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  1. Peti, SexB, glad u dug it
  2. Wonderful story George. So very sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was a very special woman. Lucky for you that you got to enjoy all terrific memories together.
  3. ass

    Aww, Creammy, you're my hero. Love to take your wife, beautiful woman, thanks.
  4. Welcome home. Stunning as always. Mmmmmm
  5. Ok, cucks gotta eat something over the long holiday. Have a great one, all
  6. Enjoy the holiday all ooof.mp4 taking the BBC.wmv
  7. Getting ready for all that holiday weekend fucking
  8. For Admin because this site gets better all the time
  9. Oh? I thought "smileychatbox" looked like it would work. Anybody got anything?
  10. Admin, anything?
  11. Been a while -
  12. You said a mouthful.mp4 sexyfuck0.mp4 all in.wmv BBCwifechastcuckm.mp4 bustydp1.mpeg
  13. Very nice SexB. Thanks
  14. No cream for your coffee, just fun BBCwifechastcuckm.mp4 sexyfuck0.mp4
  15. Weekend again? Where does the time go?