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  1. a little pick me up throating_a_BBC.wmv
  2. tasty temptations (thanks Dobe)
  3. PartyR, nobody is ever going to mistake you for challenged intellectually, much as your self deprecating tone might suggest. The recurring theme in so many of these strings is something Wild Thing has said so many times. Kak too. And you. HONEST TALK FIRST IS KEY
  4. while i understand what you are saying, i do take umbrage at being called a "pawn." again, another assumption of the "mindless" bull
  5. Two more stud_degrades_cuck.mp4 so so full.mp4
  6. So well put and written PartyR. As in all things, dangerous to assume anything. I will add however, it cuts both ways. So many assumptions are made about bulls, most of which are less than reasonable. Asking me to father your future children after knowing me twenty min is probably stupid. Assuming (yet again) I am just a mindless dildo attached to a body guarantees my lack of interest. I'm sure you see what I mean.
  7. Aus, Wild Thing, couldn't agree more. My experience is (admittedly from the other side) much the same. Friends in the lifestyle divorce, and friends outside the lifestyle divorce at pretty much the same rate and lol, usually for the same reasons.
  8. Don't see why anyone would ban discussion of the idea. Jenna, while an amazingly beautiful porn star, is hardly an authority on the subject. Sincerely doubt that her circle included a real cuckold/hotwife. Acting and living are largely different things.
  9. Friday already BBC in a public bathroom.wmv
  10. man, you said a mouthful. couldn't agree more (thanks Dober)
  11. my dog's birthday my new place underneath.mp4