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  1. longrun


    She also played with her dildo m.!
  2. longrun


    Just an update they both video chatted and she helped him cum all over himself which she got so horny from.
  3. longrun


    So I’ve been posting here for a while now, my girlfriend has taken some convincing but let September we broke some ice on her being with other guys. so it all happened during a night out we were back in the room having sex and talking dirty she confessed she would fuck a guy who I work with and have become friends with. One thing led to another and I told him etc. etc. he has since moved to Australia from Ireland but will be back this year at some point. My girlfriend has been sending him filthy pictures etc and they are going to have sex when he gets back to Ireland.
  4. longrun

    Advice needed

    Why would you think that?
  5. longrun

    Advice needed

    We have already spoke to my friend since the news came out from her and he seems okay with it but said o could watch while he fucks her!?
  6. longrun

    Advice needed

    So after nearly 2 years of talking to my girlfriend of nearly 6 years we have decided to finally have a mmf threesome, this excites me a lot obviously.! There is is a dilemma though we went out for my birthday last weekend and I finally got it out of her after a few drinks she would fuck one of my best friends. Thats the the only way of doing it but she said if she liked it she would try it with a stranger. The dilemma I have is it’s my best friend and I’m afraid of losing my relationship with her firstly and my friend. Our sex since she we hve spoke about this has been probably the best we have had ever. She’s got a new lease of life and is totally buzzing for it to happen.! Before you all jump in and say do it! Should I really put some thought into it before we go ahead with it??
  7. longrun

    Irish Girlfriend.

    My girlfriend asked me to post some pictures as she loves attention so much.!
  8. longrun

    Making Ground

    So after a nearly 2 years of talking and asking about involving someone else! My Girlfriend has finally agreed to start of slow she wants to go out for a few drinks and has agreed to start of by dancing with someone and said she will also kiss them and have a feel she also wants to rub the other guys cock! So we are getting there we have a room booked for next weekend so I’m looking forward to it!
  9. longrun


    Received this from my girlfriend today while I was at work!
  10. longrun


    Hi guys, So after nearly 2 years of talking about this with my Girlfriend, we have decided we will go on a trip to Liverpool we are Irish and she has a thing for the accent over there. So so we have agreed we will go out and she can flirt with whoever she wants and kiss whoever she wants. If she likes the guy we will both agree to invite him back to our hotel room so he can give her a good fucking. She wants to dress up really slutty in the room and be covered in his cum. Pretty excited considering how long it has taken to get her to agree with the idea of involving another guy! Will keep you posted on the progress.
  11. longrun

    Girlfriend on holidays.

    Hey just wanted to sho off my girlfriend we spent a lovely week away in spain. She wroe outfits like this every night and had lots of attention from other guys which made me really hard and turned on a lot..
  12. longrun

    Irish slut

  13. longrun

    Cuckold Coach

    Hey can you direct me please