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  1. Need advise

    Talk to her,let her know your fantasies,and maybe show her some "Hotwife"porn
  2. More Gifs, Pics

    So???? I'm going to go with "SO FUCKING AWESOME....FUCKING BEAUTIFUL COCKS" *or should it be handsome? Nope beautiful cocksthey are
  3. Let me see ur wife pics

    Right on.....I'm with you on that Slapper
  4. My hot wife

    DUDE,don't apologize for not showing her face or sharing her name........THAT IS CALLED RESPECT......and respect goes a long way with me
  5. balls tied cuckold hubby

    Damn that looks uncomfortable
  6. My wife loves to hhhhhhhhh me

    I really don't understand the humiliation aspect ......for me and my wife everything is about respect and loving........or are we doing things wrong?
  7. Why

  8. Want my wife humiliated

    That's how wife and I feel too
  9. More Gifs, Pics

    I'm from Missouri today......"SHOW ME!!!!!" LOL
  10. Why

    We have had some great talks with people via online and text ,but once we say we'd like to meet in person ,to see where things go, we never hear from them again
  11. British Hot wife Marlene

    You are a lucky man my friend
  12. Lexi1992 any chance we could see some pics of you?Beautiful avatar ..BTW
  13. How do you feel about it? just curious