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  1. DomBull4U

    My slutty girl. Comments for more

    Perfection? Pretty damn close... The only improvements I would suggest are....maybe have those panties down around her knees... and then maybe her hands on those sweet cheeks, opening herself up to show us her hot fuck holes. Gotta say...that is one fine ass on that pretty girl. Thank you jrcuck...and definitely thanks to her! That's Ass Parade material right there! Thanks DomBull4U
  2. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    lust4her2...what an incredible view! And you posted her on this thread for me for a reason.... You knew I would appreciate that view...and you knew that I would know just what she needs. Hell yes there's a taker...ME! Thank you for your wonderful offer...your wife is sexy as hell and she will be a perfect addition to my collection of incredible slut wives! DomBull4U
  3. DomBull4U

    Cucks, show off your cages

    lockedup4her...your key holding wife looks all dressed up...with those heels on. Is she on her way to meet her bull...or is she just headed out looking for a fun night with a man with a cock that can please her? Or maybe she just dressed up for a fun night of taking pics of her humiliating her locked up cuck hubby! Tell us please.... DomBull4U
  4. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    btw friends...n2nboy has created a new album of pics of his wife in bra, thong and the pic gallery. Definitely worth a look! Here's a sample. Notice that riding crop in the pic. n2nboy told me his wife mainly uses it on him...but he also said that if I wanted to use it on her, he was sure she wouldn't mind!!! My kind of slut! DomBull4U
  5. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    n2nboy...what a nice surprise. This "Cucks...check in" forum hasn't been posted on in quite some time...what a nice way to revive it...with a nice pic of your hot-n-sexy wife. You even posted those words I love to hear from a good cuck hubby..."Here is my wife for you". I have to say...good job, cucky. Nicely done n2nboy. Your wife looks delicious! Nicely done...but...and please don't think I'm complaining...I'm not complaining...but...your sexy wife's tits and pussy are completely covered. She looks very sexy in her bra and sure would be nice to see more of what you are offering me. That's all I'm saying... Thank you for checking in cucky...and for offering your wife to me! DomBull4U
  6. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    n2nboy...and that's a nice view! Thank you for that....but.... your sexy wife isn't the cock-tease...YOU ARE! You're going to offer me a nice front view of your wife...but then the pic you post...shows her with her cute tits and her sweet pussy covered? And here I thought you were going to be a good cuck husband.... I'm sure this was just kind of a preview pic. I'm sure you are going to post follow-up pics where her tits and her pussy are ex-posed to me. Yes, I'm sure that's what you are planning on doing. That MUST be it. n2nboy...when you do post that pic of your wife with her tits and pussy ex-posed....I want you to add the following message along with the pics... add this's a "concept" that you need to get comfortable with... add this message with the pics... "here she is, wife/ your slut" You need to get familiar...and comfortable...with that idea. DomBull4U
  7. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    n2nboy...thought I'd send you another pic and give you a quick update of what's going on up here in YOUR bedroom. Your wife's pussy is delicious...tastes even better that it looks. I tongue fucked and fingered her pussy until she was dripping wet and juicy! Too bad you're downstairs...I think you would have been amazed at the squishing sounds her pussy was making. Would probably have been uncomfortable for you though...with you being locked up and it's probably better that you are downstairs. I'd probably still be eating your wife's yummy pussy...but with a loud moan, she rolled over, got on all 4's....head down and ass up....wiggled that incredible ass of hers at me...and moaned at me like a wanton whore..."please fuck me". Gotta run, slut needs a nice...hard....throbbing...cock...DEEP in her pussy! MINE! DomBull4U rsz_1bdrr_081.webp
  8. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    n2nboy....when we got to the bedroom...YOUR bedroom...your naughty, horny wife wasted no came the bikini...and she stretched out on the bed...just like this. Since you are locked up downstairs, I thought you might appreciate this pic of your hot-n-horny hotwife. That pussy of hers looks good enough to eat...and that's just what I am about to do. "there she is, cucky..." your wife/ MY slut! Thanks! DomBull4U rsz_1k_131.webp
  9. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    n2nboy...this pic could be of your wife...done her little ass shaking cock-teasing bit...and turning to ask me..."you coming up?" "My cuck husband is locked up in his cute pink he's going to stay down here while we have some fun upstairs." small (3).webp
  10. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    n2nboy...your sexy wife does know how to play the cocktease. Great pics of her in her bikini on the stairs. Thanks for sharing those in the gallery! I'll say it again...your wife has one sweet body and that ass of hers is truely magnificent! Yummy! DomBull4U small (8).webp small (7).webp
  11. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    Ohhhh fuck yeeesss!!! n2nboy, you know what I like...excellent job, cucky! I like my dirty sluts on all 4's...ready to get a good fucking...just like your wife is there. Just one thing...pull that thong aside for me or push it down to her knees...and then let me hear you say those words again..."here's my wife...". That is some sweet, sweet ass and pussy right there. I would pound that naughty hotwife of yours long and HARD, n2nboy. Fucking hot! Keep that sh*t coming! DomBull4U
  12. DomBull4U

    My sophisticated elegant and rich wife

    jo2herpics...sophisticated and elegant to be sure. But also a dirty, cock-loving whore if she's going to be one of my sluts. Your wife/ MY slut! I would want my slut to be wearing color co-ordinated pink bra and panties...or maybe none at all...if that was what I wanted. Hubby, are you sure you want your sophisticated and elegant wife to be one of my sluts? I KNOW you do.... DomBull4U
  13. DomBull4U

    My sophisticated elegant and rich wife

    Her cuckwannabe husband wants his sophisticated, elegant and rich wife to be a dirty slut for another man. After I posted the pics of the cocksucking whore above...the very sophisticated, elegant and rich cocksucking whore....jo2herpics got in touch with me. He contacted me about his offer her to me. He wants me to post his wife...and make her one of DomBull's sluts. He doesn't have any nude pics of her...but she is a very sexy woman...even fully dressed. I'm undecided if I should help him with his cuck fantasy...and make his wife a DomBull slut. Would love to hear some thoughts about this...and I'm sure he would too. Thanks DomBull4U
  14. DomBull4U

    My sophisticated elegant and rich wife

    This sexy, elegant and rich wife looks like a cock-hungry whore on her knees to suck her young studs cock! 234312351_X(180).webp
  15. DomBull4U

    My sophisticated elegant and rich wife, elegant, and rich wives can be cocksucking sluts too! Just think, this could be YOUR wife! That's what you want her to be, isn't it... a cocksucking slut? DomBull4U 493869314_X(11).webp