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  1. Hi, I got more photos of Gayla, do you want to add them to the post?

  2. robert, you and I have chatted before and I told you that going to the Galapagos Islands is on my "bucket list" of things I'd love to do. Probably will never make it, but I'd love to experience that rare place. Seeing your incredibly sexy wife there is amazing. Lol...if only there was a Time Machine...and if only I could get in it...go back to that time when Elaine was there. If only there was a way to make that happen. While I am dreaming...how incredible it would be to have you offer to share sexy Elaine with me. I would be experiencing two "bucket list" fantasy items at once!
  3. How about 2 more for the cream pie fans? Food for thought maybe! Hungry? Have another slice... 😄 DomBull4U
  4. Here's one for cream pie fans everywhere... Enjoy! DomBull4U
  5. doesn't work for me.... says it can't locate gallery.... link doesn't go anywhere. ????
  6. I'll bet they do too. And I hope I didn't embarrass Chesh...certainly didn't mean to. Sorry if I did Chesh DomBull4U
  7. RicknCindy....ohhh yeeesss, I like! I like very much! Love to watch sexy...horny...women havin' fun and getting themselves off! And Cindy looks like she's pretty familiar...and handy...with that vibe. Great body on naughtygirl Cindy...awesome to see a sexy, mature woman gettin' busy and gettin' off! Thanks for the hot pics of hot-n-horny Cindy! DomBull4U
  8. These were previously posted...but just a reminder of how nice Abbie's tits are and her ass is! And remember ausstag...your wife/ MY slut! 😀 DomBull4U
  9. ausstag also sent this one at the same time...and he apologized for it also. Again, not the hottest pic...but slut Abbie has some nice tits to go with that big ass of hers! And this pic shows some nice cleavage. Abbie may pose naked only on special occasons these days...but she certainly isn't afraid to wear scoop neck blouses or shirts with a deep vee that show off her tits a little bit! Abbie's no prude...there's still a naughty slut inside her that needs to come out and play from time to time. Seeing Abbie's tits brought a little smile to my face, ausstag. You are doing a goo
  10. I've told you about my cuck wannabe, ausstag's "homework assignment". But let me recap...ausstag got in touch with me a while back. He has shared his with with others...years ago. But their lives changed...and they dont get the chance to "play" with others like they used to. But ausstag finds himself having strong desires to be a cuck hubby and see his sexy wife Abbie being used...and being another man's dirty slut. And that is why he contacted me. ausstag shared a few pics with me of his wife being naughty and posing naked. Some of those pics can be seen at the start of this
  11. Answering my own question....found this pic of beautiful and sexy Vicky! She was posted on another thread by Billparker. Seems like Billparker had been away from the site for a while...but was coming back. Welcome back Billparker! DomBull4U
  12. Ohhh yeeesss...incredibly sexy woman! And what a great pic! We get to see this beautiful, fresh, young, innocent face...her skin looks incredibly soft and smooth. And those cheeks...love those cheeks! Look into those big, beautiful eyes! And then there's her sexy mouth. Soft looking, tempting lips...lips that stand out and are are attention-grabbing. Lips painted bright red with a lipstick color that I like to refer to as "cock-sucker red"! Love how she's sitting..."perched" actually on the chair. Her left hand showing us her wedding band...showing us that she's married! And "perched
  13. Here's another new one that ausstag sent. His wife/ MY slut! Caught his wife in a "mommy moment". Bending to clean up...picking up toys...whatever. Showin' some serious ass while she's doing it! Good work, cucky! DomBull4U
  14. Here's some other pics of Abbie wearing those tights she fills out so nicely. Older pics, but still nice. So Abbie likes to wear those tights out when she goes shopping. Kinda sexy...and...a little slutty! I'm sure a few butt lovers have followed her around on some of her shopping trips! I love seeing her pink thong underneath! 😁 DomBull4U
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