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  1. Indycuck4wife - all extremely good advice there. Take it slow, talk, and respect each other.
  2. Great - see, multi-tasking is for ladies !
  3. Agreed, there's nothing so off-putting as a mouth full of pubic hair. My own wife prefers a very close cut pussy, she always kept it well trimmed for her bull.
  4. Good for her
  5. Will this do for VIP ?
  6. So, here I sit, outside in a secluded part of my garden, trimming my bush and shaving my balls, and I get peckish. Go to the fridge, select a large part-used pot of yogurt and take it outside .............. and guess what, my cock and balls fit inside the pot nicely, and come out nice and cool and coated in yogurt - has anyone tried this and gotten their wife (or someone else's wife) lick it up? It must taste yummy
  7. Sorry, thought you meant she was a whore before you met .... was it during or after your period with her?
  8. not too much different to mine - except I am now shaving for the summer months
  9. She's a damn fine looking girl - I wonder how many cocks she's had in that pretty little pussy before you ..............
  10. Any cuckolds into shaving? I have just started shaving my pubes with a beard razor for the summer, it just feels so much cooler. Also, I am now shaving my balls (regular wet razor), and the sac feels so soft - wife loves how soft it feels . Feels so good with loads of shaving cream rubbed in too Would love to shave my wife's pussy for her, but she just won't let me - spoilsport. Anyone else tried anything like this they'd like to share?
  11. Oh I bet your hubby would love to see your lovely ass paddled by your bull. He'd love to be bent over a chair and held down by you for his turn to have a lovely whippy cane used on his bare ass by your bull, only to be forced to then watch your bull making out and taking you bareback in your marital bed.
  12. Absolutely Enigma. It depends on the couple, and their bull or bulls. In our situation, I am the submissive cuckold husband, and my wife is the dominant partner in our relationship, and we had a firm marriage and loved each other. To the bull (our best friend), she was submissive, but their relationship was purely physical, she was in it for the sex alone, she didn't want to live full time with him. She had me for the 'family stuff', making babies, and lovemaking, but she had him for the fucking and excitement of occasional shared nights together. This all worked absolutely fine until he started getting possessive and wanted her to move in with him, that's when it broke down and she then stopped seeing him.
  13. I love the eye contact Robert, so wonderfully intimate, she knows the feelings that she is stirring up inside you.
  14. How wonderful, you have a perfect hubby there, cherish him, he is priceless. Like all true cuckolds, he revels in preparing his wife for someone else.
  15. I just had a thought, the best reason I can think of for a woman being able to multitask (we know men can't), is that they can take on multiple cocks at the same time (pussy, mouth, ass, and one in each hand), and know just what they are doing with every one and keep all the guys pleased at the same time. I just knew there was a good biological reason