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  1. vamateur

    More Gifs, Pics

    100% my own original gifs from exs and current hotwife
  2. vamateur

    Sharing Photos To Random Strangers

    I usually stream my hot russian wife in chatroulette or omegle.. I use manycam software. it is amazing how many love to jerk with my wife after knowing my videos are real and not from internet...
  3. vamateur

    My 20 Yo Wife. Any Suggestions?

    we need face for good evaluation so far 7/10
  4. vamateur

    Love To Hear Your Comments About My Slut Wife

    yeah she looks nice... hot and slutty. however for her age, she needs to shave. have you considered find her a good cock?
  5. vamateur

    Slut To Jerk On

    what about some of what I think my hot russian wife???
  6. vamateur

    Slut To Jerk On

    faaaaack your slut is super freaking hot! that tight slim body and perky tits!! you share her???
  7. Damn Im glad Im not the only one doing it!!!
  8. hey ppl, take a look of her twitter account where she post her panties for sale: @freshncreamy!
  9. vamateur

    the japanese slut aya

    post the face of the slut!!
  10. yeah I see, but she is not having sex, just selling her fluids basicalliy!
  11. We had the idea of selling her already used panties, since they were goint to the garbige... we are surprised how many men have the fetish of smelling and tasting a total stranger. However she has been dealing with this idea of her selling herself, is she really a WHORE? Coment on her...
  12. vamateur

    slutty 25 yo

    Yeap I agree, she is a total SLUT. not a whore since she doesn't charge, but she should!! post her everywhere!
  13. Por Por supuesto... hay un mundo aqui completamente fuera de lugar en la sociedad comun y corriente. Contactame a vamateur2 at gmail c o m. Cuentame tu historia
  14. vamateur

    Newbie - not sure about it

    Well, I am with a hot Russian hottie. Fortunatelly we had the same ideas about threesomes and orgies so we became Swingers. I think the SW style is a good way to start and both enjoy. Not sure if you would be comfortable to see him enjoying. However, after a while, at least to me, it happened that I started enjoying more to see her fucking than me enjoying other girls. I'm in transition to be a cuckold, I think it is what turns me on. And in the other hand, I'm not the greatest lover either. I don't fuck her that often instead I enjoy looking her beauty and seeing how she enjoys other dicks. I'm probably in the side of you boyfriend, come and take a look of my thread and let me see thour thoughts about a simmilar issue. In my case she doesn't know I am in this site so makes it little bit different. If you ever want to talk please reach me at vamateur2 at gmail from there we can exchange skypes. cheers