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  1. Any Regrets?

    I loved knowing my wife was being pleasured by our friend, I always knew she'd be back with me afterwards and I would be allowed to 'reclaim' her. Also, when I was away on work, I knew that she'd be safely tucked up (or should that be fucked up) in bed with him all night. Second thoughts - I occasionally had the angst of a cuckold knowing his wife is being taken bareback by another man. I experienced that wonderful tightening of the stomach when she left me to go to see him at his place. It was so horny, I wish she was doing it all again.
  2. Wife's anklet

    I love this necklace, it needs absolutely no explanation - swingers !
  3. Found this amazing clip, hope you like it.
  4. So, can much be read into this?

    I think that Pandora's Box has been opened, she has obviously reacted to this guy's charms, and could easily now take him or someone else on. If you want it, strike while the memory is fresh.
  5. So what do you think of my wife?

    Like Enigma, I think that someone else is already doing to her what we want to do with her

    What a fantastic video, anyone have the script for it?
  7. And a Last Run Along Memory Lane

    Me too Robert, such wonderful memories
  8. My wife loves to hhhhhhhhh me

    By the way - hhhhhhhhh = hu-miliate
  9. British Hot wife Marlene

    Wonderful lady - love the anklet
  10. British Hot wife Marlene

    It's the lovely smile that does it for me - she obviously enjoys showing off her gorgeous sexy body. Has she made you a cuckold yet?
  11. British Hot wife Marlene

    Wow, what a stunner, you are so very lucky to have her.
  12. Married over 40 years now, she had our best friend daily for about 7 years in the 1980's, no more since
  13. In order to get over the 'gossiping neighbours' problem, our friend used to run over to our place, so there were no unusual vehicles outside overnight.
  14. Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    Just goes to prove we're all different. I think it has more to do with performance than sheer size. It's no good having a monster cock if you cum in 2 seconds is it? My cock is small when soft, but hardens well to an average 6 inches or so, and quite thick, but when I slip it inside my wife, I cum in seconds. She said that her bull on the other hand had no bigger cock than me (not sure I believe her about this, she was always so well stretched by him) but he could keep pounting her pussy for hours before cumming bareback inside her.
  15. My wife and her bull exchanged front door keys so they could surprise each other see