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  1. My slut wife .please comment as open about her as you did before


  2. Love your comments about my wife .how do I send you pictures so you can comment on them too

  3. Highskirt, Looks like we have a dirty mature wife here. She's being a bit of a tease in this pic...on all 4's and letting her dress ride up so she's showing a teasing look at her ass...and a peek at her panties. Make no mistake about it though, this is a mature wife that would love some dick! My guess is this mature wife would do whatever it took to get a good hard fucking. She'd wiggle her ass...or push her panties down...take a good spanking...or even beg to get fucked. Whatever it took, this is a dirty whore that would be willing to do it! Here's my suggestion for her. She should hike the dress up further, and push those panties down around her knees...for starters. Then she should either reach back between her legs and spread her cunt open...OR if she likes it up the ass, she should grab her ass cheeks and spread herself wide open...sending the message "please fuck me...use either of my holes...just please fuck me." Highskirt, dirty older wives need dick too, don't they? DomBull4U
  4. OUCH! "The Queen" can be a bit of a bitch too! 😄
  5. Wow...just received a nice little "greeting" from a long time friend. This old friend is a hubby....a cuck hubby...that loves sharing his wife....loves that she is a hotwife! He goes by the nick....usemyslutwife99...which kind of says it all, doesn't it? Hus wife is an incredibly beautiful woman...sweet, sleek body...with an ass that is just stunning. Breath-taking! And hubby knows I love his wifes ass. He gets bored at work sometimes and he will contact me and we enjoy chatting about his wife. Talking about some past adventures...and making plans for new ones. Today he must have been he shot me a text. What was really nice was that he sent me a inspiring pic that he said he thought I might like. He was right. I damn sure like it. As anyone can see...there's a lot to like about usemywife99's wife. Especially that incredible ass. I decided to share that pic here. Thanks for reminding me just how hot...and fuckable...your wife sexy wife is, hub. I'll be in touch. DomBull4U
  6. "the Queen" didn't know about Tumblr? That's too bad Leslie, some Tumblrs were dedicated to themes that you'd have probably enjoyed. "Queen of Spades"..."Black Cock Church"...and "Bull Royalty"....are few that come to mind. Although I'm not sure we need you thinking about BBC more than you already do at this point in your life. btw...Hotwife/ cuck luvr sent me a few pics weren't for Tumblr...or anywhere else. They were for my private enjoyment. And I did enjoy them. Very much. I guess they had me "swooning".😃 XOXOX to both of you naughty girls! DomBull4U
  7. Mt872...I happened to notice a few other pics that you posted of your sexy wife. Naughty, sexy wives like yours...with cleavage like she has...and shows...tend to catch my eye. I love that your wife has tits that she knows will catch men's attention...and she proudly puts 'em out there for the world to see...and enjoy! I love the cleavage, love her tits! Love that she seems to enjoy showing them off during her normal, "everyday life". She goes about her evryday life dressed to show off her nice tits. She wears those low-cut tops to the grocery store, running errands around town, or on shopping trips to the mall. She knows that showing off cleavage like that is going to attract a lot of attention from men. And she loves it. She loves that others find her desirable and want to fuck her. I'll bet when she comes home from some of her outings...she comes home with wet panties, and a hot pussy that is wet and juicy. I'll bet she comes home from some of her trips out thinking..."oh I feel like such a slutty whore". And I'll bet she loves it! Mt872...these are great pics...but your naughty, slut-wannabe wife is dying to show off those big tits. How about a better look? She wants to "whip 'em out"...and I'd like to see 'em. Show me! DomBull4U
  8. jmacan....awsome! Great to see that you got another chance to enjoy your favorite hobby...watching your incredibly sexy wife sucking off one of her boyfriends...and taking amazing, hot pics to share with us here. Really great camera work. What a view of her licking and sucking her bf's cock. She could be the "poster slut" for hotwives loving sucking another man's cock while her hubby took pics! Must have been incredible watching her "attack" her bf's cock like that. Great view of her beautiful tits too. Her t-shirt is a nice touch too....the neckline cut so that it shows off more of her tits. I think it might be a bit sluttier that way...sluttier than if she naked and had her tits @@@@@@@. Kinda like she was lounging around, chillin'....and he just happened to be in the neighborhood and dropped in to say hello. And of course she did what any good hotwife would...dropped to her knees and got after it! love watching her...and it's easy to see why. She is one sexy, hotwife, slut! As always...thanks! DomBull4U
  9. jmacan's incredible hotwife....back again! This time on her knees to service two bulls. Ya gotta admit jmacan's hottie wife knows how to entertain company. Just one pic though, macan? Would love to see more pics of her two bulls tag-teaming her....trying to satisfy her slutty desires. jmacan, always a treat to see your incredible wife in action...trying to get her fill of cock and cum. Thanks for posting! DomBull4U
  10. Just look at the naughty smile on this sexy woman. She's totally enjoying flashing her tits! If ya got 'em, flaunt 'em....right? DomBull4U
  11. Or this sexy, teasing soccer mom...she would love to show off those pretty tits in all their glory. And she almost is!
  12. Two more very sexy hottie wives. You can't tell me that the one sitting on the desk isn't dying to show off those nice tits of hers. Would love to see 'em. Back in the old Tumblr days I'm sure we would have seen 'em!
  13. Beach babes of all ages....showing their hot bods in sexy swkmsuits....summer's almost here!
  14. All kinds of naughty girls out mature wives that want to "play"! Love 'em! DomBull4U
  15. Just look at these beautiful, sexy wives...just dying to be naughty and show more! DomBull4U