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  1. Your same reply is getting boring... read first I would suggest. Says, in English, "We live near Houston" Just saying....lmao
  2. Message me if you like
  3. Wish I was closer, open to chat about this anytime. Message me if you like. K xxx
  4. Hello, send me a message, I may have a iption for you... K xxx
  5. How close, or far are you from Birmingham ? K
  6. No problem, I call it like I see it...lol
  7. We all have lives outside of here I hope. No need to apologize for having other things that take your time and attention. Glad you are ok and nice to see you are back I must admit xxx
  8. 1m4somefun


    Shared or a fantasy ? Where from ? K
  9. Sweet !! Is she shared or a fantasy ?
  10. In Birmingham for work sometimes would that work ?