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  1. DomBull4U


    What a great collection of pics of this normal uk wife and mother having fun and showing off her naughty, sexy side! Cindy def looks hot, sexy and fuckable in these shots! Love her on all 4's...and love the naughty look she gives spreading her legs to show off her pussy! One question...is Cindy's cunt always so wet and juicy...or is it getting naughty and posing for hub's camera that gets her so wet and excited? Def enjoying seeing Cindy! Thanks! DomBull4U
  2. Peter C Lol....you have been trying to persuade Becky to get her belly button pierced. She's having none of it. But...if one of her bulls suggested it...she'd probably get one in a heartbeat! Oh well...the life of a cuck husband, eh? You just don't get everything you want, do you? Enjoy it! DomBull4U
  3. Elaine flirting...loving it! Love it, love it, love it! TY robert smith! DomBull4U
  4. Flyboy You're damn right I'd like to "tap" that. It would be a real hard tapping though...like the one I know you want your wife to have! That's just how I want her too...on all 4's ready to take a good hard pounding...a SLUT pounding! After she'd sucked my cock...on her knees of course, like a good slut...she'll crawl up onto the bed just like she is in this pic...and present herself to me like that filthy whore you want her to be. I'd bury my hard cock in her...and pound her married, granny cunt...pound her hard...really make those big fucking tits of hers flop all over the place. Love this pic of your wife, LK. Makes her look like that slut you want her to be...and the whore I want to fuck! Look at her...absolutely filthy! Grinning like a dirty whore...looking back through her big tits and her slut spread open legs! She's all cunt...and ass...and big tits...and a cock-hungry mouth...all waiting to be used! Fucking hot! DomBull4U
  5. damilfhunter...more great pics of this sexy hotwife! Pics from a trip with her boss! What a lucky man he is to have your sexy hotwife accompany him on his business trips. I'm sure some of those trips can be very stressful...her boss is lucky to have a devoted employee like her to help him relieve the stress on his business trips. I hope these are pics he took and sent to you...her cuck hubby, left at home...waiting...knowing that his wife was being HIS slut! If he did take these and send them to the cuck hubby...I gotta say...I like his style. Pic one...showing the door to the room...where the cuck's wife would be servicing her boss. A great start. The cuck was probably at home think...omg...my wife is there...with her boss. (the only thing I would have added would have been a pic that showed the wife outside, in the hall...and maybe even with her at least partially ex-posed. But maybe she was too nervous to take such a pic). At this time. She'll get there. Pic two...nice! We see the hotwife IN the room. Dressed in a sexy outfit. A nice gray sweater dress, some black tights...and some CFM boots! bent over the bed, her dress stretched tight by her nice, FULL ass. And her dress hiked up a little... Her boss is sending her cuck husband a message. Your wife and I are sharing this room...and we are about to have some fun. Pic 3...her dress pulled up to show that nice ass...still covered by her black tights...but looking fantastic! And her boss is letting hubby know...your wife is being undressed...and is about to become MY slut! Pic 4...taking the next big step. The wife calmly being undressed by her boss...still bent over...but now those tights have been pushed down and we get to see what her hubby saw...his wife dressed in a sexy thong for her boss! Her cuck hubby had to be squirming at this point...his wife, in a room with her boss...and being undressed by him...and her not even trying to stop him...calmly standing there letting him undress her. Bet her pussy was dripping and her panties were wet at this point...and her cuck hubby (and her boss) were both probably hard as things developed. Pic5....love this pic! The boss letting hubby know who was in charge. Reached over, pulled the wife's sexy thong aside as if to tell hubby...to show hubby and tell him...this is mine. This ass...this pussy...your wife's ass and pussy are now MINE! The rest of the pics...the boss continues to show cuck hubby who was in control. HE was. Had the wife roll over to showoff her body...and the sexy undies she was wearing. Love that she was nervously hiding her face...but with her tights still down, showing the sexy front of her purple panties...just barely covering her married pussy. her matching purple bra cupping her nice tits! Then her boss had her cup those nice tits in her hands...so all the world could see this hotwife showing herself, offering herself to her boss. And so her cuck hubby especially could see...a glimpse of her face, those nice, full tits...her hard, excited nipples through the thin bra...and let's not forget that she's showing her wedding ring too. Hubby must have been in cuck heaven...or is it cuck hell? Finally showtime is almost over. The boss gave her cuck hubby...and us...a nice closeup of her panty covered pussy! And then...finally...her bra removed...and the naughty hotwife is shown cupping her nice Full tits...offering them nicely to her boss. I hope her cuck hubby enjoyed seeing his naughty hotwife ...and the pics of the nice trip the boss took with the cuck's wife. Hubby says there have been several such trips...let's hope the boss took more pics for hubby...and that cuck hubby will share them with us. DomBull4U
  6. damilfhunter...thanks for these great pics of your very sexy hotwife! It's especially nice to see a "new" wife to enjoy! Which is something that doesn't happen as much as it should, unfortunately. It seems like it used to happen more frequently. Maybe the slow down is due to covid...I'm sure that has had an effect. I love a lot of the "old" wives that are shared here...have enjoyed looking at them for years, and still love to see updates from them...but very nice to see a "new" wife here. Great series of pics you've shown us here. That first pic shows your wife...showing off her beauty...presenting her hot body. She seems to be saying..."here I am...come and get it!" I love the look on her face...you can see that she's maybe just a bit nervous about being a hotwife. You can also see that she's excited by it...she looks hot and sexy and excited...about becoming a hotwife....and about doing something so naughty! Love how her hands seem to be presenting her nice tits! Pic 2...sticking those nice tits out a bit...to give a better look at them! Maybe she was told to do so...hot! Pic 3...a wonderful butt shot. Your sexy wife bent over to give us a good look. A nice look at her legs...And what a nice...full...ass on her! Nice and round...makes you want to reach out and grab it. The see-through panties are a nice, sexy touch! I'm picturing her with those panties pushed down around her knees...how hot that would be! And then pics 3 and 4...mmmmm pussy! In the first pic your wife being a bit of a tease. Her pretty legs spread nicely...giving us a nice, "in-your-facer"...look at her panty covered pussy. Her legs look very sexy in this shot...creamy smooth, yummy looking thighs. Would love to tease her back a bit by planting soft, gentle licks and kisses on those sweet thighs...working my way to her pussy! And speaking of her pussy...love that your naughty wifey pulled those panties aside to give us a look at her married pussy. Looks yummy...and fuckable. A great introduction to a new, hot-n-sexy hotwife! Hoping to see more! Thanks again! DomBull4U
  7. Uthred, Loved her fun hotel hallway shot! Have any more of her doing that "special request" outfit. She's a fantastic..."naughty skool-girl". Hot! DomBull4U
  8. Uthred... Another escort "date"? She go to dinner with him? Skipped desert at the restaurant...enjoyed a nice treat later! DomBull4U
  9. Uthred... Guessing that she may have been working as an escort here...providing some extra service! Nipples @@@@@@@!...pussy @@@@@@@! And sucking cock! I'll bet those silky white stockings would feel incredible when she wraps her legs around whoever gets lucky enough to fuck her! She's a hot slut! DomBull4U
  10. Uthred... How about a few more pics of your sexy wife...looking hot and sexy in her blue bra and panties. Love how her shelf bra "serves up" those pretty tits. The white stockings are a nice touch to her sexy look! And her ass...in pic #2...amazing! That's one gorgeous ass! DomBull4U
  11. Uthred...your well-used wife looks hot...especially in those slut stockings! I think that is what is known as truth in advertising. She def IS a slut! Offering up her pussy here! She looks ready to take cock balls deep in her hot pussy! DomBull4U
  12. mmmmmmmm...verrry nice! Beautiful face, sexy smile...super sexy and wonderfully THICK! And yes...especially that big boo-tay! Fan-tASS-tic! Ohhhhh fuck yes...picturing this hot and sexy woman down in an all 4's.... all ass-n-pussy...big ass-n-pussy! The view from behind would be incredible! Love to see more of this hottie! Thanks mike for sharing her. DomBull4U
  13. How about a little bump up for this thread....just in case
  14. Love her stiff, swollen nipples!
  15. Enigma6320...always great to see a sexy wife new to the site...and new to exploring the cuck lifestyle. And Sarah is lovely! Thanks to her husband and to you for sharing her pics with us! Hoping to see more! DomBull4U
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