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  1. WellI guess I should just tell everyone that I have this desire to watch another man please my wife sexually while I watch and I don't really know why this is so important but for the last two years I have had this desire and I confessed to my wife over a year ago my desires to see her with another man and our very good relations ship became unsteady until the evening she come up to me and asked for my reason. I confessed that I really didn't know and she thought I was having an affair with some woman and when I got that straightened out she thought that I might be a closet Gay man but I convinced her that I wisent and we opened the internet and I showed her clips of other women with men while their husband watched nd filmed it. She agreed to a fantasy thing where I would blindfold her and pretend to be another guy and she seamed to get really worked up and have powerful orgasms but still refused to make the leap . Later she agreed to let me post pictures of her on the internet wearing a lone Rangers mask and she would talk to guys on the phone but still would not agree to more until just recently when she let me make arrangements for us to meet with guys and I though for sure she would give in but she still would find something wrong with each guy until A college guy answered our add and we met with him in My pick up and he sat in back while Lisa and I sat upfront and he put his best foot forward and Lisa gave in and flirted with him but wouldn't agree to get a motel room ns he asked her if it would be alright if he masturbated in front of her and Lisa agreed to that and I had her get into the back seat with him and I watched over the back of my seat . He soon had his cock out and it was bigger than mine and was very hard and I saw Lisa looking at it and her tongue flicked out moistening her lower lip as he skinned his foreskin back and his cock head was swelled up very nicely and he asked her if she would open her blouse so he could see her tits while he jacked of and Lisa looked around but we were at a boat launch and every one was out on the water so she unbuttoned her blouse and opened her bra for him to look at her breasts as he masturbated . Soon without asking he reached over and took her left nipple in his thumb and forefinger and began to gently squeeze it then Lisa let him take her hand and she had to scoot over next to him now and she didn't fight when he took her hand and placed it on his cock shaft and Lisa swallowed watching his cock then he wrapped his hand around hers and started jacking off again with a bubble of clear pre cum in his piss slit and I could see that Lisa was getting turned on but then he took hold of her nipple and started to jack off furiously and he started to cum all over his pants and shirt and Lisa's arm and blouse his cum was shooting all over and Lisa watched open eyed until he sat there drinking in huge gasps of air into his lungs as his cock shrank in her hand and Lisa absently stroked him slowly milking his now soft cock and as though he was really embarrassed now he jumped out of the pick up and hurriedly tucked his man parts back into his shorts and he left without another word. I thought that would be the turning point but she still refused to take the next step so although we met with another guy she turned him down to so I have lost interest now myself she let me post this pic but that is my cum and cock not another guy like I had wanted.
  2. She looks fuckable alright. My wife.
  3. I found out from a shemale that a guy can have an orgasm while being butt fucked. Several men have don't that to me and all of the time although I was hard when they started as soon as their cock had was forced into me I became flacid and was that way until they finished up. But we had a shemale over one time to service my wife and for me to play with and she had me lay on my back and she lifted my legs up over her shoulders and even though her cock was bigger than mine when it went into me it rubbed against my prostrate and after just a few minutes or her fucking me and me stroking my cock I had the hardest orgasm I have ever had even shooting cum up to my chin and all over my belly and chest
  4. Yes I have had an interesting life.
  5. Cuckolding brings life back into the bedroom alright but for some people it is a disaster. Be sure you talk openly with your spouse before trying it and make sure that it goes both ways and try a little flirting first or maybe have your wife either suck a guy off or jerk him off and see how the husband handles that before going farther. I was raised in a family that was a wife sharing family so I grew up indoctrinated to it and that was always my choice to be cuckolded but not all people feel that way.
  6. I met all of my wives online and we discussed my desires before committing to anything so they each knew what was expected of them to begin with Lisa my last wife and I are still married and we get along fine. I am now in my mid 40s and Lisa is 19 but she is one horny bitch and I love the hell out of her along with a few other guys. To date although I don't consider myself gay I have eaten other mens cum out of all of them and have sucked about 12 guuys off while they watched me.
  7. Sorry that last one is Cheryl my second wife.
  8. I met her online at a dating site and we talked several times then met. she was interested in getting a husband and I was interested in getting a wife to share and we discussed that all the while we had been having sex and this turned into a kind of fore play we did before getting it on and Diane was not at all put out with my desires and went along with me she even jacked a friend of mine off in the front seat of our car the night before we married. Did I love her well lets just say that she fit in very well with what I had planned for her and over time yes I did earn to love her . Shortly after we married we began to plan on her first excursion and the first three times it didn't turn out all that great but we learned from our mistakes . We planned on getting her picked up in a bar and having him bring him to our pace and I would hide in the closet and watch them fuck and that worked fie I watched from a table while she sat at the bar n her mini skirt and tank top without a bra and in just minutes guys were swarming around her like bees and she danced almost every dance and we had talked it over and she was letting them feel her ass and maul her tits while the danced . An older guy finally claimed her and she moved to his table and they danced and talked for a short time and around 11: she signaled me that they were ready to leave so I hurried home and I waited and waited for them but they didn't show up it was hours and I was pissed at first then I began to worry that maybe they had been in an accident and I called the police to see if there were any accidents reported but just a couple finder benders so other things came to mind maybe she had been kidnapped or something she should have called or something by now and I was a wreck sitting there in the dark waiting for them. Around 3AMcar lights turned onto our block and the car stopped out front and Diane got out then leaned back inside to kiss him and he took off. I was relieved that she was OK but pissed that she hadn't called to let me know and when she stepped into the kitchen and turned on the light I asked where the hell have you been and she was startled and looked over at me her hair was hanging in her face and her pull over tank top was outside of her skirt ad her lipstick was smeared on her lips she looked well fucked. She said I thought you would be asleep by Jerrys apartment was closer and he wanted to go there and O just didn't know what to do...…. I asked why didn't you call or something I was worried sick and she said I forgot to charge my phone and it was dead I tried really I tried. I cooled down a little and asked did you fuck ad she said Duuuu that was what you wanted yes of course we did..... I asked did you suck his cock and she said just enough to get him hard the second time...….then I asked because we hadn't discussed this before did you let him cum in you and she flushed a bright pink and nodded her head. All of a sudden I wanted to see it and I literally dragged her into the bedroom and helped her undress and made her lay back on the bed and spread her legs and her pussy hair was mated with drying male sperm and I couldn't stop I leaned n close and smelled his musky Oder and I was so hot now that I even licked her pussy and Diane tried t stop me saying don't hon he came in me twice pushing on my forehead but I was out of control and I licked her clean then I fucked her in his cum and it felt fantastic adding my cum to his . The second time the guy was so excited that he just brought her in and he pushed her back on the bed and he pushed her mini skirt up around her waist and he only pushed his pants down over his ass I couldn't see a thing as he got between her legs and began to wildly fuck her and he came in less than 5 minutes and hurriedly left... It was funny in a way but still not what I wanted. The third guy talked her into sucking his cock wile he drove and he came just before he got th the house and he just dropped her off and left. At that point we started planning these things better and we began our learning curve.
  9. My Mother was a shared wife and sometimes when Mon and Dad had men come over to fuck her y younger sister and I would listen outside of their door even when we were little and did not know exactly what was going on and the only time we were caught was when Lea and I decided to try it ourselves and Kea was a virgin and she screamed when I gammed my cock into her on the floor and Dad caught us it felt so good that I couldn't quit and Dad just stood there watching until I came nothing was ever said about it afterwards thought so Lea and I would sneak into each others bed and fuck like bunny's after that but Mom took Lea to the D and had her put on bith control so she wouldn't get pregnant after she became a teen ager and grew tits I learned the jys of watching sharing her with some of my friends and I decided that this was what I wanted in a wife. The pictures are of my first wife Diane.
  10. Sometimes I would let her go out and pick up a guy and go home with him but have her come back before morning just so I could fantasize about what they must be doing and masturbate to my fantasies. some nights I could cum several times just jacking off and imagining her in another mans arms and still fuck her in their cum when she got home.
  11. It was a very difficult time for me but time passes and a body still needs release from time to time.
  12. Nice if you ever need a guy to stick her I have an 8 1/2 inch cock but I am almost 60 now. I still am a very good lover though.
  13. I have been cucked by three different wives so yes I love it each of my wives knew before we married this is what I would expect from them and my first marriage I made so many amature mistakes it is a wonder that I ever was able to get her fucked where I watched the three first times were a disaster and I had to wait until after the fact to find out what happened but as we grew we learned and she would still be with me if she hadn't been killed in a car accident. I loved watching her fuck she was a very nasty talker. The lack of planning and working everything out with the wife so there would be no surprises from the lack of understanding
  14. I have been cucked by three different wives so yes I love it each of my wives knew before we married this is what I would expect from them and my first marriage I made so many amature mistakes it is a wonder that I ever was able to get her fucked where I watched the three first times were a disaster and I had to wait until after the fact to find out what happened but as we grew we learned and she would still be with me if she hadn't been killed in a car accident. I loved watching her fuck she was a very nasty talker.