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  1. WTF? What do you mean cut?....And how did they get you to go along with this,,,Why would anyone want to "disfigure" anyone's junk like that anyway? That is just mean and cruel IMO
  2. UUUMMMMM!!!! I'm going to go with "YES"and "YES"
  3. Agreed....she never fails to get me up.... LOL
  4. I don't understand how these dudes can be "limp dicked" watching there wives getting fucked/creampied......I damn near turn to stone watching my wife
  5. I think you should demonstrate for us Nicki....wink wink
  6. My wife always volunteers me to suck their cock

  7. Bro,,,,she is sexy as fuck....love them big ass tiddies
  8. For us we have only done friends,so far...just like the aspect of trust,and knowledge that everyone involved is clean and healthy...so we can go without condoms
  9. sorry for your friends loss...great vid though
  10. How are you doll?