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  1. One last thought...completely out of left field...not even sure how it relates to any of this discussion.... I guess it ties in to the idea of a woman...or women in general...being domme....or in control. A friend of my wife's had this T-shirt that spoke volumes where this concept of "control" is concerned. It said...... I have the pussy, I make the rules! Let's face it,'s hard to argue with that. I'm not sure where you'd get a shirt like that...with the internet, I'm sure one could be found. (L's_husband....Steve....I think Leslie would LOVE one of those.) Don't mean anything by that...just sayin' DomBull4U
  2. Leslie..."areas where I play the Queen". You said..."shall I explain????" Yeeeeesssss...please, please, please do. PLEASE. I'd just like to hear it. Thanks! DomBull4U
  3. Damn...this started off as a discussion about stereotypes in cuckoldry....and has veered off subject somewhat, hasn't it? I think so....yes. I'm not bitching about that...I'm not a member of the "conversation police". As far as I'm concerned, as long as people are having conversations along these's a good thing. With that said.... About this domme thing. (Here we go...more confusing terminology and ideas.) I think of a domme in more of a bdsm context, than in a cuckold situation. ALTHOUGH...there is certainly an element in cuckoldry where dommes exist. That being a totally submissive cuckold husband...where hubby is a slave to his wife/mistress domme. So yes, dommes come into play in certain cuckold situations. So I guess my point is this...and I make no claims to being an expert...but.... As far as Leslie and Steve's relationship goes....I don't see Leslie as a domme. ( dear Leslie...I hope this doesn't disappoint you. It shouldn't. Steve admits you are a princess, and I still think of you as a Queen...but not a domme). Not yet I see Leslie and Steve as a couple exploring the cuckold lifestyle together., the way the conversation went between SandL and L' ended up with L's_husband ABSOLUTELY getting nothing. I guess it's a good thing for L's_husband that Leslie ISN'T a domme...or he WOULD be getting something. A good DomBull4U
  4. SandL...Leslie... jftr....It seems like I remember someone in one of these forums that referred to you as "the Queen". Oh...that's right, it was me. But I also agree that we should hear from Steve on you being a "total domme". DomBull4U
  5. A cuck husband that enjoys watching his wife get fucked SHOULD help the bull...and is helping his wife in the process! Why not lend a hand, right?
  6. I'd like to cast one vote to see the pic of "the mess that Robert left". The one that made L's _Husband say he wanted to devour her. DomBull4U
  7. Leslie....your husband was all ready to write something not as nice as what you wrote. I think maybe I should just stay out of this...maybe I have already said too much. DB
  8. I get it...I understand that you were just playing. And that's why I said...have fun you two! Sorry if that wasn't understood. DomBull
  9. Don't princesses grow up to be Queens? I think they do. L' may call your sexy wife Princess as a term of affection...but clearly she is a Queen. Your wife...the Queen...was subtle and gave you two options. You chose to avoid both...and instead mentioned an option C. Option C is a given. Of course you have to get some work done. If the Queen gives you two options, I would suggest you choose one or the other and answer her. I wouldn't think it would be too smart to risk angering the Queen...after all, she IS holding the key to your happiness, isn't she? Keeping the Queen happy is always the smart move, hubby. I hate to seem like I'm choosing sides here, hubby. I'm not. Just offering some advice, that's all. Have fun you two! DomBull4U
  10. Leslie...please don't. Don't stop!
  11. Here's a great example. This mature woman is definitely looking hot-n-sexy in her simple, LBD (little black dress). This woman definitely still has it! I guess you'd have to call her a MILF...because she definitely has me thinking how much of a pleasure it would be to fuck her! DomBull4U
  12. OK, so it's not the Christmas-New Year party season...but that doesn't mean women aren't out there looking hot and sexy in their "little black dresses"...or other sexy spring/summer dresses. Its graduation season...and wedding season is just around the corner. Any cucks or hubs want to show off their wives? What will your wife be wearing to try and catch the eye...and the attention of other men? DomBull4U
  13. Lisa is definitely doubt about that. And she's slutty too. I also like the pic where the guy is reaching around to get a good feel of those big tits! These pics were posted some time ago....I wonder what her count is up to now? DomBull4U
  14. DomBull4U


    Some with hidden meanings...and some with subtle messages.