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    eating pussy and creampies,watching other men enjoy my wife

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  1. Dude , I truly enjoy your posts , and I know that I am pretty much no one of importance here , and I don't bring anything to the table...(I very seldom start/make posts) I am so lucky , and proud to call you my friend.... and if you stop making posts or end up leaving...I'm coming with you 😄 Much Respect Brother
  2. Man it's a bunch of bullshit that your numbers keep fluctuating and shit
  3. Damn...why didn't I think of using a "tens unit"like that before......that's pretty fucking brilliant LOL
  4. damn in the airplane bathroom...those things are fucking tiny..
  5. Do tell.....care to share the details? LOL
  6. Joining the "mile high club"is another fantasy I hope to fulfill someday
  7. I'm not sure which impresses me more ,the size of that cock,or her ability to swallow the entire thing
  8. OMG LMAO @ the Ikea commercial ..made me spit tea everywhere
  9. Nice........ I would love to taste/feel the difference of the other races
  10. I find women of all races attractive , I've only had the opportunity to be with white women so far...
  11. Kaktuscpl


    it was pretty interesting
  12. Kaktuscpl


    LMAO @ "she shed"
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