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  1. More Gifs, Pics

  2. More Gifs, Pics

    Hotwife/c, Totalpack, glad u dug it
  3. More Gifs, Pics

    Ok, for the lovers of black cock
  4. More Gifs, Pics

    Hotwife/c, those pics just confirm what I've already said. Just so good baby, thank you.
  5. More Gifs, Pics

    lol, I'd much rather the thought uncrossed your legs.
  6. More Gifs, Pics

    You're the best!
  7. More Gifs, Pics

    Hotwife/c, would LOVE a pic of cum spilling out of you.
  8. More Gifs, Pics

    Hotwife/c, lol, I was just referring to your last date, not your total. Still interesting, thanks. Can't tell you how many women I have known who fed hub his first creampie without telling him. Many of those hubs are seriously addicted to cp now. Frequently have cucks calling me privately asking if they can suck me. Must have something to do with high testosterone in bull cum.
  9. More Gifs, Pics

    Hotwife/c, I, and I'm pretty sure most all here, would be interested in anything you'd care to share. How many men, how many times, did he/they cum in you? Did you feed hub? Really most anything you'd care to share.
  10. More Gifs, Pics

    Thanks Hotwife/c. Really ticks me off when these pencil dick jaggoffs post garbage like that. BTW, worth noting that the little worm has contributed nothing. Have I ever once said these are all mine? Seriously, get a fuckn' life.
  11. More Gifs, Pics

  12. More Gifs, Pics

    What's your point Leon? WTF? I share what I have or has been sent to me by cucks. Don't like it? Don't look. FU
  13. Creampie Vids

    Thursday already? Slap that ass.wmv
  14. More Gifs, Pics

    Hmmm, Hotwife/c, I'd love to read that open book.
  15. More Gifs, Pics

    Ok Hotwife/c, everyone wants to know - details, details... This one's for you pretty girl (I suppose most of these would have been more appropriate in "Breakfast of Champions," but I'm lazy)