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  1. Hotwife from Saalfeld ( Germany)

    cuckifromrot...your Dana looks like a wonderful woman! Quite sexy...a wonderful body...and it sounds as if she is adventurous when it comes to sex.6 men...while you watched! Wow...impressive...and slutty! One thing though...I'm just a little upset that you didn't offer dana to me directly. Instead, I find you posting her in this forum...and basically whoring her out. I thought we were better friends than that? Have I done something to have you ignor and insult me this way? Maybe you are looking for a better bull...or at least a different one for dana? If that's the case I can understand that...but it would have been nice if you told me that before I "stumbled" upon her here in this forum. DomBull4U
  2. Mother, Wife, Goddess

    You ask " how do I like her"? Hmmm, let's see.. I would like her.... On her knees with my cock in her mouth! Or....head down, ASS UP! Or....fingering her beautiful pussy, purely for my viewing pleasure. Or....blind-folded and tied spread-eagle to a bed, ready to be fucked! That's how I would like her...and those are just the ideas that popped right into my mind. I'm sure if I gave it just a little thought I could come up with more. She is a cock-stiffening, sexy,sexy woman. Thanks for sharing her! Best regards DomBull4U
  3. Wife pussy

    Usually a cheating wife will actually increase her sexual activity with her husband...trying to keep the hubby from becoming suspicious of her affair. The shaved pussy is also significant. My guess is...she's fucking another
  4. My Wife and her Bull in our Bed!

    Good pics of a naughty,sexy hotwife in action! TY! How about more? DomBull4U
  5. Sub wife looking for older bull

    Creammywifenc....ahhhh red heels. Nothing says SLUT any better than a pair of whore-red heels, as far as I am concerned. And this slut wears them well. Love the nice, full ass on this slut...and the fact that she admits to being a submissive is even better....makes her that much MORE fuckable. Is this sub wife really ready to serve a DomBull? Let me know.... DomBull4U
  6. Want her used

    hello usethewife...can't be in Majorca unfortunately...wish I could because I'd definitely enjoy giving your wife the creampie that both of you want for her! Awesome pic of her. That could be her undoing her bathing suit top to show me her tits. Of course I'd be standing in front of her, standing there stroking my hard cock for her....waiting for her to ex-pose those pretty tits for me...waiting for her to drop onto her knees so she could take my cock in her mouth. Mmmmmm.....yeeeesssss. That's it...suck it. Show hubby what a good hotwife he a slut and suck another man's cock while he watches his wife act like a total slut! She looks like a fantastic hotwife...would love to see more. Again, sorry I can't make it to Majorca...would love to fill her hot married pussy with a nice load! Love to see more of her.... DomBull4U
  7. British Hot wife Marlene

    james100...thanks for posting this sexy hotwife. This naughty hottie has a fantastic body...great tits...and a pretty smiling face that would look so fucking hot covered in my spunk. Naughty redheads like this sexy woman have a special place in my heart...and make my cock throb! Love her...thanks again for posting her. DomBull4U
  8. Per request

    Hotwife cuck/luvR Should I send your cuck hubby a txt from YOUR cell phone? I heard you find that naughty idea fun and exciting... If you any pic...and I'll do it for you. DomBull4U
  9. My Sexy Wife

    Hotwife cuck/luvR Hey dirtygril...would you like me to send a txt to your hubby from your phone also. Post a pic...any pic...if your answer is yes. DomBull4U
  10. My Sexy Wife

    Stonemtncouple, I'd love to send MrStonemtn a txt from his wife's phone....along with a pic of his wife...on her knees, looking at me, with my cock in her mouth.... Hi MrStonemtncouple...hope you weren't expecting your wife anytime soon. She's ok, hub. I promise to take good care of her. I'll have her call you when she gets a minute. Could be a while..... DomBull4U
  11. Showing hotwives

    mints...Yes,I definitely liked. And I definitely like this additional pic you have provided me with. That view of your wife from behind is stunning! Her legs and ass just look amazing. Your wife looks like a naughty lil slut that is prepared for some DomBull discipline. Her plaid skirt is hiked up, and her gorgeous butt is practically calling out for a good spanking. Those smooth, white butt cheeks would take on a nice rosey glow and would be fun to playfully spank. I promise I wouldn't get too carried away with spanking her. I'd spank her just until she said " I'm a dirty little slut that deserves to be fucked and fucked hard." That would do it for the spanking!!! Awesome, hard-on inspiring pic! Thanks again...and YES, I do like her. DomBull4U
  12. Showing hotwives

  13. Showing hotwives

    Stonemtncouple...thanks for all of the hot pics of this sexy hotwife. You want to know what I think of your slutty Siesta Key Florida Hotwife? How about total lust! How about she has me rubbing my throbbing cock total lust! She looks like she has a playful, kinky side to her sluttiness that I love. She obviously isn't shy or ashamed of being a slut, and plays kinky dress up games to show it. Her body is fantastic...especially her tits! Amazing how her outfits show off her hot curves. Each of her outfits inspires a different fantasy...something I'd like to give you some details about at another time. I would give the slutty Siesta Key Florida hotwife 2 thumbs up, if she didn't have me occupied, rubbing my cock. One thing Stonemtncouple...this Florida hotties husband seems to be more of a swinger than true, pure cuckold. Certainly nothing wrong with that. It does seem that hubby does enjoy letting her play with others solo, which is fucking hot. One last thing...I noticed you edited your contribution so you could add more pics of this hottie blonde. That's fucking hot! The way I take that is that you REALLY wanted to share this incredible slut with me. So glad you did. I intend to give you some juicy details of the fantasies she inspires, based on her various slut outfits. Hope you enjoy that sort of thing...and it would be even better if SHE does. Hope my fantasies of domming her and using her as a fuck-slut meet both of your ideas of good, kinky, dirty fun. Again, thanks for the wonderful pics of this sinfully sexy slut. Best Regards DomBull4U P.S. Hope you Florida folks are doing OK in the recovery phase after Hurricane Irma's visit. Best wishes for you, as life returns to normal! Take care!
  14. Showing hotwives

    Dave and Michelle....hello. Michelle is obviously a stunningly beautiful woman. I've seen her posted on a number of other forums...and I was wondering if I'd ever see her here so I could enjoy her. Dave, it's a good thing that you enjoy sharing her and aren't too proud to enjoy the cuck lifestyle. Otherwise you would find yourself in constant angst. The stares she would draw from other men, and the constant come-ons from other harddicks would be hard to take. Imagine if you weren't a cuck...any time she spent away from you would be filled with gut-wrenching anguish. You'd constantly be she with another she flirting with another man...kissing another....or even she sucking and] fucking another hard-dicked stud? So, I think you made the right choice. Really the ONLY logical choice...allow the beautiful Michelle her freedom. The freedom to see whoever she wants...and the freedom to be as slutty as she wishes...the freedom to fuck and suck any cock she pleases. At least by being a cuck you get to hear all the details of her hotwife adventures...and maybe if you are lucky enough...get to watch her on occasion. It's awesome to have her posted here on the Showing Hotwives forum...and I thank you for that. Does Michelle perform as a belly dancer, or is this a costume? Just curious. And I do have just one other question, Dave. Some of the other pics I have seen of Michelle on other Forums, she has been naked...or showing some T and A. This pic you've presented here, Michelle is completely dressed. Dressed very sexily, but still dressed. I'm not sure why you would post her this way on this Forum, unless your cuck fantasy would be for me to rip her clothes off before giving her the good hard fucking that she deserves...and that I would give her. Any explanation for that Dave? DomBull4U
  15. Showing hotwives

    wantabe65...I definitely like what I see of your wife. I also appreciate your attitude towards with regards to your desires to become a cuck husband. We have not corresponded much, but in our limited exchanges, you have shown yourself to be polite and respectful...both very important qualities from my perspective. wantabe65, I think I saw some more pics of your sexy wife in one of the other forums, didn't I? I think it would be awesome if you posted those pics...or some more pics of your wife here on this thread. Show me what a good cuck you can be and post more pics of your wife here. Consider it.a symbolic gesture of your desire to share her with me...and have me make her one of my sluts. You have shown good cuck qualities so far...keep up the goodwork! DomBull4U