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  1. DomBull4U

    Wife anklet

    Joys, to help maybe clarify things.... I guess cumupthe wife is referring to other wives being posted on the thread. He must have wanted his wife exclusively on the thread. I posted a pic of a hotwife in sexy heels wearing an anklet. I went ahead and removed it when I realized it was not welcomed. DomBull4U
  2. DomBull4U

    Asian slutwife Lien

    Lein could always get her tight pussy ready by dildo fucking herself. I could see her squatting over a nice, big suction cup dong...taking it into her pussy...and then riding it! While she's fucking herself...she could suck my cock to get it nice-n-wet. Not a problem.... DomBull4U
  3. DomBull4U

    Wife's anklet

    Bumping this thread up...for my new friend cumupthewife. His wife has started wearing an anklet. Wanted him to see some of these pics.
  4. DomBull4U

    HEARTFELT THANK YOU!!'re welcome...and thanks right back atcha! Have always enjoyed your posts. I think I have mentioned this to you before...we seem to have similar interests here at cf...we seem to like many of the same posts. Glad to hear that you are going to continue to explore your kinks and desires. Would love to help you with your explorations in any way I can. Please stay in touch, DomBull4U
  5. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    mike1228 No apology necessary. You can offer your sexy wife to me anywhere...on any thread you like. Don't worry...I'll find her! She does look tasty, mike. Thank you! DomBull4U
  6. Jmillz24...just hang in there, friend. Keep telling her what your fantasy is. Be persistant....but don't push. It might take some time...and give her all the time she needs to warm up to the idea. The right guy will come along...and re-awaken her inner slut. And then you'll be off to the races! Hang in there. DomBull4U
  7. Hotwife / cuckluvR You may consider yourself the luckiest...but truth is it's a WIN...WIN...WIN! Hub is lucky to have such a hot-n-sexy hotwife! Your bull is lucky to be having some fun with a sexpot like you! And I think it's awesome that you are the luckiest. You deserve it! DomBull4U
  8. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives were instructed to show me your sexy wife in those sexy panties she wears...but were also instructed to show me her pretty pussy. The pretty pussy that you want to give to your wife can become one of my sluts! Don't worry about it...I'll do it. She looks yummy, mike...nice-n-tight. The hot pussy of hers is going to feel fantastic...stretched and wrapped tight around my hard cock! Thanks again...and I can't wait to take her! DomBull4U
  9. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    cuck_loser...I can't wait to drop my load onto her tongue...and see it dripping onto her huge fucking tits! Hope thinking about that doesn't make you uncomfortable...locked up like you are. Think about a train wreck or something...I've heard that can help. DomBull4U
  10. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    mike1228...quality piece of ass indeed, mike (just as tanktopwillie states above). Definitely a quality piece of ass! And I want to thank you for showing her here and offering her to me, mike. She's a beautiful, sexy woman...and it's going to be fun to sex her up! There is one thing mike...when you posted her pics here you said "as you instructed sir". This is a very fine point (splitting hairs?)...and I don't want to make too big of a deal about this one small thing. posting her here is not exactly as you were instructed, mike. Let's recap... You originally posted on a thread stating that you were a wannabe cuck looking for an online dom at this time. However you didn't post pics of your wife at that time. I posted on the thread and pointed out that omission on your part...and you very kindly wrote to me privately and presented her pics to me. You also mentioned to me that if I wanted to show her off I was welcome to do so. Appearently you are very eager to have your lovely wife shown (understandably...she is very sexy and SHOULD be shown and enjoyed). Maybe I was moving too slow for you...because next thing I knew you posted the following message on the "Cucks...check in" thread on the Cuckold Talks forum board. You asked me "Is this where you want me to share her" which I replied YES. You didn't post her there...but instead posted her here. Which is fine...not really a problem. I'm happy to have sexy wives shared with me anywhere and anytime. You are a wannabe cuck and have decided to take that next big step towards your wife becoming an actual hotwife. BIG step. I understand it. You are feeling all of the mixed-up emotions that a wannabe cuck goes through at this time. Confusion...excitement...nervousness. All completely understandable. Completely understandable. I am very happy and excited that you have chosen me to interact with as you take this next big step. I'm honored that you would offer me your sexy wife...and I'm looking forward to helping your wife and you make the transition from being becoming a hotwife and cuck hubby. I don't want to come across as some kind of "total hard ass" and I hate to be such a stickler for details...but as a cuck you will at times be given instructions...and you'll be expected to carry them out. You have come to me seeking guidance and direction...and I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't correct you when you make mistakes. mike, if you check the "Cucks...check in" thread (on the Cuckold Talks forum board), you'll see that you originally asked about posting her there...but instead posted her here. Again, let me say...this is OK...I'll always take sexy wives wherever they are offered. So no problem there...but I did feel it necessary to correct you about this mistake. There was one other mistake made, mike. You were told to present her in panties...and also to make sure you showed her pussy. I don't see her pussy in the pics you posted here, mike. I'm pretty sure that you got nervous about showing her...and decided to just post her in panties for now. Again this is OK for now, mike. As a wannabe, you are on an emotional roller-coaster ride right now...and I totally understand why you might not show her pussy. Please don't worry about your mistakes, mike. You are a to all of this...and mistakes will be made. I just wanted to point them out to help you become the cuck that you want to be...and for your wife to become a hotwife...AND become one of MY sluts! Thanks again...and best regards DomBull4U P.S. Earlier it was mentioned that mike's beautiful wife was a "quality piece of ass"! I wanted to post this pic of her to show just how fucking true that statement is! "Quality piece of ass!" Definitely!
  11. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    cuck_loser...I'm afraid I have some bad news to share. Some bad news...and some worse news unfortunately. I have been away for the past few days visiting some friends and family and just got back into town last night. (Monday night). It wasn't planned, but some of the friends I visited decided to come back to my house and they will be staying with me for a few days. You asked if your girl could drop by on Tuesday while you were at work. Sorry, but that's not going to work. I hate to have to turn down the chance to play with your wife's big tits...and spend the day Tuesday fucking her while you were at work. Sounded like a good FUCKING time, but I'll have to take a raincheck. So that's the bad news. Now for the worse news. My friends are going to spend the rest of the week here...and then we're hitting the road for a weekend road trip. That kills those weekend plans we made previously. I know, I know...your wife is going to be disappointed. Please tell her that I'm disappointed too...and I promise to make it up to her. Somehow...someway. That pic of her sticking her tongue out gives me an idea. When I finally get together with her again...I'm going to have her kneel and play with herself...fingering her cunt and tweaking her nipples...and have her stick that tongue out. I'll slap my cock on her tongue...and let her enjoy a few licks. From there she can lick and suck my balls...while I stroke my cock and rub it across her mouth and lips. When I'm ready to spew...she can stick that tongue out again....and the sassy bitch can enjoy the nice big load that I'm going to shoot right onto her tongue. I know she is probably going to take it out on you. Your horny, cock-loving wife is going to be sexually frustrated...and she's probably going to punish you, cuck_loser. I wish I could say I'm sorry...but I'm not. You are a cuck_loser and this is just the way things go sometimes. Just accept it. You're a cuck_loser...I'm a DomBull...and your wife is my slut. That's the way it is. One last thing cuck_loser, you are to remain locked until further notice. At least through the coming weekend. Coming! Guess the coming weekend won't be a cumming weekend for a locked cuck_loser like yourself. DomBull4U
  12. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    mike1228.... Sounds like you are eager to show off your wife...and have her become one of my sluts! So...YES...go ahead and share her here, mike. I know you like to offer her wearing a pair of her pretty panties. She looks yummy in panties...but be sure and show me some of her pussy too! DomBull4U
  13. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    cuck_loser....thanks for your kind invitation to come back for round 2 next weekend. You don't need to worry about cooking anything...I'll be eating your wife! Those big tits of hers will serve as an appetizer...her tight little pussy can be my main course. Why don't you go ahead and show me again what's on the menu...your sexy wife! Let's see those big fucking melons...and her yummy pussy. A nice all 4's view would be nice. Does she like her cunt munched from behind?...I guess we'll find out! Yeeeessss! Eating your wife's pussy from behind....while she's on all 4's...her big "hangers" getting groped and man-handled while she gets tongue-fucked!!! Is it the weekend yet? DomBull4U
  14. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    cuck_loser...that was a good time...and using your wife was definitely a pleasure. MINE...and HERS!. Her pussy was nice-n-tight...and wet and warm. And ended up even wetter. Hope you enjoyed seeing her become one of my much as she did becoming one. Your wife/MY slut! And my pleasure! Thanks! DomBull4U
  15. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    Bumped this up for cuck_loser. He'll be checking in soon...he better. DomBull4U