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  1. After reading one article about cuckolding , I got an idea and presented it to Susan. I never expected her to say yes. But the idea of teasing and tormenting me while getting great sex herself was a HUGE turn on for her. I told her it would be SO intense if she actually shut me off from sex altogether and just mad me watch her with Kevin all the time . No blowjobs, no hand jobs NOTHING . Just watching them and she would strip for me so I could JO to her body . That would be IT her body would be Kevin’s if he wanted it . She got n evil grin and said considering.. “ I like that. That’s really hot , you really want that “ ? And I told her “ you get to torment the SHIT out of me . She bit her bottom lip and said . Yeah , let’s do it “ remember I STILL had never had intercourse with her she gave Kevin her Virginity now she was going to give him the WHOLE enchilada ! When I proposed it to him he nearly choked on his beer . But he knew after all this time I was serious . He said " let me get this strait, only I can have sex with her? you can't have ANY sex with her even when I am not around.? she's ALL mine ? “ fuck dude, I am ALL IN “ and so Susan became sexually exclusive with him. That was over a YEAR ago and we are still going strong Kevin has fucked Susan hundreds of times , slept here many nights and continues to be her fuck buddy. I am always included I watch them all the time Susan teases me all the time about it. Walks around the house scantily clad strips and dances for me so I can JO to her body and tells me all the time how great it feels to fuck Kevin. But I am NEVER allowed to have ANY kind of sex with her at ALL. ONLY Kevin gets it. it is INCREDIBLY intense Naturally we have kept this secret. And continue to do so . We were due to be married in June this year but that has been postponed now till next year . Till then Kevin will continue to own her body. As I said this is not anything I would ever have even DREAMED of before this. But I admit I LOVE being a cuckold . Especially to the girl I adore . If anything this has made us closer . We don’t intend to end this until at least the wedding IF we end it at all. The way I feel now I may not want to. Anyway glad to be here always willing to chat with other cuckolds . I hope you enjoy our story and no one will be too judgmental.
  2. I was forced to listen to them having sex for a good portion of that night . ( well lol forced isn’t QUITE the right word but ). I couldn’t say which was worse seeing them go at it or listening to it not knowing what was going on. Susan later told me the did in her words “ pretty much everything”. She confided that he came 3 times And she climaxed several times herself though she didn’t remember the exact number. I jerked off TWICE that night . BOTH times I could still hear them and wanted to stop it once I came but I didn’t . I finally fell asleep and the next morning I woke up to hear the shower running. Went upstairs and saw the bedroom door was open and no one there. I went into the bathroom and they were taking a shower together . I could see through the glass Susan was on her knees sucking him off. They saw me and I just said . OK then don’t let me interrupt . Susan laughed and said “ don’t worry we won’t , you can close the door when you leave “ I just stood there stunned . Finally she said “ that was a hint … get out “ again I just stood there she finally said “ NOW !!! She later again said she thought I would like it. She was right again. Kevin finally left, thanking me AND her she hugged him and said it was fun. I hugged him too and told him “no worries dude, it was fun for me too”. He said it certainly was for him as well and thanks us again. After he left we had breakfast she only had on her robe. We talked about the night before and she tole=d me how she thought I would enjoy it and she got off on it . I asked her how the sex was and to be honest . And she told me how many times they came and it was “really good “ she asked me howI felt about it all felt and I told her and said the jealousy was driving me CRAZY and I loved it . Especially the gut feeling when he took her virginity. I didn’t realize my attitude was making her think devious thoughts. I found out however she was enjoying it just as I was and was ready to push the envelope a little . Finally I asked her when it was my turn . She smiled and said “ when we get married like we said “ I said Cmon , I was laughing and she laughed as well and said “ hey, I said I would give my virginity to the winner , I never said I would fuck the loser afterwards sorry “ then just sat there grinning . She wanted to gauge my reaction . We had GREAT sex for a couple of weeks or so but she still would NOT fuck me . And she knew I was enjoying the game. She was too. She LOVES teasing me. Finally I got the idea that has led to where we are now . One night I was PARTICULARLY horny and she would not have intercourse . So I asked her something that had been on my mind . I asked “ would you fuck Kevin again ?” I was smiling and she thought about it for a minute and said “ Yes , yes I would “ she looked at me to see my reaction and I must have looked approving because she leaned in and whispered “ why ? You want me to ?” I said “yes “ she just shrugged and said “ Ok Call him”. My mouth hung open and she said “ what ? You think I’m bluffing? Go ahead call him”. She was enjoying this little game a much as I was .I could SEE it So I Called Kevin. Lol He was at our place in record time . ( I’m not kidding ) and I watch them again . And he stayed the night again. When he left next morning we said thanks good time and he said “hey ANY time “ This went on for a couple of months, and Kevin was becoming a regular fuck buddy for Susan but she STILL kept intercourse from me and we both loved it. We are VERY emotionally close VERY devoted to each other . Something like this would never work if we didn’t adore each other.she is my soul mate . However this was getting SO intense and it was then that I was on line chatting about it in chat rooms and first heard the term “ cuckold” some guy Called me that and MAN was he ever right ! I looked it up and found a wealth of information about it. I read about what makes a guy like me tick. And I realized it could get even MORE intense. And I wanted it to .
  3. Again to skip the details of how we got to that night . It finally came and he came over . It should denoted that at he time I had never heard the term “ cuckold “ before and had NO idea what it even meant if I HAF heard it . ( I sure as HELL know now ). Anyway we eventually played the game 1st one to 10 gets the prize. I will openly admit I really didn’t try to play my best game . The idea of Kevin taking Susan first REALLY made me horny and I actually wanted him to win. But each time he pulled away a little I something inside me said “ no I can’t do it and I would come back. When he got to 9 I had 7 and my heart was beating so fast. Susan had been stripping off her clothes as the game went along to tease us and make it more exciting . She was down to just her panties by this time and when she took off her bra , Kevin let out an “oh my Fuckin GOD “ lol he had never seen her tits needless to say he scored the 10th goal . What happened next is still kind of a blur but I just stood there trying to grasp what that final goal meant . None of us said a word for what seemed like several minutes. Then Susan just stood up and stripped off her panties , looked at Kevin and said “ well, to the winner belongs the spoils “ then she put out her hand and he took it . He had his mouth hanging open as if he couldn’t believe it was actually happening ( neither could I ) but he followed hereto the couch and she undressed himI sat down and just watched .It was like an out of body experience. Part of me was DESPERATE to stop it but part of me just kept saying “ don’t you fucking DARE say a WORD . Just watch “ I have never been so jealous and at the same time turned on in my entire life ! Again the details are too long to go into but the bottom line was that she kept looking a tie to make sure I was not gonna flip out and so was he . Finally I told them , “hey , it’s ok I lost fair and square. Finally after some foreplay she layed back looked at him and told him “ ok , go for it “ I was having SO many mixed emotions I could’t believe it. 2 years I waited and here she was spreading her legs for Kevin. When he entered her he commented “ shit you’re really wet “ then slowly slid it into her and that was it ! Her virginity GONE ! Kevin’s to claim FOREVER ! I nearly cried and shot my load at he same time . Words can’t describe how many emotions were whirling around in my head. But NOTHING could have prepared me for what came next. As I told you once you turn Susan on , there’s no turning her off. They fucked for quite awhile both really getting off on it. Susan had purchased Birth control pills before this night so he was in bareback. He pulled out however and shot his load on her stomach anyway . Then he collapsed on her. The two of them looked very pleased. They looked at me and asked if I was ok . I got up and kissed her forehead and said “hell yeah . That was intense” he looked at her and asked “ were you really virgin “? She just shook her head up and down. He just shook his head and said “ shit , that’s fuckin awesome”. Then the surprise hit me . After taking for a bit she got this look on her face looked at me ( devious ) and whispered in his ear. He looked at her and said “ fuck yeah !! “ Then she got up took his hand and let him up the stairs and into the bedroom. I just watched in disbelief. Finally I snapped out of it an realized they were gonna continue and I wanted to watch . I went up the stairs and was ready to go in the bedroom but Susan was standing in the doorway holding a blanket and pillow. She put her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back into the hall . She had the most devious look on her face. She handed me the blanket and pillow , backed into the room and as she closed the door she whispered “ nite hon” then smiled ., closed the door and LOCKED it . She later revealed that the idea just came to her and she thought I would like it. ( she was right ). She said If I had shown any sign I didn’t want it to happen she would have stopped but she said I had a HUGE grin so she did it thinking I liked the idea. And honestly admitted wanted to fuck Kevin again .. and again, and again lol .
  4. HI, I will post my story in 4 parts. hope everyone enjoys it. I still can't believe it myself. After having introduced myself earlier I wanted to share the unbelievable story of how I got here. First off I am 23 and engaged to a very attractive wonderful girl who I have been dating for 3 years . Her name is Susan. She is 2 years younger than me. We are very much in love and were best friends long before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We had sex ( a LOT) lol but we refrained from actual intercourse to save that for after we got married . We talked about doing it and almost did a few times but managed to hold off. I did use a dildo on her but never entered her myself. Even still our sex life has been great doing everything BUT that and anticipating the (big one) This whole thing started with a teasing comment she made during sex while playing with my cock. I was begging her “ cmon let’s just do it “ and she jokingly said “ you know , if you don’t stop I may just let someone else do it first “ I just said “yeah right “ but the idea turned me ON and I now know why . She was joking but it put ideas in my head. I mentioned one night after that ( always during sex play) that I would be so jealous if she DID let someone else go first and it would be hot if you mad eye EARN it. ( I had this idea in my head ) she seemed curious so I told her what I had been fantasizing about . I didn’t know how she would react but it was fantasy so I told her . It involved me, my best buddy Kevin and her virginity. I should tell you that Kevin and I grew up together and have been friends since 1st grade. I thought of him because I knew he thought Susan was cute and also because I knew Susan thought he was as she herself put it “ a HUNK “ lol he is a confirmed Batchelor ( or so he has always said ) but loves the ladies and always did very well with them. My fantasy was for Susan to watch us play a game of Air hockey with her virginity on the line . Winner take all. She listened and then looked at me and simply said “ that’s interesting but ahhh what if you lost?” I told her , then I would have to watch him be the first to take you . She actually smirked and said “ I don’t know if you could handle that “ I told her I wouldn’t have a choice once the game started .Id’ have to deal with it besides I won’t lose lol. To skip the details after not being able to stop talking about it Susan did something I couldn’t believe and still don’t. She AGREED to do it I almost fainted . But she said “it’s a hot idea and why not ? You want me? Then WIN “ besides she said Kevin is HOT. I wouldn’t mind if he was the first”. Susan is usually very shy and reserved but few people know that in the bedroom once you turn her on , there is NO turning her off. She can get VERY adventurous. SO, I took Kevin out for a couple of beers and then brought up Susan. I brought the topic around to sex with her and how good it was and how hot she was . And finally that we had never had actual intercourse. His Jaw dropped lol “ wait dude, you haven’t done the deed with her yet ? “ I told him about saving that one thing and he was floored. Then he said something that made me perk up . He jokingly said . “Dude lol you better hurry up before someone else does it “ I actually smiled at him. he said what ? and I said “ Funny you should say that “ I should describe Susan to you. She has an average face not unattractive but still pretty. She is a red head Irish girl with pale skin and freckles LOTS of em . Her tits are very nice, firm and high big but not too big. She has a very nice pussy GREAT legs and a sensational ass. Not small but not too big either . She has great body . Anyway , I told Kevin about our idea and he just sat there lol. Finally I asked if he was gonna say something and he just said “ you fuckin serious ?” I told him we were . “ hey man she said If you won she’d give it to ya “ it took a little more persuading but I finally convinced him I was on the level.
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