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  1. Billparker

    Who knows?

    Everyone knows. I was quite surprised when my mother was over supportive of wifey n her lover...
  2. Feel free to message me. Was away for quite a long time now here...
  3. Billparker


    I'm raising other men's kids.
  4. Well i told my teenagers that I can't keep my wife happy so her bf does. Plus it's better if all of us our in it together instead of divorcing. They kind of have 2 dads now apart from their biological fathers. And the young ones, well we tell them that he helps with adults exercise.
  5. My wife's current bf wanted us to get a divorce and then marry her but she wasn't ready. Now that she's ready he isn't.
  6. Yes. Wife is happy than ever...
  7. She says she wants more but times running out. I don't think she'll bring up the topic for a while.
  8. As usual some clowns gonna use my feed to promote himself.
  9. Yes. He was present at the time.
  10. Yup. 6 kids only 1 mine
  11. Its been almost 4 weeks since my beautiful wife gave birth to a healthy black son(was hoping for a caramel color). Everyone's very happy. Can't wait for her to bring home the new member from her bull's house.