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  1. All good. Mostly just me venting that I feel a bit burned out. Maybe the Jag is just gettin old
  2. sorry, didn't mean to imply that the question shouldn't be asked.
  3. yeah, that. i do LOVE cake
  4. lol, not necessarily suggesting nothing else in my life, but ok.
  5. i hear this question frequently. first, who gives a fuck about labels? and no, not gay if you are not attracted to men under any other circumstance.
  6. many "time wasters" for sure, but it cuts both ways. lots of fake couples as well. But frankly, i was refering to my own feelings. some times there is sooo much sex for so long and i start feeling a bit indifferent to most anything. guess it's just overload - between the sex, daily diet of porn, etc.
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  8. Just curious; anyone else actuallly in the lifestyle ever get that "burned out" feeling?
  9. Tuesday afternoon, I'm just beginning to see... (7 vids) fine sweet pussy.mp4 proper ass fuck.mp4 yes_o_yes.mp4 cuckold cleanup time.mp4 home girl.mp4 slow suck.mp4 fine sweet pussy.mp4 clebrety.mp4
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  11. this amusement never ends...
  12. Sunday and I need a little rest cute_girlfriend_creampie.mp4