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  1. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    Nccouple8283...thanks for the total look of your naughty wife! Looks like Mrs. Nccouple knows how to spread those legs of hers....nice-n-wide. DomBull likes wives that spread their legs like that...wives that make their pussy easy to get at. Also, I can't believe how soft and smooth her skin looks. Looks like she'd be fun to kiss and lick...all over! Of course those "funhouse titties" of hers would definitely get some attention from me! Thanks again for sharing her! DomBull4U
  2. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    And there they are! MrsNccouple8283's big tits! Big 'ol "funhouse" titties. Fun to play to nibble to suck...and fun to manhandle! Oh...and fun to mark too! Fun to mark with nice, playful bite her cuck hubby knows that his naughty hotwife was "used"! And he'll know it for days...everytime he sees her getting dressed or taking a shower! Big 'ol titties to go with that nice big 'ol ass of hers! Thanks for sharing her again! DomBull4U IMG_2453.webp
  3. DomBull4U

    Corporate Bitch Wife

    A Corporate Bitch Wife? Again...not 100% sure about the "bitchiness"...but then again...she IS wearing seamed stockings to a corporate dinner that her boss is picking her up the corporate limo. And...she DID have her cuck, stay-at-home husband check her seamed make sure they were straight...because she didn't want to look like "too much of a slut" for her boss. A Corporate Bitch Wife? I'll leave it up to you...the decide. DomBull4U
  4. DomBull4U

    Corporate Bitch Wife

    A Corporate Bitch Wife? She's all smiles as she sends a text to her boss...telling him that she is ready! And he responds...telling her that he will be picking her the corporate limo in just a few minutes... DomBullU
  5. DomBull4U

    Corporate Bitch Wife

    A Corporate Bitch Wife? Not 100% certain of that...not sure about her "bitchiness"'s what I do know.... She is a well-dressed executive type wife. She IS a shared hotwife...and her husband is a proud cuck that loves her...and enjoys that she IS a shared hotwife! This pic is of her about to go to dinner with her "boss"...a corporate dinner, I'm discuss business, I'm sure. A Corporate Bitch Wife? Not sure about the "bitchiness"...but she damn sure fits the rest of the description. DomBull4U
  6. DomBull4U

    Corporate Bitch Wife

    Interesting thread concept...Corporate "bitch" wives! It's worth a bump see if any of these Corporate bitches...are also naughty slut wives! DomBull4U
  7. DomBull4U

    My Wifes first time story! Thanks for sharing! sounds as if this is an ongoing story. This other friend you say he lives closer...sounds like this other friend is Lisa's "regular" bull. Sounds like you have more of this story to tell! Thanks again....can't wait to hear more. And I'll second that request for a pic of your hotwife, Lisa. DomBull4U
  8. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    BABYMAKERINMA....more thoughts. These may seem like negative thoughts...or comments...but they really aren't. Overall...this is one very sexy wife being presented. And presented very nicely! However...and this is sort of strange...her "Rock On" panties...not too crazy about them. They seem kind of silly to me actually. They seem a little beneath her actually...with that body she deserves something sexier. Sexier...or sluttier. Maybe I like my sluts to be more direct with their messages on their panties. Like if they said "Fuck Me"...that might be more to my liking. (of course "Rock On" might be perfect if she started out in a short plaid skirt...and was doing some naughty skoolgirl roleplay...then I might like them more). Also, the stockings...not really crazy about them either. Although I will say this...they ARE downright slutty! I don't even know what it is that I don't like about them. Hell, they say slutty to what's the problem, right? I just think she'd look sexier in some thigh-high fishnets. But, I'm not being critical here BABYMAKERINMA...because here's the weird thing. And I damn sure can't explain this....but together...the "Rock On" panties (which I don't really like) and the slutty fishnets (which I don't really like)....together...they would make me fuck her even harder for some reason. She'd get fucked that much harder...used...and ridden hard...that ponytail would come in handy....almost as "punishment" for wearing something that I didn't like. Doesn't make a damn bit of sense...I know it...and can't explain it. Doesn't make any sense at all...unless that's what this slutty wife was wanting from the start! DomBull4U
  9. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    BABYMAKERINMA....hub asked for thoughts. I have a few. First the top of my head...mmmm, now there's a nice ... fuckable...milf! Very fuckable milf! A closer look at this sexy hotwife shows me several things I like...and like a lot. A closer look also gives me a nice tingle as this hottie wife starts to make my cock hard thinking of the things I'd love to do to I would use her! For starters, that's one fine ass tucked into those "Rock On" panties. Those fishnets she's wearing...with the faux fur around the top...just damn slutty! That's the vibe she gives off to me in those..."I'm a dirty slut!". With her hands on the wall like that...she's showing off a bit of a submissive side...and I definitely like that! Her hair in a ponytail like that...that's not by accident. She wore her hair like that, so her hair can be held by her bull...held while she was on her knees sucking her bull's cock...or held especially when she was on all 4's...taking her bull's cock deep in her pussy while getting a good hard doggy pounding! Overall, I'd say this looks like one hot milf that wants to be a dirty fuckslut for a DomBull that would take her...and use her...HARD! She looks like a naughty wife that wants to be made to feel like a fucking slut...and has a husband that wants to see it happen! That's what I think anyway... Thanks for sharing her hot pic...and offering her to me, hubby. DomBull4U
  10. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    Ajmal...thanks for this incredibly hot pic of your incredibly hot hotwife.She looks like she wants and needs a good hard fucking...I hope that lucky stranger gave her one! Your hottie wife looks amazing...she's an exotic, brown-skinned beauty...and she looks sooo fucking hot on all 4s like that. Gorgeous ass...and I love her legs...her thighs especially! She looks delicious! She looks like she can be a "nasty bitch"...and I mean that in only the best way possible. A "hot-and-nasty bitch" that can throw down one hot and nasty fuck! More pics of this sexy hotwife would be awesome....and how about some more details of her night of slutty fun with that stranger? She's soooo fuckable. When can I have some? DomBull4U
  11. DomBull4U

    Wannabe urge gets stronger

    Pitslayer....steve, I want you to contact me via private message here first. I think that is only proper. DomBull4U
  12. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In other thing Nccouple8283. I had hoped to see more of naughty Mrs Nccouple...and I think I mentioned that in the private messages we exchanged. One pic of this sexy woman is simply not enough (hint,hint). So, please consider this a request for more of Mrs. Nccouple8283. Or maybe I should just try a more direct approach. Nccouple8283...part of a good cuck husband's job is to make his wife available to a man that knows what she wants...knows what she needs...and can give it to her. As a cuck husband, your enjoyment comes from doing what is expected of you...and from making sure your wife is sexually satisfied. I want more of be a good cucky, hubby! DomBull4U
  13. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    My explanation above was longer than I planned...sorry. My original idea was a quick word of explanation...and then I was going to start things back up by showing my appreciation for naughty Mrs. Nccouple8283...beautifully shown here. Since we are "backing things up" a bit...I'd like to say how much I would love to be looking down at Mrs. Nccouple8283 while she was backing up that beautiful ass of hers....backing it up to take the hard cock she gives me into the warm wetness of her married pussy! Love how she looks in that thong...and love every inch of that nice, full ass of hers! I'd love to be behind her...with the tip of my hard cock teasing her wet slit. First teasing her through her thong...but then pulling it aside to tease her even more...rubbing my cock along her slit, tickling her cunt lips. Just for fun I'd have to give that sweet ass of hers a few playful slaps...while pushing my dick just slightly into her pussy. I might even pull back to tease her even fingering her...just until her moans of delight convinced me she needed a good hard fucking from her DomBull! You're not to proud to beg for it are you Mrs Nccouple8283? Don't need it...and I'm ready to give it to you good! Or should I make your husband beg me to fuck you, MrsNccouple8283? Would you like that, naughty girl? Hot pic of one hot-ass wife! Thank you Nccouple8283! Dombull4U
  14. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    Backing up a bit.... The past week or ten days or so have been kind of hectic and because of that I haven't had a chance to "fully appreciate" some of the hot-n-sexy wives that have been presented to me here on the "Cucks....check in" forum. I do appreciate that cuck hubs...or even wannabe cuck their sexy wives on this thread...offering their wives to me. So I apologize to those hubs...and their wives...if I haven't kept up my end of the bargain and properly appreciated the lovely wives that have been offered to me. With all of that said...I'd like to go back for another look at some of the sexy wives offered...and show my appreciation...and have some naughty fun with them! A big THANK YOU to the naughty hotwives presented here....and to naughty hotwives everywhere! Oh...and thanks to you cuck hubs and wannabe cuck hubs too for sharing your sexy wives. DomBull4U
  15. DomBull4U

    Wannabe urge gets stronger

    Pitslayer...steve, it sounds like maybe we should have a chat. You sound like my kind of "wannabe". DomBull4U