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  1. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    Joys...I wanted everyone to be sure to see this pic of your sexy wife. Or should I say your wife/ MY slut? Her tits look yummy fact all of her does. Looks like she's enjoying felling the warmth of the sun on her body. How about my tongue? Think she'd like her tits licked and sucked on? How about her pussy? She ready to spread her legs and get her pussy tongued? Thanks for sharing her! DomBull4U
  2. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    Joys...your wife waiting for me. Excellent! Love to hear those thank you for your delicious offer. Love a sexy, mature wife dressed naughty in a hot mesh catsuit. And I have to apologize...she has been kept waiting for me for far too long. I promise to try and make it up to her. I'm going to enjoy that sexy mature body of hers...thoroughly! Is my naughty slut going to spread her legs for me so I can get at that hot pussy of hers? Ohhh I think she will. Love hot, mature slutwives...TY! DomBull4U
  3. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives love that I "own" your wife and have her as one of my sluts. Do you want me to fuck your sexy wife, jack? You know that all you have to do is ask. Why don't you send her to me one weekend. You like to watch her get dressed sexy to come visit me to be my naughty slut. Send her to me for a weekend, jack. I promise to send her back home to you...well fucked! I'll even send her home to you freshly fucked and cum-filled if that's what you'd like, jack. DomBull4U
  4. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives good cuck friend jacob got in touch with me again tonight. Guess his "cuck urges" kicked in was feeling that cuck need to give his wife to her bull so she could be "used"....wanted to see her naked and on all 4's...ready to have her cunt crammed with bull cock. Like this jacob? Want to see the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy...and then she pushes herself back on my dick...s-l-o-w-l-y....her ass getting slapped as she takes it all? Fuck yeeesss! DomBull
  5. DomBull4U

    Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

    Kay is soooo right. I love her tits too...and she does seem like an awesome wife! Sexy body...great tits...and with a submissive slutty side...awesome wife indeed! Love it, love it, love it!!! We need to figure out a way to help this sexy slutwife out. Look at that body! That's a wife...and a body...that needs to be put to good use! btw seem pretty awesome yourself. Your short, simple comment leads me to believe you have a dirty mind. Welcome to cuckfart, dear! DomBull4U 1.webp
  6. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    needhelp01....your sexy wife knows EXACTLY how to get my attention...and trust me, she has definitely caught my eye! That's one pretty pussy she's showing off so seductively. I think she needs that pretty pussy of hers tongue-fucked....tongued and fingered...until she begged for a good, hard, fucking! needhelp01....looks like you are new here. I trust this "first time offering"...(great choice of words btw)....won't be the last. Your wife caught my let's make her what we both want...what we ALL want...let's make her one of my dirty sluts! Let's see more of this "attention seeking" whore wife! Thanks for checking in and sharing her! DomBull4U
  7. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In

    ns9999...great pics! TY! I've been wondering when you'd serve up more of this sexy slut...glad you finally delivered! That brown skin of hers is beautiful....her tits and pussy look yummy! And I love how she looks from behind while she's on all 4's. Hot! Thanks again! DomBull4U
  8. DomBull4U

    Before And After Her Bull

    Hot before and after. One question, in the after pic...did marie's cuck clean her pussy after her bull had fucked her? Was the after pic taken after her pussy had been licked clean? Just curious.... Would love to see more pics of marie DomBull4U
  9. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    Fantastic! Her tits are every bit as beautiful as I imagined! She's yummy. Those pretty tits would be fun to play with...and suck! Love that 2nd pic of her. Showing off some wonderful cleavage in a very sexy bra. Love how her hair looks...soft...and framing her pretty face nicely. And then there's those lips of hers...looking soft and inviting. I'd love to reach inside of her sexy bra to stroke and tease her nipples...looking down at her....while she was on her knees...taking my hard cock into that inviting mouth of hers. Giving her nipples a pinch and a twist...urging her to take my cock deeper into her mouth. She's very,very sexy...and there's a naughty slut in her that's dying to "come out to play." Keep going me more. Let's see more of her in that sexy lingerie. DomBull4U
  10. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives

    Legendkiller...she looks even better in this pic. Hotter...showing more of her sexy curves. She still seems a little shy though... Still needs some support and encouragement, doesn't she? Don't be afraid to show us those nice curves of yours naughty girl. Don't hide those tits! Move your up...and show me what you got. Let's see those pretty tits! DomBull4U
  11. DomBull4U

    SEX 670

    Wow...that baby got some azzzzz! Love her how she sucks cock and how she spreads herself to take cock. And love that ass! DomBull4U
  12. DomBull4U

    Showing hotwives what do we have here...a naughty wannabeslut? She looks like she would be fun to break in...and fun to train. I see plenty to work with. Nice body on her...that I'd love to get my hands on. And I like that she's taking selfies of her in her underwear. Tells me she WANTS to be a naughty wifey. I promise I would be gentle with her and bring her along slowly...but I think I can see a future slut hotwife in the making! DomBull4U
  13. DomBull4U

    Cucks...check In everything I see about her. Thank you! In the first pic...I like that she is pulling her panties aside to offer me her married pussy...and I especially like seeing her ring...just makes it that much hotter knowing she's a married woman offering her pussy that way. Pic two...nice tits. I'm not going to lie to you and say that they are fantastic tits...but nice tits...and again I love seeing her ring as she lifts her top to show them off. Looks like a nice, fuckable, Ohio slutwife! Thank for checking in, cuck! DomBull4U
  14. so great wenn you post her , you girl. a few more please

  15. DomBull4U

    who has got her pics?

    jack...don't want you to think that I like your wife JUST for that nice ass of hers. Oh no, definitely not. Great legs, pretty face, and those tits of hers are tasty too! I like ALL of her jack...every bit of her very fuckable body! Thanks for sharing her! DomBull4U