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  1. hubby should of cleaned up..oh well!
  2. Can't make up my mine to which cum glazed pussy,ass or face I'd love to bury my face in....decisions....decisions!
  3. Women should all watch and learn ...well she didn't swallow the entire cock or take it all into her pussy so she's still got a long way to go....nuff said!
  4. Your welcum gloriafrenchsissy, But that's just the point..a high dosage protein shake.
  5. My wife didn't seem to enjoy facefucking (she let me do it but didn't say or do anything)and I've cum across quite a few women how do enjoy fucking ass (finger and strapon) No worries though because from time to time I got to suck a few with at least 8" and I found out I can deepthroat at least 8".
  6. You haven't done it??? My wife did it a number of times...some times with a finger in my butt a few times with our "little strapon" she made sure to aim at my mouth. We had a bigger strapon we called "Petey" after the porn star Peter North....she wan't to fuck me with it but it was WAY TO LARGE (I'm not into pain.) I got her to fuck my mouth a few times with it but for some reason she wasn't into watching suck her huge cock..*lol* ..go figure.
  7. For those multi-talented cocksucking cum sluts.
  8. And someone's gotta get those cocks hard!...those cocks ain't gonna fluff themselve's.
  9. And I'd be more than honored to wrap my lips around those balls as he's pumping load after load into you.
  10. In answer to the first pic...I'd kiss her after the entire local HS football team drain their balls all over her face and body....HEY In for a penny...in for a pound...right?
  11. That's shame it isn't popular.I really get off on ebony cum facials and creampies.What's even worse is that theirs no eating creampies from a black chick.I only found one..a white guy in a 69 with his black "wife" while being fucked by a Big black cock....he ended up getting his treat. So i wish their was more of that.
  12. Hi everyone new to cuckoldfart, you've probably seen some of my pics shared by Secondjag so some of my post you'll prbably have seen before....TOUGH TITTIES! I have a varieties of interests so you will find out.
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