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  1. Well well well.

    Mail my wife at [email protected]
  2. Consider this

    He didn't find out for years. When he did they split but are back together now.
  3. Consider this

    I grew up watching my mum fuck around behind dad's back. I guess that's why I'm a cuck.
  4. Pregnant

    Her ex bull's
  5. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    My mother didn't accept our cuckold lifestyle. Vicky somehow managed to convince mum to talk to her bull. The next thing I know is that they've been fucking around having thressomes.
  6. Pregnant

  7. Pregnant

  8. Pregnant

    Just found out my wife's pregnant.
  9. Almost divorced

    Went through a tough time but didn't end up divorced
  10. Wew

    How many wives fall in love with others but come back home again?
  11. Fastest you have cum during sex

    There was this time where my wife was making out with a huge guy she had just met. Their heavy petting had gotten me real hard n when we went home I just stripped off to warm her up. He looks at my erection n just slaps it hard n i came all over the floor. They had a good laugh.
  12. Short Penis

    Yes mine is short n pathetic too. What's even sad my wife has never cum on my dick. But I'm just glad there are real men who take care of her.
  13. My wife's boyfriend would stay with her as her man whenever I was at sea.
  14. Random hook ups or steady bull, which do cucks prefer?

    I prefer all 3 and my wife has all 3. We have a steady bull who is also her boyfriend and more of her husband than I could ever be. She has a few guys with big cocks who are her regulars. And whenever she goes partying there's always random hook ups.
  15. Phat ass

    Hence the title