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  1. After reading one article about cuckolding , I got an idea and presented it to Susan. I never expected her to say yes. But the idea of teasing and tormenting me while getting great sex herself was a HUGE turn on for her. I told her it would be SO intense if she actually shut me off from sex altogether and just mad me watch her with Kevin all the time . No blowjobs, no hand jobs NOTHING . Just watching them and she would strip for me so I could JO to her body . That would be IT her body would be Kevin’s if he wanted it . She got n evil grin and said considering.. “ I like that. That’s reall
  2. I was forced to listen to them having sex for a good portion of that night . ( well lol forced isn’t QUITE the right word but ). I couldn’t say which was worse seeing them go at it or listening to it not knowing what was going on. Susan later told me the did in her words “ pretty much everything”. She confided that he came 3 times And she climaxed several times herself though she didn’t remember the exact number. I jerked off TWICE that night . BOTH times I could still hear them and wanted to stop it once I came but I didn’t . I finally fell asleep and the next morning I woke up to he
  3. Again to skip the details of how we got to that night . It finally came and he came over . It should denoted that at he time I had never heard the term “ cuckold “ before and had NO idea what it even meant if I HAF heard it . ( I sure as HELL know now ). Anyway we eventually played the game 1st one to 10 gets the prize. I will openly admit I really didn’t try to play my best game . The idea of Kevin taking Susan first REALLY made me horny and I actually wanted him to win. But each time he pulled away a little I something inside me said “ no I can’t do it and I would come back. When he got to
  4. HI, I will post my story in 4 parts. hope everyone enjoys it. I still can't believe it myself. After having introduced myself earlier I wanted to share the unbelievable story of how I got here. First off I am 23 and engaged to a very attractive wonderful girl who I have been dating for 3 years . Her name is Susan. She is 2 years younger than me. We are very much in love and were best friends long before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We had sex ( a LOT) lol but we refrained from actual intercourse to save that for after we got married . We talked about doi
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