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Lisa lst weekend


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 Sorry we have been busy  we were going to set up our own site to show clips and make some money but it turned out to be to expensive and we talked to a lady that had done it and she said they were ripped off by more experienced people so we decided to just do what we do best.

  Months  ago I had sent in some of her pictures and now I saw one of her on a porn pic net that I had taken Well I was going to tell you what happened last week end so here goes.

 We have been talking and sharing picks with a guy by the name of Jerry in Grass Valley and we finally agreed to meet last weekend.

 He came down from G V and took a Motel room at Motel  just off the freeway of I -80 in Vallejo and he called after he checked in.

 Lisa and I had been waiting for his call and she was dressed in her see through wrap around blouse so her nipples would be visible to him right off and her skirt was also a wrap around with a Velcro connection.

 She had on no panty's underneath but they were in her purse for later use if we decided not to make a night of it.

 He answered the door very quickly obviously anxious to meet Lisa and his eyes bugged out when he saw her nipples through her blouse and I could see that Lisa was getting a kick out of it and she shifted her hips and placed on hand on her hip asking you like??? and he laughed and said you et babe looks positively edible and Lisa laughed to saying oh this is my husband Larry and we shook hands but he just glanced over at me then his eyes traveled bock to Lisa he swallowed and asked what now and Lisa said I thought we were going to fuck and he almost choked but it turned into a belly laugh.

 Lisa asked want to talk first or just do it and he asked can you spend the night as Lisa removed her blouse and skirt letting them fall to the floor at her feet and I quickly picked them up and laid them on the chair as Jerry was all thumbs now getting out of his cloths and Lisa had moved back onto the bed watching him as his cock got caught up in his shorts  and he struggled with his waist band to free it. Lisa said here bring it here and I will help with sliding down onto the carpet on her knees and Jerry stepped up to her with his cock bulge swollen in outline in his shorts.

Lisa took his waist band in her fingers and smiled up at him as she pulled them over his cockhead then with just his cock head showing she kissed it and smiled up at him and said delicious and sucked him into her mouth cupping his balls in her hands and stroking his shaft through his shorts.

 Jerry was so horny that he began to hunch her mouth and Lisa spit his cock out and turned to me saying I am going to get him off ths way so he can last longer afterwards and turned back to him pulling his shorts to his knees and she sucked him back into her mouth making slurping sounds as she sucked his cock.

 He was not huge in the cock department but he was pretty thick .

 I guess he had been looking forward to this for awhile because he didn't last a minute before he came his legs began to shake with his final thrusts and he was grunting and gasping for breath his legs shaking so bad I thought he might fall down and I knew just how he felt.

 Lisa's lips are wonderful and I was filled with envy as he came grunting like a pig his fingers tangled in her hair as she swallowed in gulps and I watched her throat as she swallowed his offering then he stood there holding onto the top of her head for balance whimpering as she sucked and milked his shaft with her fingers for the last of his sperm.

 Lisa sat back a smile on her lips looking up at him.

 some of his sperm had leaked out of her mouth and a healthy glob of ir was swinging from her chin until with her finger she scraped it off and sucked it into her mouth.

 Lisa stood taking his hand and helped him over to the bed laughing softly and telling him what a surprise t was with him Cumming so fast but she added that is was also a treat as she helped him up on the bed.

 Jerry was still gasping for breath but he to was chuckling apologizing for getting off so fast telling her that he had been looking forward to this after seeing her nude pics.

 Lisa laid beside him taking his cock in her hand and gently stroking his limp dick as they laughed and talked and I joined in talking to.

 Then Jerry had to take a leak and Lisa was very proud of herself her smile was very smug as we talked then Jerry came back in and laid down beside her and his hands began to roan over her breasts and Lisa laid back and let him suck on her tits cooing and laughing softly.

 I watched as her body began to respond to his hands and soon his finger was pumping in and out of her pussy and her juices coated hid fingers and lower hand Jerry said I want to eat your pussy and Lisa drew in a sharp inhale and spread her legs wide for him and in seconds Jerry was lodged tight in between her thigh his tongue spreading her pussy lips and he bean to suck on her clit.

 This went on for several minutes before Lisa had her first orgasm and by now Jerrys cock had recovered and he rolled Lisa onto her side and in a spoon position he bean fucking her holding tight to her breasts and Lisa was pushing back onto his cock but he kept falling out of her so he laid her on her back and entered her again as we talked and laughed Lisa teased me with her impish smile as he fucked her and I was loving it my cock was hare enough to break rocks with as they changed positions again with Lisa on her knees now nd he was dogging her from behind.

 The Oder of their sex permeated the room with his musky male smell and her female Oder and it was heavy I could see his cock slipping in and out of her pussy her juices covering his balls now and a whit ring of foam around the base of his cock and Lisa was pushing back on his cock encouraging him to fuck her harder and faster until she came a second time .

 Lisa was quiet as she came mewling softly as she ground her pussy against his groin breathing heavy her hair in disarray her mouth was open and with her hair hanging in her face she resembled a deranged woman her eyes clouded with lust then she fell forward and Jerrys cock slipped out of her as she lay on her side then Jerry straddled her leg and lifted one of her legs over his shoulder an moved up to her pussy again.

 I watched as Lisa opened her eyes when she felt his cock probing her crotch and she was looking at me with a impish grin as her hand reached over her hip and she lifted the folds of her pussy up opening herself to him again and I watched as his cock head penetrated her once more.

 Jerry began to hunch her again and I glanced at my watch surprise to se that they had been fucking for almost an hour now Jerry had her leg over his shoulder with both hands holding her against ho as Lisa looked down her body watching his cock and balls with both of her breasts dancing in wild circles Faster and faster he fucked her and Lisa came again then with a cry of I,m Cumming Jerry bucked several times holding Lisa against him as his cock erupted again.

 For long seconds they clung together with Jerry slowly stroking in and out of her tight pussy breathing harshly until he finally eased his shrinking cock out of her.

 I took my turh with her and enjoyed the sensations of feeling his sperm coating my cock and I came explosively to.

 We went out to dinner after they cleaned up but Lisa was a tease all through dinner and I was afraid we might get kicked out of there but the waitress was cool with it .

 cowgirls-500-55.thumb.jpg.0c16bb9c5d444b86fb593b6e77f1ba4c.jpgWe did spend the night with him and I got to watch Lisa suck him off again before he had to leave.

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