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  1. Cucks...check In

    chopper75...that last pic you showed didn't do your wife justice. It was an ok pic...but it didn't really show how kinky your naughty wife Claire is. I think these pics give a better idea of just how fucking HOT your wife/ MY slut Claire really is! Tell my slut I'm thinking about her. Nasty thoughts...the kind she LIKES me to think about her. And thanks to you chopper75 for sharing her with me. DomBull4U
  2. Cucks...check In

    chopper75...ohh yes, I see she is still available to me....I can see that quite clearly. ( need to apologize for your delay in replying...not when you are offering me your wife, and she is looking so sexy and fuckable! SHOULD apologize to me for the size of this pic...much too small...especially when your slutty wife, Claire is wanting to show me her pussy so badly) Not the best pic...but I can see enough...and I can see what I need to see. Your naughty wife wants me to fuck her...AGAIN. Last time your slutty wife presented herself with her ass up and @@@@@@@...because she wanted her ass spanked...and fucked. Of course she got both! This time the slut has rolled over and presented her tits and pussy to me...and I do appreciate her submissive pose...perfect! She knows how I love submissive slut wives. I'll have to dig into the "little black bag" I always have with me...your hot little wife needs her arms kept in just that position. Some cuffs will take care of that. Verrrry naughty the way she's left those pink panties on, isn't it? Your slutwife knows I like that naughty touch also. It just makes a slut look just a little sluttier, don't you think. After Claire has been cuffed, I'm going to go to work on those tits of hers...give 'em a nice manhandling. Pinching, squeezing and twisting her nipples will be good fun...and of course I'll be getting that pussy of hers ready too. A vibe on her clit while I dildo fuck her married pussy ought to do the trick. Should I put some nipple clamps on Claire's nipples? Hell yes...of course I should! Clair is obviously ready to get fucked...but teasing her until she begs for it will be fun. chopper, when I'm through playing with my little fucktoy...and get ready to give her the fucking she has been craving...and begging for...we'll have to deal with those panties. Would you be a good sport and take them off for me? Get those panties out of my way, so I can throw your wife's legs up over my shoulders and feed that hungry pussy of hers the cock she so desperately needs...MY cock! She'll be so wet...and ready! I'm going to drive my cock deep into her pussy in one quick, solid stroke. I'll be deep, deep in her cunt...and I'm going to pound your little slutwife good! I can't wait to hear her oohhs and ahhhh's as I drive into her, balls deep with each thrust! I'm going to pound her until I shoot my load all up inside her cunt! That cunt of hers is going to look good with my cum oozing out of her, isn't it? Damn right it is! Before I can release her from the cuffs...your whore wife is going to clean my cock of our juices. But that won't be a problem...that's something she does with great pleasure! Thanks for making her available! DomBull4U
  3. How would your wife look as a whore?

    A few weeks ago, my friend hushmail made a comment on the "wife as a whore" forum....and his comment was "love the idea". Now, what my friend hushmail didn't do....was post a pic of his very sexy wife. That omission is about to be corrected. hushmail likes to share his wife with me...she is one of my sluts. What hushmail likes is for me to use his wife...and make her a dirty little slut. That's just what I am going to do. hushmail, my friend...since you didn't do it (and since you love the idea) I guess it's left up to me to turn your naughty wife out on the street...and have her be a cheap, cock-sucking whore for our next adventure. hushmail's wife is pictured below...she was in the mood to be my slut for the night, so hushmail brought her over. I had her play with herself to show me what a horny sexed-up wifey she was...I wanted her to show me how bad she wanted my cock. As she was playing with her pussy for me, I told her that she was going to be a street-walking whore, MY street-walking whore...out on the street, dressed like a slut...and sucking strangers cocks for $50 bucks a throw. Now hushmail's wife is really a somewhat conservative wife. She's not a wild party girl that goes crazy and fucks anything that moves. She's not like that at all. She's really just your normal, girl-next-door type housewife. Oh she has a naughty side yes...she's become something of an exhibitionist...she loves getting a naughty thrill by exposing parts of her body her and there. A quick little tit flash here...and naughty panty flash there...and if she's feeling extra naughty...she might "accidentally" forget her panties...and give a quick pussy flash sometimes. Exposing herself to strangers is a tremendous turn-on for hushmail's wife...and that led him to wondering what it would be like if she actually crossed the line...and fucked one of those strangers. Which is how hushmail's wife became one of my sluts! Lucky, lucky me. A bit more about the pic I mentioned, hushmail's wife had come over to be my slut for the night. As she was playing with herself, I started telling her about how in a few days she was about to become a street-walking whore. I told her how she was going to dress...a very short skirt, just barely coving the cheeks of her ass. Her blouse was to be left unbuttoned, but I wanted her to tie it beneath her tits. Her tits are incredible, and I knew this would leave them nicely @@@@@@@. Without a bra there would be plenty of cleavage on display. Her tits would be swinging and swaying beneath her blouse...threatening to pop out at any minute. I don't know if she was really horny...or if the idea of being @@@@@@@ like that turned her on...OR maybe she always had a street whore fantasy that was about to come true...whatever the reason...hushmail's wife got incredibly wet. Her pussy was juicing big time as she fingered herself... her pussy was soaking wet and you could hear her squishing as she got closer and closer to cumming. I brought my hard cock to her lips and started in with some dirty talk that she seemed to love. I started asking her if she was going to be a good whore for daddy...and I told her to show me how she was going to suck cock out on the streets. "Show daddy how his little whore is going to make lots of money with her nasty cock-sucking mouth". She gave me a few licks...and a quick suck...but she was too close to satisfying her own needs by this point. The dirty talk, the wicked thoughts going through her mind and her clit-strumming fingers did the trick. Mrs hushmail had one incredible orgasm...cumming over and over again. I gave her a little time to recover...she was a sweaty, dripping wet mess...which made her even sexier to me. I couldn't wait to fuck her. But I gave her some recovery time...because I know Mrshushmail...she wasn't done yet...and I knew she would take good care of my throbbing cock. Which she did...and always does! hushmail, I hope you're ready for your wife to hit the streets. She's going to be one hot whore! She seems like she really loves the idea...but then you know that. You were there and took this pic of your wife...MY slut! Thank you again for sharing your incredibly sexy wife with me! DomBull4U
  4. How would your wife look as a whore?

    William bonnie....your wife definitely looks hot and sexy....and READY for SEX! Is this how you would have her dress for her to hit the streets and sell herself for sex? $50 dollars was the rate that mrsshycpl was charging...your sexy wife would make a couple of hundred bucks in no time offering her hot mouth at that rate. A quick blowjob from your sexy, leather-wearing wife is def fun to think about! Dombull4U
  5. hi, do u like to @@@@@@ my chubby mature wife babita

  6. Cucks...check In

    Oh it happening again? Is anyone else having trouble getting into the chat room...or is it just me?
  7. How it all started.

    Lust4her2...this is awesome. Glad that this fantasy has become reality for you and glad the experience is everything you dreamed it would be. The excitement you are feeling comes across in your story. I hope this is a continueing adventure and hope you'll share the details here. Best wishes to you and sexy Jenny! DomBull4U
  8. Cucks...check In

    kevjs35...thanks for your generous offer...your wife! She looks hot...horny...and very fuckable! One thing I'd like to comment on...and compliment kevjs his approach here. Simple...and straight forward. Kevjs35's offer was short and to the point. He really only said three things. One...he offered his wife to me. Two...he let me know that she was mine to with as I please. Nice! And the third thing kevjs35 said...leave a mess for him to clean up. A perfectly reasonable request. And I def appreciate his direct approach. Kevjs...looks like your wife likes fucking herself with a nice fat dong. That fuck toy must stretch her and fill her just right. I do like horny slutwives that like to fuck themselves. Just something horny and depraved about it that makes me want to fuck them that much harder once I take over and start pounding their cunts with some real cock. And we can all see just WHY she is a horny dildo slut. You really didn't have to post that pic of yourself kev...but it does let everyone know WHY your relationship with your wife is what it is. Personally, I respect a husband like kev. I don't know all the details about how they got to a point in their marriage where kev was offering his wife to other men to use for their pleasure...and hers...but I have to say I understand...and am very grateful. kevjs is a caring hubby...he wants his wife to be happy...and he's willing to step aside to let that happen. kev, it would be my great pleasure to fuck your wife for you. Of course I'd want to get at least a little kinky. After all, you did tell me to use her as I wanted to, right. She looks so hot with that dong in her cunt, I think I'd have her put on a little show for us. Once she'd gotten herself worked up pretty good...I'd take over plunging that dong deep inside her pussy...and let her show you what a good cock sucker she is. I'd feed her my cock and let her give my balls a good tongue bath. She like to be cock slapped? I guess you might not that might be a surprise treat for both of you. For her to experience...and you to witness. Now I'm assuming that you are going to want to jack off seeing your wife become one of my sluts....and that's ok. I don't have a problem with that, but I'm going to insist on one do it outside of her line of vision. I don't want anything to break her mood...or her concentration on pleasuring herself with my cock. And try not to cum right away ok. Because once I have her worked up and in full DomBull slut mode, I thought I'd have her demonstrate just what a total cock-loving slut she had now become. With you in the corner playing with yourself...I'd suddenly break away from my new cock whore....and quickly move away from the bed...and take a position a few feet away from you...maybe at least 10 feet away. Time for your naughty, wanton, sexed up wifey to make a choice, kev. I'll give her a choice...she can get fucked by one of us. You, her loving husband...or me. All she has to do is get on her hands and knees and crawl to the cock...the man...she Want to make a small wager on who is going to have a horny slutwife crawling to she can get the good, HARD fucking that she so desperately needs? I didn't think so. One last thing your wife kneels before me...and I have her stick her tongue out...and have her lightly lick the underside of my cockhead...I want to hear you ask me to please fuck your wife. I know you offered her to me...but I want to hear you say that...and I want HER to hear you say that. Just ask me that kev...and your wife gets what you want her to have....and what she NEEDS! Say that kevjs35...and that mess you want to clean up...done deal. I'd really like to blast all over her face and down her throat...but you made a reasonable your slut wife is going to have her married pussy pumped full of DomBull cum. Enjoy kevjs...and thanks again for the use of your wife. DomBull4U
  9. Sir,

    I just wanted to thank you for your comments about my situation with my wife. Many do not understand how I am in such a situation, but it was never forced, it was natural. I too see the lust in my wife's eyes when she is being pleased and also being pleased by a real man.

    I hope it was o to write to you here, since I did not see away to respond direly to you after your comment of my post.

    Last weekend I was completely dress in lingerie, panties and hose and did the fluffing, licking and cleaning the entire day. I like that others know my place too. It seems the more humiliating it is, the turned on I am, all this and my little sissy cock never see's pussy anymore. I have been told I need to learn to wear heels soon.

    1. Hubby1000


      I understand more and I watch the sexual...and now it looks like...reproductive joy union my wife is enjoying with her boyfriend...I have not really shared this...but there are times...when thinking about them...and I'm the one at home alone...try on a pair of pretty lace panties...and because of the nylon factor...a nice pair of pantyhose do me fine...I just hope the 3 of us remain tight throughout their pregnancy...loving it...

  10. Cucks...check In

    chopper75....wait a minute...wait a minute...did I skip over this incredibly sexy slutwife. No excuse for that chopper75...especially since your wife has been a naughty slutwife for me before...and has given me much, much nasty pleasure. My apologies to you chopper75 for not taking advantage of your wife before this. Maybe I can make it up to both of using Clair in a way that will make her feel like the total slut you both want her to be. Just by looking at this picture of her, I can get a good idea of what she wants and needs. Just so everyone knows, chopper75 wants his wife to do whatever I want her to...and being a good slut that loves to be properly used...she DOES. Look at how chopper's wife has pushed her fishnets down to ex-pose her full ass. Now why would she do that? Those fishnets are it would have been very easy to fuck her married pussy and pump her full of my cum. But chopper's wife knows me...and knows that she's in for more than JUST a good fucking. She knows that I enjoy giving that ass of hers a good spanking, so pushing her fishnets down like she's done...let's me know she's more than happy to have me turn her butt cheeks a nice rosey red. And look how she's reached back to pull her ass open. What she's saying by doing that is quite obvious...naughty Clair is saying ...."DomBull, if you wish to take me in the ass...I'm ready to feel your hard cock in my tight hole. Fuck me however...where ever you wish, Sir. All of my holes are yours to use as you wish. I'm happy to be one of your sluts, DomBull."'s almost been a full year since you first offered me your wife. It's been way too long since I made use of your sexy...and oh-so-hot-n-nasty slutwife. Thanks for offering her again as we start off this new year. What a wonderful slut this woman is! DomBull4U
  11. Cucks...check In these hot pics of your very sexy, beautiful young wife. I also appreciate the info you shared about your relationship. Not everyone can be so open and candid...and I think it's a good thing that you seem to be adjusting well to this change in your relationship. Stories like yours can serve as inspiration to other newly cucked husbands...or even to cuckwannabes...that life...and your sex life...can still be good...even though the wife is taking other lovers. Your young hotwife looks incredible in these pics. The first pic shows how completely she gives herself to her lovers. Clearly he can have anything he wants from her...and clearly she will do anything he asks. Sexually, she is HIS...completely. Pic #2 is fucking hot also. Love the way she is taking his cock reverse cowgirl...riding his cock and giving him an incredible "from behind" view of her ass and pussy. Love how she's looking between her legs...looking to see his cock filling her wanton, slut-wife pussy! Personally, I love when slutwives do this...and I like to "make" a slutwife tell me what she is looking at as she rides my cock. Pic #3 tells it all doesn't it flasubhubby? HIS cock is in your wife...filling her nicely...she's loving it...and her pussy belongs to HIM, doesn't it. At least for that night he owns her! Hot pics...and thanks again for telling me a bit about your situation. It seems like you have accepted...and even embraced your new life as a cuckhubby. Good for you! Welcome to the lifestyle. I wish you the best and hope you'll stay in touch. DomBull4U
  12. Cucks...check In

    pearls...what an amazing pic of your cum-loving wife. That's quite a load she's drained from her bull's cock...and to see her "pose" for a pic with that load all over her lips, mouth and running down her cheek tells me she's a true cumslut! It's fucking hot to see a true cumslut displaying a load she's worked hard get...and show her reward so proudly. Hot pics from a sexy wife that loves being a talented cumslut! Feel free to show off more of your hottie cum-loving wife. When can she pay me a visit? DomBull4U
  13. Cucks...check In

    What the hell is going on? I just tried to book passage on a cruise with mrsshycplnfl. I would definitely enjoy a nice vacation with sexy...and slutty...mrsshycplnfl. A cruise with her would definitely be remembered as the cock-sucking cougar cruise. We wouldn't want those big titties getting sunburned, so we'll have to bring plenty of lotion to protect those pretty tits! I wrote all about that dream cruise but somehow it didn't post. Instead that message to joys got posted. Not sure how that happened... DomBull4U
  14. Cucks...check In

  15. Cucks...check In