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  1. Back in the early 90’s my first wife and I (Sheila) took in a friend of mine (Eddie). He’d lost his job and had to give his house up. We had room and took him in. We were both mid 20’s and Eddie was older at 35. He was a very good looking guy, tall, sporty and in really good shape. About two months into our new arrangement and things were going well. Eddie still, however wasn’t working as the recession was on. He would look for work and spent a lot of time with Sheila. I could see them getting closer. She worked back shift at a hotel and didn’t start till late afternoon. I’d played sport with Eddie for two years, and had regularly showered with him after sweaty games of football. He had a fabulous cock. Mine looked tiny compared to his. Back then, I knew nothing about how I dealt with those feelings. Now, looking back I think it was part of the reason I was so keen for him to come and live with us. Maybe I wanted him to put that beautiful cock inside my wife, or did I want it in my mouth instead. I couldn’t imagine the two things coming too reality. One Saturday night Sheila had been working in the hotel, Eddie and I had been playing pool, drinking quite heavily..a normal Saturday. We went home about midnight and had some more beers. Sheila was quite pissed, so were we. I can’t remember how it happened but we all ended up on the floor and Eddie and Sheila were kissing, tongues deep inside each other’s mouthes.... they looked so natural together. I sort of sat back and admired if I wasn’t there. It only took a few minutes and he had undressed her and i was the only one clothed..I was immaterial. Looking back and digesting it later, Sheila looked too natural and comfortable with him for it to have been a first time occurrence. I never once questioned either of them. His cock was magnificent. I wanted it. Their was little or no more foreplay, he just laid her back, spread her wide, and eased his 8” cock easily into her wet pussy. It devoured him as if it had been there forever. I took my jeans off and started wanking my average size cock, eyes glued to the sight of her cunt accommodating that cock! It stretched her but she took it all. After 5 minutes, Eddie was on his back, Sheila riding him reverse cowgirl, when his cock slipped out of her pussy. I acted without thinking, an impulse which changed my life forever. She had her arms down to support herself, and would need to push herself back up to get the cock back in. I leaned over, kissed her deeply, and put my hand down and took hold of that rod of iron, savouring the moment I touched my first illicit cock. It couldn’t have felt better. Eddie I think was in total shock but didn’t say or stop me. I stroked it before leaning over and taking it straight to the back of my throat. The taste and rigidity were overwhelming. I savoured the moment for a few seconds before positioning the head back at her entrance and helped it back in. Nobody said a word. It was surreal. They fucked for 20 minutes, me joining in by stroking the union of their bodies. Cradling his balls and rubbing Sheila’s clit. The smell of raw sex was stifling. He pulled out before coming, spun her round and finished by shooting on her breasts. Another sign he’d had her before. Sheila loved that. It just felt natural to lean over and lick the cum off her tits and then take his cock in my mouth again. I’m sure I felt his hand on the back of my head, guiding my mouth to its goal. The mixture of cum and Sheila’s juices lives with me to this day. That started a period of two years where we had sex together a few times a week, and Eddie spent most nights in our bed and me in his. This was an era when I had no idea what a cuckold was and I was of the thought that I was a freak. Eddie never touched my cock once but Sheila never denied me sex. I sucked his cock whenever I could, even when Sheila wasn’t there. Nobody outside was aware. It all went well until she found out she was pregnant. We all knew who the father was. Not me! It broke us up. I left a month later, and was never really angry. I’d had the time if my life. I remember to this day the feeling of power I had with that weapon in my mouth. Great times. Bob.