My Wifes first time

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 When we were dating we sometimes double dated with Mike and his girl Doris.

 There was still a drive in movie in Auburn at the time and we mostly went down there to park and mess around.

 we always took beer with us and some times we would trade partners when we messed around and the first time I watched Lee Anne suck cock was there with Mike.

  Doris and I were making out in the front and I had one of her breasts out sucking on it and fingering her when I heard Lee Anne say no way I,m not going to suck it let me just jack you off but he pleaded and finally talked her into taking his cock in her mouth and both Doris and I watched leaning over the front seat as Mike pulled her head down into his lap with her stern don't you dare cum in my mouth Mike then she gagged on his cock as he pulled her head into his lap.

 Doris was jacking my cock and I had her tit in my hand playing with her nipple  as we watched and Mike sat there with his pants around his knees with a goofy look on his face as he held her mouth on his cock and his ass was rapidly hunching up and down.

 Doris giggled watching them and I was torn between trying to get her to suck my cock or just watch but it happened to fast  because it was less than a minute before Lee Anne gagged and struggled to get away but Mike had a death grip on the back of her head as she gagged and sputtered in rage  his eyes were tightly closed and making strangled sounds in his throat as he came.

 He must have forced her to swallow some  and she was spitting mad when she sat up calling him every name she could think of and shouting I told you not to cum in my mouth and insisted on switching back to me.

 We were just kids them but we dated through high school and after my tour in the Army we got back together again and we married.

 After our was Beth was  born we were talking about it one night and When I asked if she has swallowed any of is cum she laughed and said Duuu my god I couldn't get loose I had to swallow what did you think.

 We laughed about it and it was then that I first brought up sharing her with other guys and watching but she admitted that while we were dating she would get insanely mad when I would mess around with Doris and maybe that was why she let him talk her into sucking his cock.

 I admitted that I really liked watching her and Mike play around and that when she sucked his cock that night I almost came watching her.

 A couple nights later she asked if I was serious about watching her and I said yes and would love to see her do it again and we began to set down some ground rules that  meant I was only going to watch and maybe join in from time to time and no female pussy for me but if I wanted she would fuck and suck guys in front of me.

 Chuck was another friend of mine that was divorced and I asked her if she would suck him off and she agreed but only once because she didn't want our friends to get wind of what we were going so I already had seen Chuck checking her out from time to time so when I approached him with my offer he was more than willing to let her suck his dick.

 We invited him over to dinner one Wednesday evening and after we put our to bed Lee Anne was blushing like a bride as I led her into the living room where he was and he seamed to be nervous also both of them knowing she was going to give him head but not sure about how to start.


 I was also pretty well puzzled about what to do until Lee Anne stood up her face inflamed with embarrassment and said well If you are ready and Chuck jumped off the couch  undoing his belt and I could see that he was already hard from the bulge in his shorts  he sat back down with his pants around his knees as lee Anne pulled her blouse over her shoulders showing him her breasts and his tongue flicked out moistening his lips as she kneeled in front of him and Lee was still  embarrassed her face flushed a bright pink as she began to take his shoes off and pull one pants leg off so she could push his knees apart then she quickly sucked his cock into her mouth squatting on her heels.

 she jacked his shaft with her fingers and sucked noisily on his cock head making squiring sounds as he lips would break suction and I was watching my cock rock hard to and by now Lee had swallowed a lot of cum so that was no longer a problem so she began to hum as she sucked his dick and Chuck went biolistic fucking her mouth and grunting like an animal  as he worked her head up and down in his lp drooling out of the corner of his mouth..

 Agin it lasted less than a minute and he cried out  his body began to jerk spastic jerks as Lee Anne tried to keep his cock in her mouth and I could hear her swallowing as he shot his wad.

 I was so horht by this time as soon as she moved back I pushed her over on her back and ripped her panty's off and I fucked her there at his feet then I let Chuck fuck her to.




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