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  1. How are you doll?
  2. Pretty good,thanks for asking...
  3. FUCK YEAH....haven't experienced this YET....but fantasize about it all the time
  4. LOL another Steve writes to your mother?LOL ...just fucking with you bro
  5. "proof READ"even LOL
  6. Agreed......I/we have enjoyed your friendship and conversations.....I will miss you
  7. I've missed you too doll...love ya
  8. You know brother,there are several ways to ALLOW everyone the opportunity to view her sexiness....LOL Besides the obvious way to gain 1st hand knowledge ...invitation to join the fun.... 😛 LOL Y'all could maybe share a view pics/videos of her/y'all in action..... LOL
  9. It sure as fuck grabbed my attention.....I was like WTF? LOL
  10. I personally,really enjoy the stuff you post Jag...breakfast,gifs,and creampies,...Love your work brother,but if you are getting bored with it,or just tired of posting...THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING BROTHER