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  1. Message me wat you want to know
  2. Every husband is a cuckold. Just gotta know the right switches
  3. Mine had a lot of affairs but the first time I caught her was with her boss. Kinda almost wrecked the marriage.
  4. Both of us....
  5. Billparker


    Finally back here because of corona.
  6. Billparker

    Who knows?

    Everyone knows. I was quite surprised when my mother was over supportive of wifey n her lover...
  7. Feel free to message me. Was away for quite a long time now here...
  8. Billparker


    I'm raising other men's kids.
  9. Well i told my teenagers that I can't keep my wife happy so her bf does. Plus it's better if all of us our in it together instead of divorcing. They kind of have 2 dads now apart from their biological fathers. And the young ones, well we tell them that he helps with adults exercise.
  10. My wife's current bf wanted us to get a divorce and then marry her but she wasn't ready. Now that she's ready he isn't.