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  1. She says she wants more but times running out. I don't think she'll bring up the topic for a while.
  2. As usual some clowns gonna use my feed to promote himself.
  3. Yes. He was present at the time.
  4. Yup. 6 kids only 1 mine
  5. Its been almost 4 weeks since my beautiful wife gave birth to a healthy black son(was hoping for a caramel color). Everyone's very happy. Can't wait for her to bring home the new member from her bull's house.
  6. I suck my wife's boyfriend regularly because she loves it. We both love women but we do it for her.
  7. Till then enjoy. How is everyone? Been busy lately but now I'm free. Feel free to pm me.
  8. Billparker


    I don't interfere in her sex life.