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  1. Hi L, Good girl? Bad girl? I've always had a little trouble figuring out which was which with you...but it didn't really matter 'cause I liked both sides (even if I never knew which was which). I also liked that you once disagreed with me (about something)...but never could come up with an argument to support Glad to hear that you're ok! I did wonder why you vanished...but you certainly owe no explanation....or apology. Things happen. Life. The good news're back! Missed you...great to have you back! Best Regards DomBull4U
  2. riprap69...I agree, she would look good spread out on a pool table! I also think Cheryl would also! Any pics of her like that? I'd love to see 'em...and they'd be a good example to show juswonder what you have in mind. Just a thought.... DomBull4U
  3. chopper75....well, since it's been an hour since you posted...I guess you are locked in the spare room. Guess you will be locked in there until you are told to come out. Good boy! I guess HE is there by now...and I guess your incredibly sexy...and slutty...wife has "welcomed" him. Hope you have something to read in there (or have a TV in there)...and brought some snacks or something to eat....because I know if it was me stopping by for a visit...I'd be visiting for a while. I would take my sweet fucking time to use...and enjoy...your incredible hot-n-nasty fuckslut wife. Enjoy your day, chopper. I know your slut wife and her bull will be enjoying theirs. Tell your slut wife that I always enjoy seeing her when you post her...and that she's going to have me thinking about fucking her all day now! Hot...nasty...filthy...and dirty! Just the way she likes it! DomBull4U
  4. robert smith...flirting, then fucking. Yes...and YES! Jeezus that's one hot fucking pic...literally, I guess! Mmmmmmy god...the beautiful, just fucked pussy...that gorgeous ass...covered! Fuck yes! Thank you robert! DomBull4U
  5. Peter C....also, why don't you share some of the details of him finally bedding your ex-wife. DomBull4U
  6. Peter C...thinking of sharing the new gf with him? You can't help it, can you? DomBull4U
  7. robert...this is a silly question...but... did the pics do the job? Was the guy enticed to meet with her? More details....please. What was his name? When did they meet? How was the meeting....was everyone happy and satisfied? What did Elaine wear for their actual meeting? More details...and hopefully more pics! Thanks! DomBull4U
  8. I'd have to say this is more of an attitude thing than a size thing. Depends really what the cuck is looking for...or in some cases maybe what the wife desires. (Or maybe in some more extreme cases what the wife and her bull desire). Depends on the people involved and the situation. DomBull4U
  9. cookman...your wife does have quite a collection of panties...and she looks out...of them. Loved the bra shots too...her tits are fantastic! She enjoys showing indicated by that sign she's holding. Would love to see her anytime! By the way....I understand that you like wearing some nice panties too. I'm cool with that....if that turns you on go with it. But, I appreciate that you showed just your sexy wife here. Thank you for making this about her...and thanks for sharing her pics! DomBull4U
  10. please let me know what I can do for u

  11. Touchmywife...nice to see a hot new naughty wife on the hotwives thread! Gotta love a naughty wife that likes to have fun and show off in this naughty wife is! A nice, daring titty flash in a restaurant to start things off. Popped out that nice, full, round titty...and her skin looks amazing...smooth and brown...looks soft and sensuous. Would love to kiss and lick her...all over. Next we have a nice butt flash on a night out. I see a naughty woman that needs a good spanking! And speaking of she loves that pretty pink pussy of her kissed, licked, tongued, and sucked! And finally a pantiless upskirt...more hot pussy on display! Thanks for sharing her pics and showing off this naughty newbie. DomBull4U
  12. Oh I know you didn't get tricked, Nicki. That's why I put "tricked" in quotes. You seem to know exactly what you are doing...exactly what you are getting into. I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. You are spot on about lingerie too. It is meant to tease...and titillate. Kinda like the pretty wrapping on a present. Fun to look at...adds excitement...and fun to unwrap to get to the present. And your statement about half the fun is getting there...I couldn't agree more. The journey is just as important as the destination...and should be fun getting there! Love hearing from you, Nicki...and it's always great to see you! DomBull4U
  13. thickwife2fuck....damn...robert and kristen, I think I owe you an apology. robert posted these hot follow-up pics after his sexy wife, Kristen, read some thoughts I shared about some of her other very hot pics that were posted. She instructed robert to post some more...and like the good cuck husband he is...he did! And I saw them...but somehow failed to comment about them...or even thank them for the follow-ups. Un-fucking-excusable! I can't imagine how that happened...unless I was really, really busy when I first saw them (or maybe was jacking off to them...that's a possibility...can't rule that out). But anyway...Kristen dear, I do apologize for not giving you the attention you sooo look absolutely yummy in these pics naughtygirl! And robert, thanks for posting these follow-up pics...just like Kristen instructed you to do! That's a good cuck hubby! Now...about the pics. These pics could just be a few random pics of sexy Kristen. Could be...but I don't think so. I don't think so at all. These pics were sent with a purpose to them. There is a message being sent here..... First we see robert's sexy wife, Kristen...feeling all hot-n-horny...and using that pink vibe to get her pretty pussy all juiced up. (maybe naughty Kristen was reading the comments about her pics...maybe she was reading mine even). Doesn't really matter...something got her feeling the point that she had to break out that vibe and get busy...and that's what really matters! Next pic...we see naughtygirl Kristen...with her skimpy panties/thong pushed down around her ankles...looking like one hot fucking slut...knowing damn well that the panties 'round the ankles thing drives me fucking crazy. I'd say the message Kristen was sending me! Hot little slut Kristen...legs spread wide...practically pushing her wet, juicy pussy right at me...right into my face...wanting a good tongue-fucking! Not a problem dirtygirl...that's just what you'd get...with a couple of fingers in your hot...wet...juicy pussy for good measure. Pic 3...Naughty hotwife Kristen...dreaming of cock. Eyes closed...picturing it. Her hand between her legs, her fingers working her clit...rubbing it, touching it...dreaming of...and almost feeling a nice big cock inside it! Needing it! And that brings us to pic 4. Mmmmm! Looks like my naughty slutwife Kristen wanted to send another message....fuck me! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEE...damn it, FUCK MEEEEEE! Ok, ok, ok...again...not a problem! Not a problem, dirtygirl! Just let me enjoy the view...for just a second. Mmmmm...a beautiful, sexy hotwife...on all fours for me! Waiting...and ready! Those creamy thighs spread sooo nicely...that ass...that sweet, sweet ass...up nice-n-high! Oh fuck yes...this is going to be one sweet ride. How about we get a little nasty, dirtygirl? Slap! Slap! You like it nasty, dont you Kristen? SLAP! Yes...yes of course you do. So get nasty for me me you want it. Head down...all the way down, all the way...and all that sweet, beautiful ass UP...yes, yesss, yesssss!!! That's it! Now reach back...and grab those gorgeous butt cheeks...and spread yourself open...wide open. Show me that tight butt hole...while I tease your steaming slit by rubbing the hot, hard tip of my dick along your opening. Feel that, dirtygirl? Want that? Yes...I know you do. Keep holding those cheeks...keep 'em we go nice and slow...pushing my cock into your warm, wet pussy....slow and you can feel it! You're gonna get fucked hard...just like you want it...but right now...just feel it...sliding inside you...inside your married...slut...pussy! Mmmmmmmm! That's a good girrrrl! DomBull4U
  14. DomBull4U


    robert bikini is right! But the sexy woman wearing it is what really makes these pics so awesome! And robert, unless I'm mistaken, these pics were taken a few years apart. Elaine looks younger in the 2nd (bottom) pic. And in my opinion, Elaine got sexier with the passage of time. (If that's even possible...Elaine was pretty damn sexy, hard to think that she got sexier...but if it's possible...she DID! The top pic is incredible! Her body looks amazing. Her know I have an obsession with Elaine's tits...but her tits look fucking incredible in the top pic. Fuller...rounder...just fucking perfect! Just a few more weeks left in this summer. What a nice way to wind it down with great pics like these! Sensational...thanks for sharing these! DomBull4U