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  1. Lately

    Interesting....kinda makes things real clear....
  2. Lately

    Here's another one that I'm sure would draw a few looks....tits like those help the "glance" factor tremendously! Enjoy... DomBull4U
  3. Lust4her2... Here it is...the last pic you took as you were leaving the house. I'll bet you both are a little nervous about what is going to happen. Nervous...but excited too. Love how she's dressed here. Those sexy shoulders of hers are going to be fun to kiss, lick and nibble on. And those nice tits of hers...they will be fun to manhandle. Can't wait to get that top down so her nice tits are ex-posed...and available. Available for more kissing...licking...and nibbling. And sucking! And while I am feasting on her yummy tits...that short, tight skirt is going to provide easy access to the real prize....her pussy. Her pussy will probably start getting wet as you take these pics to send to me...and will probably get even wetter as you drive her to come "visit" me. By the time you arrive at my hotel...her panties will probably be sopping wet. When you arrive at the hotel...remember you are to call me from the lobby...and say this...."We're here ,sir....she's here. My gf is here for you. Would you please fuck my gf for me?". I will be right down. In the lobby, we will exchange a few pleasantries...and maybe even hit the lobby bar for a drink or two...but no more than that. Just one drink to "take the edge off" should be enough. After will watch as I take her hand and lead her to the elevators. As the doors are'll see her wave at you as I take her in my arms to hold her and kiss her...and I'll give you a nice, thank you "thumb's up!" By the time you reach your should be getting the first pic that I'm going to send you. Your sexy gf will be showing off a present I had for her...a nice collar. I'll make sure she lifts her chin and turns her head so you can read it. It says....S-E-X S-L-A-V-E! She'll be wearing it in the next pic too. Taken just outside the door of my room. Your gf on her hands and knees...with my leash attached to her I am leading her...CRAWLIG into my room. That simple act is going to put everything into proper perspective for us. You will be sitting there in your car...probably either rubbing your hard cock...or maybe even having it out, jerking it. Be careful, they have security cams everywhere these days. Your gf will know exactly what her role our naughty fantasy. And I mean OUR fantasy...yours...hers...and mine. her role of course is to be my fucktoy. And I know what is expected of me. I am expected to "use" your gf...and make her one of my sluts. My cock will have been "buzzing" from the time you sent me the pics as you were leaving...and I'm sure it will be rock hard and throbbing as soon as those elevator doors closed. As I kiss and feel your gf...that cock of mine is going to become more demanding. But my naughty little S-E-X S-L-A-V-E knows how to take care of that...and if she doesn't...she's about to learn. I'll keep my phone handy...I'm sure you are going to want to see that first pic of her...collared...and on her knees, between my legs...and about to get her first taste of another man's cock. Go ahead home and wait...there will be more updates as the night progresses. Drive carefully...and have a good night. She and I will, for sure! Oh...and thank you, Lust4her2...THANK YOU! DomBull4U
  4. said a couple of things I always fantasize about your gf enjoying herself with another man...and pictures are always a plus. I couldn't agree with you are always a here's a few of your sexy gf to get this forum going good. Now about your fantasy...I think I can help you there too. Imagine that these are pics you took of your gf...all dressed up nice-n-sexy...and wearing a big, excited smile...because she is on the way to crossing over that line. What line? The line you want her to cross over, wannabe. That line from her being your enjoying herself with another man. Your gf is about to take a big, big step...she is about to become one of DomBull's naughty of his naughty fucksluts! These are the pics that I had you take when she was ready...and you were about to "deliver" her to me. You are bringing her to a motel/ hotel to meet me. I know part of your fantasy is to watch...but we are going to build up to that slowly. On this will bring her to me...and you will offer her to me...and I will gladly take you up on your very generous offer. You are going to drop your gf off at my hotel...and she will be spending the night with me. Don't worry...I intend to repay you for these hot pics you sent with a few pics that I will take for you. Pics of our evening...where you will clearly see that she is enjoying herself. Enjoying herself with another man...just as you wished. Lust4her2....I think we're off to a good start, hope you think so too! DomBull4U
  5. Lately

    Maybe if the hotwife is hesitant to wear a hotwife T-shirt out in the open...say at a restaurant...maybe some panties like these would be a nice alternative.... a nice way to transition to something more open. Dombull4U
  6. Lately

    Here's a naughty hotwife telling it like it is!
  7. Lately

    Anyone remember indyhotwife? What an amazing hotwife she was/ is! Beautiful, sexy...and hotwife slutty!
  8. Lately

    How about a pic or two to fire up some thoughts....
  9. Lately

    RobJohnson...Rob, I have been meaning to tell you this for sometime now....I always enjoy reading your thoughts on the various forums. The input you provide always seems well thought out...and maybe most importantly...honest and real. I don't know how to say it exactly...but your input...your thoughts...coming from a cuckold's perspective is always a good read for me. From the things I have read, it seems to me that you are fairly new to the "cuckold lifestyle"...and maybe even still in a transition phase. You don't seem bitter or angry about it...but maybe a bit confused by it all. Confused may not be a great word choice. Bewildered might be a better word for how you are feeling. If you are feeling confused at's because you can't quite "explain" your cuckold feelings and desires. It seems like you have been thrust into this situation...and are surprised that you are finding it a turn on. You seem to be very accepting of being a cuckold...and are starting to enjoy it more and more. Other forums have brought up the idea of what is right...and what is wrong. My own philosophy is this...don't waste too much time trying to figure out WHY something turns you on...just be glad that something does....and go with it...and enjoy it. (as long as we are talking about consensual adults.) With all of that said...I find your entry on this forum particularly interesting. If I read you correctly, it seems that this idea of the husband and wife wearing cuckold and hotwife T-shirts really intrigues you. Seems like this is something that you would find exciting...are very eager to do. Maybe I am wrong...but it's almost like you could be asking the questions you ask...into a mirror. If it does excite you Rob...I think that it's great. I'm not trying to put you on the spot...or put you down in any way. Wish you the best on your please keep sharing your input and ideas! DomBull4U
  10. My shared wife

    artslade...nice follow-up pic. She's not passed out, is she? She looks like she could use a nice tongue in her pussy...along with 2 fingers to get her pussy squishing good! I'll bet with a drink or two in her, this little slut could climb on and ride a hard cock until she had cum all over it and milked a nice cum load out of it! DomBull4U
  11. My shared wife

    Hello artslade1972...I definitely like her. I liked her in the pic you posted on my "Showing hotwives" her even more here! The pic you posted on the "Showing hotwives" forum showed her completely dressed...although the shirt she was wearing as a dress was quite short and showed a lot of her sweet thighs! But I definitely like her much better here....completely naked and offering up her body to be used for pleasure. Good lord her nipples are tight little buds, aren't they? And rock hard too! I would probably get a blister on my tongue from flicking and licking those hard little nubbins! Love that she has her hands behind her head. Leaving her tits and nipples free and easily available. Speaking of her arms being behind her your naughty wife a submissive slut, art? If she is...then now I am really interested! She looks like a sexy dynamo to me, art...yes I like her...and this DomBull wants more from the little slut! DomBull4U
  12. Nasty chubby

    Ownpics....some people were just have sex with a camera pointed at them. Your sexy slut , one of them! Having a cock in her mouth makes Jenn happy. Having a camera pointed at her while she's sucking cock...makes this naughty slut even happier! These are some great pics of hottie, cock-loving Jenn! Just look at the naughty, devilish gleem in her eyes as she sucks cock.This hot whore loves pleasing her man and it shows! OMG...I would dearly love to feel Jenn's hot mouth, lips, and tongue working on my cock and balls. I would love to fuck this slut's pretty face...and drop a major load either onto her tongue and into her mouth...or all over her sweet, slutty face! Incredible slut! Thank you for sharing her. DomBull4U
  13. Showing hotwives

    jack123456... I mentioned that jack's wife, fay was one of my sluts. Naturally that triggered some hot memories in my I felt it was only fair to show jack's hottie wife here. One thing jack likes to do...that's take pics of his incredible wife as she's getting ready to come for a visit. I love that jack enjoys "tormenting" me this definitely gets my attention...and puts me in the mood to tear into this sexy hotwife as soon as she arrives. Than you jack! Thank you for taking these pics...and sending them to "set the mood". And thank you for fay being one of my hot slutwives! DomBull4U
  14. Showing hotwives

    jaci123.... I found one more pic of jaci...this one was on jack's "Ass" thread. (jack's long running, and very popular "Ass" thread I should say. jack's thread has had some quality ass posted on thanks to jack for that! I'll also mention that jack's wife, fay....who has an amazing ass herself...jack's wife, fay is one of my sluts! Thank you even more for that jack!) But this is about jaci...whose adorable butt is shown in the pic. The first pic I saw of jaci was a nice tit shot. Left me wanting more...and I went looking for more. I was definitely glad to see this nice butt flash...would have to put this in the cute and fun flash category. Naughty wifey jaci has one hot little body, no doubt about it! hub...the pics you have posted...and the forums that they are in...all tell me this. You want your sexy wife to get some attention...and you'd like to see her be a dirty slut for another man. I think you finally brought her to the right place. jaci needs to be one of my sluts. Plain and simple....'nuff said! DomBull4U