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  1. Julia's one hot and sexy woman! And I think this must be the freckle that robert said he wanted to kiss. As for me, I'll be more direct...if I get between sweet and sexy, delicious Julia's legs....she's getting her sweet slit licked...and her pretty pussy tongue-fucked! For starters! DomBull4U
  2. jack123456.... But who needs a tight skirt or some tight jeans...or a nice bikini...or even a thong? How about your beautiful and sexy wife, Fay...just " butt-ass naked"! Works for me! She looks delicious! DomBull4U P.S. Nothing new here...but an ass that fine is always worth a second...and third...and fourth look! 😃
  3. jack123456.... And then there's the nice sight of your wife's ass when she's wearing a thong! I think thongs were created for women like your wife jack. Gotta love the way her ass looks in a thong...the thong disappearing between those beautiful sweet cheeks! Sweet cheeks for sure! DomBull4U
  4. jack123456... Of course it's always nice to see your wife's nice butt when she's getting dressed. And even better to catch a glimpse of it when she's getting undressed! 😃 DomBull4U
  5. jack123456.... And of course your wife's ass looks incredible when at the beach or by the pool and she's wearing a nice bikini to really show off her wonderful body and ass! Oh yes! DomBull4U
  6. jack123456...I love ass too! I think your wife's is especially nice! But you know that...I've told you that many times. And I think your wife's ass looks great in some tight jeans or a tight skirt like she's wearing here! Very nice! DomBull4U
  7. rjhsteel2001....oh how nice. Yes...definitely nice to see you posting your sexy wife again! Love those sexy legs of hers! I see she's slipping on some red fishnet stockings. Is that something she wears when she's feeling slutty? I hope so.... DomBull4U
  8. Oh wow! My new fav pic of Elaine! Goes straight to the top of a tall stack of favs of Elaine! Fantastic...thanks robert And Elaine!!! As sexy as ever!!! XOXOX DB
  9. Hey, hey, hey...wait just a damn minute guys. The line starts behind me. I get first shot at Elaine...tell 'em robert. Lol... I would love to dive right into that....wouldn't mind taking a dip in that pool either. DomBull4U
  10. Lol...robert...about Elaine's lack of a smile... Based on the number of pics you took over the years (and thank god you did!)...and looking at this from Elaine's perspective...there must have been a few times when she felt like you were a "pain in the ass". I think that over the years Elaine became comfortable showing off her beautiful body and even came to enjoy it (and again, thank god for THAT!) She enjoyed it...for the most part. But looking at it strictly from her perspective, there must have been a few times when she thought...."really robert?Another picture of my tits, robert?". And I think that is the look we are seeing here. Thank you robert for being so persistant over the years...and THANK YOU Elaine for being so tolerant of your husband's kinky perversion. Lol...and robert you know I mean that only in the nicest a compliment actually. To go back to the thought of "really robert? Another picture of my tits, robert?"...all I can say is HELL YES! HELL YES! HEEEELLL YES!!! Because I for one (and I'm sure I'm not alone in this) have enjoyed every damn one of them! As for smiles...there IS one great big smile that isn't shown in this pic. And that would be mine! Hell yes! Thanks again robert...and hugs and kisses for beautiful and sexy Elaine! DomBull4U
  11. hello naughtynursetj...interesting topic you've brought up. It sounds to me like you have become more intrigued and excited about the making your husband a cuckold part of this. When YOU find the is you finding a lover...and your husband basically allowing it/ accepting it. But having your hubby find a bull...and having him present the bull to you...sounds like that might make things even more exciting in your mind. Don't really know enough about you to say...but just a thought I had...and thought I would share. DomBull4U
  12. habilisaberta...nice job! She's a beautiful woman...and this helps us enjoy her sexy body even more. DomBull4U
  13. hello jsjs...just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful and sexy wife with me. 



  14. ESPECIALLY when it is ELAINE wearing stockings and suspenders!!!
  15. Pleased you enjoyed seeing my wife getting herself off on the hot tub jets. It was much better being there to hear and watch her.


    1. DomBull4U


      Your wife is a beautiful and sexy woman. I'm sure you're right...being there, hearing her, watching her must have been incredible!

      Thanks for sharing her pics!