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  1. No,we decided to take share her with our friend..we have always been flirts,and I had fantasies about her with someone else....so I asked her.. After many months of talking about it,and "rollplaying ",and she was sure I was ok with it,we asked our friend,
  2. I fucking love you Nicki...you're awesome
  3. Please share any results,from said research.... ❤️ 😛
  4. Since it's your birthday too,, I'm going to say I hope you get to do that to her...... and just for the record,I am a certified camera operator.... 😛 HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY WISHES TO YOU BOTH
  5. Thanks for letting me vent,and replying.Now that I've had time to calm down,and look at this with a clear head... I understand that some people/cucks get off on humiliation(Do You) as Jag said... "Not my place to judge...nor do I want/mean to" I was wondering if there were a way to "hhhhhhhhh" ,but in a respectful way.... ?? Damn,this sounded better,and made more sense in my head......
  6. And that my friend......IS WHY YOU'RE AWESOME....thank you for that ...oh and for the amazing pics/videos
  7. First off,I apologize if I have things fucked off,,,I am extremely high right now.... Now here is my thoughts on this.I have never understood the "humiliation/degrading/DISRESPECT" aspect associated with hotwife/cuckold lifestyle All this "Alpha male/ macho douche bag shit" ... I.E. "I'm here to fuck your wife,little man". Dude get it straight,,,you are here so SHE can fuck you....(if SHE wants to)and then go the fuck home... This lifestyle,IMO,is about RESPECT...." I respect and love my wife enough,to step aside,and let someone else give her pleasure(again...only if she wants it) I am not the baddest motherfucker to ever walk this planet,but I can hold my own...plus some... And to INVITE someone to join you and your wife in the adventure of a lifetime....only to be mocked/ridiculed /DISRESPECTED......Hell No... So tell me ..Am I wrong here or what Again sorry for this coming off as rant
  8. CELEBRATION......We going to have a good time that night ..... LOL... My attempt at covering Kool and the gang
  9. That fits perfectly for me too lol
  10. Fuck me lol.....you would not believe how ..that "playfulness you have" effects me
  11. True. and oh how I want to interact with you ....LOL. wink wink
  12. No... You are so much more than that ......IMO I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one here that thinks that But you know how I feel about you,so my opinion could be biased ... LOL. 😛