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  1.! Your wife was certainly dressed to get noticed. I'm sure she definitely drew plenty of looks...plenty of glances. Just a damn shame that no one took her up on her "offer". And...I think we have to say she definitely looked like she was offering. Both dresses show of her amazing body to perfection. Both dresses showing off those beautiful, BIG tits of hers! The red dress especially...her tits look like they are about to pop out of that dress at any moment. The scoop neck on the pink dress show's 'em off nicely too....plenty of delicious cleavage on display. Both dresses are rather short too, aren't they? Yes they ARE! They are...and both dresses showing a lot of hot, incredible leg! Did she really go out with that SLUT temporary tatoo? That had to make for some interesting looks! Her heels complete a totally hot look! Dressed up, but no one to pick up? Were these pics taken to tease hubby...and she never hit the streets wearing these outfits? I think she would have her pick of any available man if she were wearing these outfits out. Not a doubt in my mind. Love how your wife looks in these slutty outfits! Sexy...but slutty too! But that's the idea, right? Great to see incredibly hot Mrs. Cookman posted again. Thanks! DomBull4U
  2. Wow! New life for the "Cucks...check in" thread. How fantastic to see some beautiful, sexy wives posted here...again! My THANKS of course to things going again with some new and recent pics of his beautiful hotwife. What an amazing body! Mrs. Cookman looks sexy as hell in that lingerie...and even better out of it! Ohhhh those awesome tits of hers...and her incredible as ever! And THANKS again to robert smith...treating me...and all of some hot pics of one of his wife's fun adventures. This time a naughty hotwife romp with Elaine enjoying some BBC. Really hot pics of her dressed sexy and seeing her tits being @@@@@@@ and I'm sure her "bull" for that adventure did too! Really hot pics of her getting her pussy tongued...then getting a good feel of his cock...and then Robert made sure to capture some good shots of Elaine guiding that BBC into her pussy! May have some more thoughts about these hot pics later...but for now...just want to say it's great to see these awesome wives posted on this thread again. Thanks! DomBull4U
  3. Hotguy24...more tongue and big tits from your naughty, saucy, sassy wife! Nice! Just asking for it, isn't she? DomBull4U
  4. Robert... The blue basque shows off Elaine's fantastic tits beautifully! And her salt-and-pepper hair only adds to Elaine's sexiness in my opinion. And looking at Elaine' in the blue basque...looking strictly at her tits...pretty much shows off some pretty-much perfect tits! But I have been telling you for years now how crazy I am for your wife's beautiful tits! I like the vid captures as well. Looks like there were some lighter moments during that shoot...but also the close-ups of her face show...a certain intensity...a calm, collected intensity if that makes any sense. There's an intensity in her beautiful eyes that makes one wonder....hmmmm, I wonder what's going on in that pretty sexy mind of hers? Looking at
  5. I'm "bumping" this... What the hell....why not? DomBull4U
  6. Giving this thread a little show off rjhsteel's beautiful wife. What a fantastic, fun, curvy body she has...especially those nice big tits! It's always nice to hear from old friends...and I was pleasantly surprised when my friend steel got in touch with me a few days ago. We had a nice catch-up chat...and steel wanted to know if I was still interested in his wife being a slut for me. Silly question!!! steel must be feeling a strong desire to be cucked again...he told me all about how he wanted to watch as I took his wife in my arms...and took control of her. He wanted to watch me undress her and take her again. Lol...steel has always had mixed emotions about his wife being a slut for another man. But appearently he and his wife had been talking...and she wanted to experience that slutty feeling she gets from being with a man besides her husband. And appearently steel couldn't resist his own desires to be a cuckold husband. As I said...always nice to hear from old friends like steel. I'm hoping things can be worked out so that I can help steel and his sexy wife with their naughty fantasies! Just wanted to "bump" this thread to show off steel's incredible wife...and let him know I am thinking of her! Stay in touch, steel! DomBull4U
  7. Ohhhh hell yeeesss! Lovin' that view! DB
  8. hello Robert.... Too many of Elaine in that sexy basque? Too many??? Not possible my friend. It shows off her beautiful tits sooo nicely. Not to mention her delicious looking pussy! Love 'em! Thanks! DomBull4U
  9. Hello again Hotguy24...from the looks of this follow-up seems like you and your sexy wife like the idea of me slapping my cock on her tongue! Nice! One thing though...I think she'll have to open her mouth a bit more so she can take my cock in her mouth to suck it! But I know how to help her out there though. By giving those nice...big...fucking...tits of hers a good squeeze! She like 'em manhandled? Her nipples teased? Pinched? Twisted? Tugged on? When she moans like a good slutwife cock will slide right in...and she can wrap those pretty lips of hers around it...and use her tongue on the underside while she gives it a good sucking! Want her to stick her tongue out like that when she's show you how her tongue looks with another man's nice big load all over it? Very hot! TY! DomBull4U
  10. Hotguy24, what a hot and sexy wife! Hot body, great tits...and definitely looks like a naughty slutwife with her tongue out like that! Looks like she would love to have a hot , hard cock slapped on her she could lick it...and then take it in her mouth...and SUCK IT! Great pics! Thanks for sharing! DomBull4U
  11. robert, I love Elaine in this sexy basque too! And for the same reason that you mentioned..."tits and pussy always out in the open"! Elaine's tits are incredible...I've told you that...many, many times! But it's her pussy that grabs my attention in these pics. And it is especially "out in the open" the way she is spreading her legs! That pussy is practically begging to be licked...tongued..sucked...tongue fucked...filled with hard cock...and then pumped full....or splattered with cum! I gladly offer my services! DomBull4U P.S. I promise not to totally forget about those gorgeous tits!
  12. Outstanding is right! And just saying her ass is outstanding might not be descriptive enough. How about...amazing...incredible...gorgeous.....stunning....delicious...beautiful...and just damned sexy! Nicole has one world-class ass! And I absolutely love the way she shows it off! And in a fantastic variety of ways. In some of the pics Nicole is looking sexy and seductive. And then in a few of the pics...she is looking downright, fucking slutty! In some of the pics, Nicole looks sooo she would love to feel a nice, hard, cock entering pussy from behind...and then pushing back on it to take it nice and deep...getting pounded...taking a nice hard doggy fucking! Hot pics! Thank you for sharing! DomBull4U
  13. robert? "Still a bit sexy and relaxed in these with salt and pepper hair". ????? Wow...what a major understatement! I might argue that this is Elaine at her sexy best. To me, I see a woman........a W-O-M-A-N...and one that is fully confident in her sexiness! I don't know how else to say it, but she looks totally sexy...and desirable in these pics and in this period of her life. Awesome pics of your incredibly sexy wife, robert. As always thanks for sharing! DomBull
  14. And Elaine wore them well! Looked totally hot in stockings and garters! DB
  15. Robert... I think you hit the nail on the head. These pics show Elaine maturing beautifully. She looks more relaxed about showing her nudity...these pics show her becoming very confident in her sexiness. Is it me...or do I see a touch of grey in her hair? Doesn't matter...looks great on her! These are pics of one very sexy W-O-M-A-N !!! Curious about these pics...were these just some shots you, "glamor" shots? Or was Elaine dressed so sexy for a "special occasion"...waiting for a guest to arrive for a night of fun? Great pics! Thanks! DB