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  1. Hi are you still on?


  2. Did you knock his ass out for the ammount of disrespect ....I just don't understand the humiliation aspect some get off on....IMO it is just a complete lack of respect to hhhhhhhhh/shame/guilt trip another human being
  3. Wow,I am really enjoying your stories ,Thank you for sharing
  4. where do live<just out of curiosity
  5. Doesn't have to be BBC,I'm happy as long as the sex is bareback ....and he nuts inside her pussy
  6. See we both watched the same movie. Love to watch black cuck husbands sucking cock.


  7. LOL....makes me think of Rodney Carrington LMAO "everything tastes better with ketchup"
  8. For us,it's me that is really turned on by having my nipples played with/clamped
  9. I kind of thought I was alone in my love of having my nipples played with by my wife....the harder she tweaks,pulls,bites them,the faster(and usually harder I)shoot my load .... I especially like it when she uses clamps on me ...what a fucking turn on
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