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  1. 1m4somefun

    Old bulls for my wife

    I can help message me here or on kik : k4somefun K
  2. 1m4somefun

    Anyone like to try and seduce my wife?!

    Where from .
  3. 1m4somefun


    Are you traveling through the Neterlands ?
  4. 1m4somefun


    Love to chat with you both ! On kik: K4somefun Kevin
  5. 1m4somefun

    List Your Location

    Sharing her or want to ?
  6. 1m4somefun

    What's too old

    Where from ? Older bull here...
  7. 1m4somefun

    My wife needs encouragement

    Where are you from ?
  8. 1m4somefun

    Wife's massage

    Drop me a message here of on kik maybe I can help.... Kik : K4somefun
  9. 1m4somefun

    Seeking a white guy for my wife.

    Where are you located ?
  10. 1m4somefun

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Where from Hdfunone ?
  11. 1m4somefun

    Wife's massage

    Would love to give you a really good massage, would he like to watch ? Message me here or on kik if you like ... Kik is : K4somefun Kevin xxx
  12. 1m4somefun

    My lovely wife / Meine Traumfrau

    I kind of figured that but Germany is very large, where in Germany ? I have a small house in the Eifel near Bitburg. Kevin
  13. 1m4somefun

    My lovely wife / Meine Traumfrau

    Where are you located ?
  14. 1m4somefun

    UK wife

    When and where can I take a test drive ?