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  1. Girlfriend

    Received this from my girlfriend today while I was at work!
  2. Girlfriend

    Hi guys, So after nearly 2 years of talking about this with my Girlfriend, we have decided we will go on a trip to Liverpool we are Irish and she has a thing for the accent over there. So so we have agreed we will go out and she can flirt with whoever she wants and kiss whoever she wants. If she likes the guy we will both agree to invite him back to our hotel room so he can give her a good fucking. She wants to dress up really slutty in the room and be covered in his cum. Pretty excited considering how long it has taken to get her to agree with the idea of involving another guy! Will keep you posted on the progress.
  3. Girlfriend on holidays.

    Hey just wanted to sho off my girlfriend we spent a lovely week away in spain. She wroe outfits like this every night and had lots of attention from other guys which made me really hard and turned on a lot..
  4. Irish slut

  5. Cuckold Coach

    Hey can you direct me please
  6. Cuckold Coach

    Hey guys just wondering have any you guys used the cuckold coach online book and have you had any positive results from using the techniques?
  7. Guy in lanzarote

    Looking for a guy in puerto del carmen in august
  8. Irish Bull wanted.

    Hi guys need an irish bull. Dublin couple here get back to me .
  9. So Happy and excited.!

    Okay guys so ive finally started getting somewhere with my girlfriend. We have planned tonight to go on cam. Well she will be on cam. She said she will fuck herself with a 6" dildo and wants to make someone with a big cock cum for her. Is this the start of what i hope will lead to her letting another guy fuck her. She seems more excited about it than me and she has texted me from work saying how wet she is, and also wants to dress up for the guy. I am going to cum so hard. Any good websites we could use or anybody in here with a big cock want to skype her later? This is 100% happening tonight .
  10. List Your Location

  11. Girlfriend

    I have become obsessed with this happening. I dont think she likes to constantly talk about it. But I do think she would be up for it in a bar or hotel under the right conditions. I would love to see someone take her into the toilet in a bar and fuck her in a cubicle and for her to come back and sit beside me and tell me the guy came inside her.