Maybe one day.
  6. UK_EX

    New Year

    Second that
  7. UK_EX

    1st time wife meeting guy alone

    Lovely wife you have there. It is totally normal to be apprehensive when she has someone without you being there - the cuckold angst of knowing what she is doing, not being able to stop it, and at the same time not actually being able to see what she is doing at that moment. The mind goes into overdrive. The transition from hoping it will happen, to it actually happening is nerve wracking, you get such intense feelings inside. It sounds like all of you want this to happen, and I am sure you won't regret it once it has happened. My wife always excluded me from the house when she was with our best friend, it was so horny for me, knowing they were fucking together in our bed. The first time was so special, so exciting, we made love directly he had left, and it was the most intense lovemaking session we have had. Let them have space to explore alone, she will love you so much more for it.
  8. UK_EX


    Perhaps not the biggest turn on, but it does excite me that she was getting so much more out of it than me. She was getting hours of wonderful sex with our friend, and then she was getting the great lovemaking with me. So she was getting much more time fucking in bed than I was, and getting filled with his cum as well as mine. It must be great to be a woman cuckolding your man.
  9. UK_EX

    Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Totally right there - so many fantasists. Get out and DO IT, it's wonderful.
  10. UK_EX

    Wife of weakhusband

    Indeed, how could you refuse a request to show off such a sexy lady.
  11. UK_EX

    Why I am a Cuckold...

    It's not cheating if she tells you she's being fucked by someone else. That is so much hotter.
  12. UK_EX

    Taking His Cum Over Mine

    Knowing that your wife has a regular fuck buddy is so hot. My wife had our best friend almost every day for years, she was always so hot, sexy and satisfied the whole time.
  13. We were at it in the early 1980's, so no mobile phones for us then, and no digital cameras either I too had difficulties concentrating on my work when I was at work and knew she was in bed with our friend. Like your wife, the more my wife fucked our best friend, the hornier she (and I) got.
  14. UK_EX

    Consider this

    There's a huge difference between slutty behaviour and cheating.
  15. UK_EX


    Congratulations there, whose is it then Bill, do you know?