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Finally Happened


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Hi guys,

So I have previously posted here about my girlfriend and my efforts in convincing her to fuck another guy, this has taken me nearly 3 years to do.

So she finally done it on Sunday we live in Ireland and she went away for a weekend with some family members all female.

they went to Newcastle and I was hinting at her trying to sneak off and do it during the night we have a fabswingers profile setup and I put a notification up saying she was in Newcastle.

The messages came flooding in and after filtering through I passed her details onto a guy they texted for a while and she wasn’t up for it but the group of girls went back to the apartment for a nap and she wasnt keen on sleeping so I got a text saying ‘the girls are asleep will I just go out’ Offcourse I said yes and she waited outside for the guy to pick her up.

So he got her about 10 minutes after that and brought her to a car park, She told me the minute she got in the car he felt her legs and then started to rub her pussy when they got a little out of town he took his cock out while driving and told her to suck it. She did. Then they got to an empty car park and he told her to get in the back she got on top of him and kissed he then threw her off him and told her to get undressed she’s lay on her back and he fucked her and then told her to bend over, it was a quickie and before he came he asked where could he cum she said in her mouth so he turned her around and she finished him off in her mouth. 


2 days later I feel a little weird but I’m happy it’s finally happened.

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