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  1. and after last post it is 78
  2. so then please explain; not only does my number go down when i post, but just now when three people like is goes from 83 to 80
  3. Hello...hello..hello...is there anybody in there??
  4. For the ladies; cucks too (3 vids) Hump Day.mp4 morning dick.mp4 A cup of coffee.mp4
  5. Let's kick this thing in the teeth. Always love a good wedding ring shot, or pics with the cuckold in the background. Better get busy; there's a lot of material here
  6. Dober is on f'ing fire. Of course my pleasure to share, lol, even as it makes my numbers go down
  7. seriously looking elsewhere (2 vids) CUM - video_010996.m4v Paula Lima brincando com a piroca de borracha do Kid Bengala Hb.mp4
  8. a couple more; you know, to move my numbers down, lol. (2 vids) Showing off her new QOS tattoo.mp4 473944468_WhitewomaninterruptedwhilesuckingBBC.mp4
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