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  1. sharing this, I have NO interest in it, just thought it was funny. good spot for cucks and bulls to compare cocks. don't know why, I thought it was funny as hell
  2. Monday, Monday. Can't trust that day (6 vids) on topic creampie16_240p.wmv she's just into it.mp4 the hunger cp.mp4 making hubby breakfast.mp4 hub helps during ass stretching.mp4 pussy slapping.mp4
  3. Saw this and thought I'd share. I have no idea if the stats quoted are accurate. What do you think? The next time you go to a charity function, and look at all the married couples together, think about this, and see if you can figure out who’s who: 16% of the women are fucking other men, and their husbands know about it, and approve. A third of those women have a regular bull. Half of their husbands are cum-eating cuckolds… they regularly lick out and clean up their wives afterwards. 20% of the women are secretly cheating on their husbands. Half of them are fucking black guys. 17% of the women are FemDom. 99% of their husbands eat pussy and ass every day; half of them are regularly getting the strap-on; several of those men have sucked a cock for her. 5% of the men got the strap-on the night before. 9% of the men there have their penis locked up in chastity right now. Several men have a butt plug up their ass right now. 32% of the women out-earn their husbands. 6% of the women are pregnant. A few of them are pregnant by a man other than her husband. 6% of the men are gay. Most of them have never tasted pussy. 62% of the women there have never been with a black guy. 8% of them are black-only. A few of the women there lost their virginity to a man who raped her. 65% of the men there have a masturbation problem. 20% of the men have a really small dick, four inches or smaller fully erect. 15% of the men have nice, big, thick bull cocks. Several of them got a blowjob in the car before the party. 8% of the men are mostly impotent.. Several men there used to steal their sister’s panties and sniff them. 4% of the women haven’t been fucked in over a year. 10% of the women there were diddled as a little girl by daddy.. 14% of the women there are submissive, and have a Dom. 7% of the women have one or both of her nipples pierced. Several of the men have a Prince Albert piercing on their dick. 16% of the men have a secret mistress. There’s at least one man there who was forced by a bully to suck cock after school. 7% of the women have marks on their ass from the spanking/whipping they recent got. 2% of the men do. __._,_.___
  4. Friday, make it a good one drip-2.wmv
  5. sorry, looks as though i've double posted. let me make up for that (2vids) LiseySweet.mp4 Pink_Cream_Pie.wmv
  6. Thursday, just another day in paradise. It's a wedding ring thing
  7. "Professionals???" You're kidding, right? Like yourself, i am long time in this lifestyle so sure, for some, dom, sub, and humiliation. But all those colors are determined by the cuck couple, not the bull. "Professionals", lmao, try listing that on your taxes
  8. not sure it would reveal much. we like pussy. i do think a hotwife study would be interesting
  9. god damn Bears keep breakin my heart