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Cucks view!


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Hopefully Utahcouple won't mind me reposting these pics...

But....you might have missed this...

This is the sexy Hispanic wife of Utahcouple. These were posted in the Member's Gallery. 

These pics are a perfect example of what I like to call....the cuck's view.

If you are a cuckwannabe...this is what you dream of. You want to see your wife in pics like these that Mr.Utahcouple has been kind enough to provide.

Here...cuck hubby enjoys the sight of his hotwife mounting her lover. Hubby gets to see the bull's hands on his wife's ass...as the bull helps her to take his cock in her married pussy! 

The cuck has done a great job...catching the wife and her bull in the early stages of their fucking...her getting used to his cock!

Good job hubby!





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Cuck's view 2....

Cuck hubby has captured this shot of his wife...

Her bull has rolled her over.....her pussy now wet, juicy and ready to take her bull's cock deep...and hard!

More nice work by cuck hubby!



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Cuck's view 3....pics from Utahcouple's gallery pics.

Here the cuck has captured the view of his hotwife getting her pussy pounded!

The bull has lifted her legs up onto her shoulders...and is no doubt slamming his cock into her hot, wet pussy...again, and again, and again.

The cuck is loving not only the sight...but the sounds of his wife getting fucked. Her moans...the sound of their bodies as the bull slams his cock into her!

Another good job cuck hubby!





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Cuck's view 4...pics from Utahcouple's pics in their gallery.

Filling her up!

Her bull has pounded her and slams his cock into her hard and deep...and empties his balls into his married slutwife.


A great series of pics of a hotwife getting a good hard fucking from her bull!

Thanks to the naughty hotwife Mrs. Utahcouple...and thanks to Mr. Utahcouple for sharing his wife and taking these hot pics!








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