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S and L II ( L’s view)

Guest SandL

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Hey everyone! I figured I should add to what my husband wrote 😆 His description of was rather bland :) 

Anywho, where to start?? Hmmmmm Oh right, the neighbor :) 

As S wrote earlier, I met him running. Actually the first time we met I thought he was gorgeous! He was tall and big and very masculine! Oh and he was a very yummy black! I had never been with a black guy before, and at first I had no intentions of starting but I found myself looking for him every time I ran. Eventually we ran into each other again and he said “hi again neighbor.” I smiled and we stopped and did the small talk thing. “How long have you lived here?” “How far do you run?” “What do you do?” “Married?” “Kids?” That kind of stuff. A few days later we saw each other again and decided to run together. After our first run, we started running together a few times a week. I’m a pretty flirtatious girl anyway, but he was on a different level! When we’d stop and talk he made no attempt to hide that he was looking at my body. The more we met, he even started to touch me. Nothing too forward, but he’d touch my arm when saying something or he’d lean in pretty close or he’d touch my back when we’d turn to walk.  I started thinking about him sexually. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. Even when I’d have sex with S, I’d think about him. I knew I should avoid him, I knew he liked me but I couldn’t stay away. Eventually he asked if I’d like to go out with him. I couldn’t believe he asked me. Itmtotally floored me because he knew I was married. I had imagined us together. But the way I imagined it was us running to his house and him just ripping my clothes off and taking me! I never thought we’d go on a date! I, of course, said no. But later that same night I texted him one word. “Yes” He didn’t respond for like an hour. I was going crazy! Finally he sent a smiley face and just said we’d talk tomorrow. Uggggh What did that mean!?! 😆 

So the next day we met. I was SOOOOOO nervous! And what he said didn’t help. He opened with “L, I know you’re married so I also know we have to be discrete...” He basically said we were going to have sex! Anyway continuing, he told me that he doesn’t want to take memfrom my husband and that if I’m okay with it he’d be okay with it and we could have some fun. After thinking about it for a couple of days i texted him another one word text. “Ok” and then another “when?” He wrote back immediately telling me that we could have lunch on Friday. I wrote back “ok”. This was on a Tuesday! 

(I’ll finish the rest tomorrow. It’s way past my bed time :) ) (this is so much fun! :) )


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