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    Lisa and Roger.

    Well Our latest excursion was with a guy named Walter. He is 52 married and has had a vasectomy but his wife doesn't know that he is running his add on the internet. She works swing shift and he works and is able to get away in the late afternoons for his meetings Our daughters are no longer at home and Lisa is having fun now that she has accepted being shared with other men. We arranged to meet at Motel 6 right off HYW 80 outside of Vallejo and he called us telling us he was on his way about 4 so we dressed nd Lisa was in a good mood it had been almost a month since her last fling and she was looking forward to this. Walt is a little older than we are but he is in good physical shape and looks like he has had an interesting life he was waiting for us in the parking space of the rom he had paid for and we all introduced ourselves getting comfortable with what was going to happen . I watched them checking each other out with approval smiling with raunchy thoughts going through their minds I am sure as he opened the door and we all went inside. Lisa asked do you want to talk a little first or just jump n bed and fuck like bunnies and Wale loved that laughing and said well first off I would like to see you nude and she said deal but I want to check you out to as she started to disrobe in no particular hurry watching as he did the same and soon they were both naked as the day they were born and Lisa spotted his semi erect cock and said with a big grin on her face Nice hon get a picture of that please as she took his cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke it looking up at him with a wicked smile on her face as she stoked his cock then she leaned over and sucked his cock head into her mouth and grinned up at him again asking you like. and he groaned and laughed taking her head and sticking his cock back into her mouth slowly fucking her lips as she sucked gently on his cock head washing it with her tongue and licking the underneath side of his cock head until he moaned stop I want to have some fun to and Lisa laughed as he pushed her back onto the bed grabbing handfuls of her breasts and sucking noisily on them as he tried to get his finger into her pussy. Lisa was also responding to his manipulations as I watched them going at it soon they were kissing and I could hear them sucking on each others tongues and Lisa was clawing at his back as his fingers were fucking her now and the Oder of her excited pussy began to fill the room as she moaned half laughing and grunting to as he plumed her depths and her fluids began to flow and soon the slurping sounds of his fingers in the twat were getting louder. he was taking his time really doing her playing with her clit with his thumb and forefinger until Lisa said matter of factly I'm going to cum and her hips began to meet his thrusts as the bed protested loudly then Lisa sighed and her body arched off the mattress her toes and fingers clenched tightly as she moaned in release her body jerking in release until she sighed and settled back blowing her hair out of her face and barked out a laugh saying WOW I liked that as Walt moved above her and Lisa opened her legs for him as he squirmed around getting in between her thighs his cock now rock hard and about 7 inches long. He hunched without success several times and Lisa said raise up and he did and I saw her hand in between them as she guided him into her and she said there right there and he thrust into her as she grunted OOOoooooo and then relaxed and wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him on the nose and said have at it buster I think I am going to cum again and that was all she needed to say because he began to grunt thrusting into her and Lisa laughed cupping his ass in her hands and said get a picture of us hon looking over at me as his ass was pumping in between her legs in a steady rhythm his cock making slurping sounds now as Lisa laughed again saying that sounds positively delicious then she began to breath faster to as Walt began to fuck her faster and faster until Lisa squealed I'm Cumming again wrapping her arms and legs around him and hanging on for dear life as he drove her body into the mattress several more times and went AH AAAHHHH UMPHHHH driving her deep into the mattress and holding her there as his cock exploded in her pussy . I watched my chest tight as he grunted as he came and then he began to thrust into her again rapidly for several strokes and he came again as Lis laughed breathlessly in delight as his cock shot his seed into her. They lay there for long seconds gasping for breath holding onto each other tightly as they came down from their orgasms then he sighed and rolled off beside my wife and they both laid there gasping for breath as their mixed body orders were heavy in the air now and it was almost intoxicating. I had to pee so I went into the bathroom and when I came out Lisa was laying on her side stroking his soft cock and chewing on one of his nipples as he laughed tryin to fend her off but Lisa was having fun and as she toyed with his cock she milked some of his cum out on her finger then she looked over at me smiling and licked his sperm off her finger. For awhile we all talked but Lisa wouldn't give up his cock as she gently stroked it possessively as we talked then Walt said it,s getting late I should take a shower and head home and Lisa laughed and said we can shower together and soap each other down and they hopped off the bed and Lisa released hos cock as they made their way into the bathroom grabbing at each other playfully then they waited for the water to warm up and stepped inside. I watched through the clouded glass as they got wet still grab assing with Lisa squealing and laughing as his fingers found things to grab and then the shower turned off and they began to laugh and play as they soaped each other down so I opened the door so I could watch and Lisa was leaning back her body all soaped down and she had one leg up on the side of the shower and her legs were spread wide as Walt was fingerfucking her again and she was softly cooing her delight as his fingers and thumbs caressed her clit and pussy She looked over at me her eyes half closes and her lips open in a smile of pure sensation as she neared her climax then her body began to shake and she grunted bending over as she came with Walter holding her up as her legs began to shake to. Lisa was almost out of reath looking owlishly at me as Walt turned her around and said put your hands on the wall as he stepped up behind her his soapy cock in his hand and Lisa grabbed the faucets holding onto them bending over now and Walt was moving his cock around trying to find his target in all that soap and Lisa said not there Walt not there and she grunted as he shoved his cock up her ass alt when nuts as he felt her tight anus clamp down on his cock and he began to fuck her wildly holding tight to her hips as he rammed his dick hone frantically god it hit me he was ass fucking her and she had never let me do that. I was undecide as to wheather to make him quit or not but it was to late now as he howled in release and came up her ass hole. Walt apologized but we were all in shock after that and he quietly dressed and left.
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    My Wifes first time

    We are talkig now of starting our own website showing short movies of her with other men since she has become confidant in herself now.
  3. lastmaninline40

    Turned into hot wife

    After Lisa gave into Les and his and her two days of hot sex we at first didn't have much to say to each other because we were not sure how to go about it but after sex one evening I asked her if she was sorry we did it and at first she said she didn't wan to talk about it so I laid there for awhile then asked what she thought of his cock and she began to giggle and said my god it was huge wasn't it then she began to babble nervously telling me how beautiful was when she skinned his foreskin back and his crown stood out so proudly then we were talking excitedly and when I asked if she wanted to rty it again she smiled shyly and said if you want but I would really just like to suck a guy off sometime to see what that would be like. I asked if she would swallow because to date she had only swallowed my cum and she said I don't know would you mind if I did looking up at me shyly. I almost came then and I said I would love to watch you swallow another mans cum and she admitted then on her second night with Les she had woke up very aroused and tried to wake Les up but he was tired and only grunted when she shook his arm so she decided that she would suck his cock to wake him up and went down on him and his cock became hard very quickly and he started Cumming so she swallowed his cum to keep from messing up our sheets but she couldn't remember what it had tasted like later because she was worried about him Cumming all over the bed. well we decided to give it a try and We had both stopped by the adult store a couple times in Fairfield out by the Travis Air Base and there were many guys all young Airmen roving around checking out the porn and we figured it would be a good place to start so that Friday evening about dusk we pulled into the parking area in our Camping Van a 1994 Dodge that had captains chairs and a bed in the back that we used for my mining excursions. Lisa was nervous but excited to and had brought along her lone ranger mask so she could hide behind it and not show her face to all these guys because we had at first talked about if it worked we might do a couple guys or more. we entered the place and there were at least 50 guys in there and only one woman at the counter ringing up purchases. I could see that All of the guys were checking out my wife as we moved around the place picking up dildos and other Porn objets while I scoped out the guys looking for the right guy . Lisa wanted a married guy because he would be safe but most of these guys were young so I did notice one guy that was in Civvies but looked military and he did have on a wedding band. I pointed him out to Lisa but she wanted to look over a few other guys before making her choice. I noticed thought that this guy was watching us closely maybe because of Lisa and her mask . He was built like a fire plug about 5 ft 10 inches and broad through the shoulders and looked like he might be in his late 40,s or older and he was as black as sin but that only turned me on even more Finally Lisa gave up and asked if that guy was still in the store and I said yep and he has been watching you all evening so she turned and looked him over for a long time then said OK if you want how will we do this? Before we left Lisa had put on her jogging sweats and hadn't put on a blouse underneath so she could just unzip it and it would open up so he could get at her breasts while she sucked him off. I said wait here and if I nod go out to t Van and set in back without your blouse and I will bring him out . She waited by the door watching as I approached him and asked excuse me I saw you checking out my wife and he said sorry no offense man but she is a looker. I asked want her to suck your cock ? He said hey man I said I was sorry I didn't mean anything but I said no really she is willing if you are interested then he looked at me for a while and said hey man I am married and dont have much money most of it is sent back home to my wife but I waved it away and said no money just a quick blow job and we are out of here. He said seriously man I mean really????. I said ugh huh wondering if this guy was dense or not then he said is this a set up man and I raised one hand and said never mind bud I was mistaken and turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm in a vice like grip and said OK lets do it. I turned to Lisa and I nodded my head and she was gone. On the way out to our Van that we had parked at the back of the lot he was looking around nervously expecting to get waylaid but I led him up to the Van and said inside and he said you first standing back looking at the Van so I opened the door and Lisa was sitting inside with her breasts proudly on display and her nipples were hard already. I said you can either sit in the chair and she will blow you there or you can lay on the bed and do it. He looked inside carefully then climbed inside and said what now and I said better get your pants off so she can do her thing. He quickly pushed his pants and shorts around his ankles and sat back In the Captains chair. God his cock was like him short and thick as Lisa kneeled in front of him and pulled his pants and shoe off one leg so she could get in between his knees . she took his cock and began to stroke it and it grew in her hand to about 7 inches and was almost twice as big around and mine which I considered pretty thick He two was uncut so Lisa played with his loose foreskin pulling it back to his egg sized balls and admiring it cooing in delight then she sucked them into her mouth one at a time slurping noisily as she spit them out and when a bubble of pre cum was milked out with the tip of her tongue she quickly licked it off smiling at me. I asked what's your Name and he said Andre so I said Andre I want you to meet my wife this is my wife Lisa and I am Jim as Lisa was licking the head of his cock and cooing at how hot it was her lips kissing his piss slit trying to tease more precum out then she opened her mouth wide and began swallowing his cock head her lips stretched to the max as her tongue slurped noisily as she sucked him into her mouth then with her lips stretched painfully around his shaft she began to stroke his shaft with her thumb and forefinger sucking noisily on his cock head as Andre looked down his body at his cock in her mouth I could smell his musky male smell and Lisa was going at it like she meant business then Andre began to hunch his ass off the seat causing Lisa head to jerk up and down and then he moved faster and faster he fucked her mouth until he grunted and raised up off the seat and I heard Lisa gulping his sperm as he came Andre had the back of her head in his hand holding her mouth on his cock as he seamed to cum forever as she gulped his seed down her throat wide eyed . It seamed to take a long time for him to cum as I watched my own cock stretched painfully in my shorts as this complete stranger had his dick in my wife's mouth grunting as he came and my wife swallowing his sperm like a whore as he fondled her breasts intimately god it was fantastic. After he finally finished Cumming he quickly pulled up hs pants thanking us as he hurried back to tell all of his friends how a married lady had just sucked him off and I asked Lisa if she wanted me to find another guy for her but she said her mouth hurt from being stretched so much so we went home planning our next trip out there.
  4. lastmaninline40

    My Wifes first time

    I am new to this site how do I load a pick of her?
  5. lastmaninline40

    My Wifes first time

    Lisa and I had been married for less than a year and our first child ass only two months old when this happened, Les a friend of mine I hadn't seen in a few years called asking if he could spend a couple days with us while he visited his Grandmother that lived just a few blocks from us. The last time I saw Les was when I was discharged and he still had a few months to go and wound up taking a job in Colorado when he got out but we had stayed in touch I asked if it was ok and Lisa agreed so we set it up for the following week. Lisa started asking questions about him and we talked about his and mine years growing up and our times together . Lisa asked why he wasn't married and I said he just hasn't found the right gal yet I guess and she asked he is not gay or anything is he and I had to laugh Les was very popular in school with the girls he is taller than me and oh he is also of mixed blood but it just gives his skin a light coffee and the last time I saw him he was in very good shape and she said maybe I can fix him up with one of my friends and started asking more and more questions about him so I wound up telling her that he also has a thick 9 inch cock. You might think this is all made up now but Lisa and I have in the past discussed wife sharing and her approach was open minded asking me why I wanted to watch another man fuck her but she didn't seam to be mad or upset jus curious and we talked about it for several nights before she lost interest. Her reaction when I told her about his cock was a loud laugh and a no fucking way dude but I only smiled until she asked really no shit and she found out 12 inch ruler and held her finger at the 9 inch mark and put it up to her belly saying holy shit he could hurt a girl with that. I had to admit that the girls in school were intimidated by his size but word got around and he told me he was banging some of their older sisters and mothers and in his senior year he was pretty busy. Several times she would bring him up again but she had stopped offering to find one of her friends for him she was just curious and when we picked him up at the Oakland Airport she actually Blushed when I introduced him and later I teased her about it and asked her if she liked him and she blushed again. That night in bed she was very active much more than usual as we had sex and I began to wonder just what she was thinking so all the next day I waited and watched her around him and I caught her looking down at his crotch from time to time with a strange smile on her face. That evening as he and I were drinking beer and Lisa was sipping wine after dinner Lisa would excuse herself but I followed her once and surprised her filling her glass with wine which is something she seldom ever dose she is usually a one glass gal but she was getting tipsy and laughing a lot. She cuddled up to me on the couch and was talking to him and laughing so I asked him well Les what do you think of my gal with my arm around her and he looked her over boldly being a little tipsy and said she is a doll Jim and sexy as hell and Lisa almost purred cuddling up tighter against me and I said she was going to try to fix you up with a friend of her until I told her about your cock and Lisa sat up shocked giving me a withering look and I quickly add she thinks I am bull shitting her why don't you show her. We were all a bit more than half drunk by now and Les laughed and said you are kidding aren't you.? But now Lisa had turned back to him to see what he would do . I waited for her to lay into me but she just sat there holding her glass and staring at Les. I cleared my throat and said show her Les we are all adults here so he stood looking a little uncomfortable and unhooked his belt waiting for me to say stop but I was watching that was still staring at his crotch so he unhooked his pants watching not sure if we were serious or not but then he unzipped his pants and Lisa gasped her eyes locked on his fingers as he pushed his pants over his hips and they fell around his ankles in a pile. His cock filled his shorts to overflowing and it was growing now to and Lisa Gasped again and made a strange sound in her throat as his fingers hooked in his waist band and he slowly pushed his shorts down his legs and his cock unfolded and hung there between his legs as he stood back up. Lisa had her hand over her mouth but I heard her say OH MY GOD as she stared at his cock in wonder I whispered touch it babe and like a sleep walker she took the three steps and kneeled in front of him reaching out and capturing his cock in her hand. She slowly skinned his foreskin back over his cock head and whispered it,s beautiful skinning him so far back his piss slit winked at her then she leaned forward and sucked him into her mouth as though I was no longer there and I heard her sucking hungerly on his cock head and Les stood there looking down at her lips around his cock and he glanced quickly over at me then his yes lost focus and his mouth snarled and his hands laid on top of her head and his hips began to move shoving more and more of his cock into her mouth until she gagged then he got on his knees beside her and pushed her onto her back and Lisa raised her ass off the floor and lifted her shirt up and pushed her panty's down but Les was to impatient now and he ripped them off of her and pushed her blouse up around d her neck baring her breasts then he pushed her knees apart and lowered his body to hers and Lisa was gasping and making strangled sounds as her hand found his cock and guided him into her then she cried out as his cock head slipped out of sight. Les slowly at first began to fuck her adding some of his cock with each stroke until Lisa gasped I,m cummings then as her pussy gushed its fluid he slipped all the way into her without any effort and they fucked like mindless animal's with Lisa Cumming once more before Les cried out his howl and rammed his dick into her and held her there for long seconds as he came then he was gasping for breah and soon he was pumping into her again and Cumming again. Later thy undressed and fucked in our bed thn in the early morning they fucked again. Les spent the day with his grandmother but as soon as he got back to our place he and Lisa were going at it again and I spent the night sleeping on the couch and was woke with them fucking again. I was happy to take him to the airport later but he thanked me for everything profusely promising to stay in touch and Lisa talked about him for months after that. We have another friend now though that live closer.
  6. lastmaninline40

    My Wifes first time

    When we were dating we sometimes double dated with Mike and his girl Doris. There was still a drive in movie in Auburn at the time and we mostly went down there to park and mess around. we always took beer with us and some times we would trade partners when we messed around and the first time I watched Lee Anne suck cock was there with Mike. Doris and I were making out in the front and I had one of her breasts out sucking on it and fingering her when I heard Lee Anne say no way I,m not going to suck it let me just jack you off but he pleaded and finally talked her into taking his cock in her mouth and both Doris and I watched leaning over the front seat as Mike pulled her head down into his lap with her stern don't you dare cum in my mouth Mike then she gagged on his cock as he pulled her head into his lap. Doris was jacking my cock and I had her tit in my hand playing with her nipple as we watched and Mike sat there with his pants around his knees with a goofy look on his face as he held her mouth on his cock and his ass was rapidly hunching up and down. Doris giggled watching them and I was torn between trying to get her to suck my cock or just watch but it happened to fast because it was less than a minute before Lee Anne gagged and struggled to get away but Mike had a death grip on the back of her head as she gagged and sputtered in rage his eyes were tightly closed and making strangled sounds in his throat as he came. He must have forced her to swallow some and she was spitting mad when she sat up calling him every name she could think of and shouting I told you not to cum in my mouth and insisted on switching back to me. We were just kids them but we dated through high school and after my tour in the Army we got back together again and we married. After our was Beth was born we were talking about it one night and When I asked if she has swallowed any of is cum she laughed and said Duuu my god I couldn't get loose I had to swallow what did you think. We laughed about it and it was then that I first brought up sharing her with other guys and watching but she admitted that while we were dating she would get insanely mad when I would mess around with Doris and maybe that was why she let him talk her into sucking his cock. I admitted that I really liked watching her and Mike play around and that when she sucked his cock that night I almost came watching her. A couple nights later she asked if I was serious about watching her and I said yes and would love to see her do it again and we began to set down some ground rules that meant I was only going to watch and maybe join in from time to time and no female pussy for me but if I wanted she would fuck and suck guys in front of me. Chuck was another friend of mine that was divorced and I asked her if she would suck him off and she agreed but only once because she didn't want our friends to get wind of what we were going so I already had seen Chuck checking her out from time to time so when I approached him with my offer he was more than willing to let her suck his dick. We invited him over to dinner one Wednesday evening and after we put our to bed Lee Anne was blushing like a bride as I led her into the living room where he was and he seamed to be nervous also both of them knowing she was going to give him head but not sure about how to start. I was also pretty well puzzled about what to do until Lee Anne stood up her face inflamed with embarrassment and said well If you are ready and Chuck jumped off the couch undoing his belt and I could see that he was already hard from the bulge in his shorts he sat back down with his pants around his knees as lee Anne pulled her blouse over her shoulders showing him her breasts and his tongue flicked out moistening his lips as she kneeled in front of him and Lee was still embarrassed her face flushed a bright pink as she began to take his shoes off and pull one pants leg off so she could push his knees apart then she quickly sucked his cock into her mouth squatting on her heels. she jacked his shaft with her fingers and sucked noisily on his cock head making squiring sounds as he lips would break suction and I was watching my cock rock hard to and by now Lee had swallowed a lot of cum so that was no longer a problem so she began to hum as she sucked his dick and Chuck went biolistic fucking her mouth and grunting like an animal as he worked her head up and down in his lp drooling out of the corner of his mouth.. Agin it lasted less than a minute and he cried out his body began to jerk spastic jerks as Lee Anne tried to keep his cock in her mouth and I could hear her swallowing as he shot his wad. I was so horht by this time as soon as she moved back I pushed her over on her back and ripped her panty's off and I fucked her there at his feet then I let Chuck fuck her to.