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  1. Sorry, my bad, I meant you L...
  2. Only you can share those details S.... The others are left to blah blah blah...lol
  3. Experienced bull for seduction of wife or girlfriends. I am often in the Eifel...message me for more details. K
  4. Near Amsterdam here to seduce your wives of girlfriends. If ever in the area let me know ! K
  5. He did not send anything... did not miss anything, lol
  6. Hello Vanessa, How long in London ? And a side trip to Amsterdam maybe an option ? K
  7. Hello Irish cucks, If wanting to share while in Amsterdam for some sexy fun contact me...xxx K
  8. Both alone or together are both good options..where are you from ? K
  9. No kik here, show me in a message...
  10. Send me some photos via message here....
  11. If in Amsterdam contact me... K
  12. So I, and others I am sure are wondering what is in store for Steve ?? K xxx