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  1. Think it is un-aware. For some reason this site censors the word un-aware???? So she is an un-aware housewife.
  2. White5andahalf...don't see any bathing suit...but doesn't matter. Doesn't matter, not one little bit! DomBull4U
  3. Just in case there's any doubt about Flyboy's wife, LK...havin' the tits to get the job done... Case closed! DomBull4U
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  10. His wife/ MY slut! That's the way I have told cuck wannabe ausstag to be thinking of his wife, Abbie. His wife/ MY slut Abbie. ausstag...this could be Abbie...getting ready to come spend an afternoon as my slut...spending the afternoon getting fucked. She could be showing you her outfit...asking if you thought I would like it or not. What's not to like? The outfit shows off Abbie's curves nicely. Her top doesn't reveal her cleavage (like a lot of Abbie's tops do). But the top is tight enough that it shows how busty Abbie is...any man that sees her will be thinking...damn, those look like some nice, big tits!. Those pants are nice-n-tight too! Gonna be fun peeling her out of those! Perfect outfit for a casual afternoon fuck date! Send her over, ausstag! DomBull4U
  11. Now there's a look that would please a lover...and it ain't got a damn thing to do with the sexy stockings and heels she's wearin'! Although...I will say the stockings and heels are a nice touch...but the real attention grabber (and cock grabber) here are those incredible legs that she is holding wide open...and that hot pussy she's offering. And that hot pussy does look yummy! I would love to bury my face all up in that sweet pussy! blondewife just gets hotter and hotter! Thanks! DomBull4U
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