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More from my well used wife


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A confession my wife didn’t tell me about until we had been married for quit a while but she did like the effect it had on me. She was between boyfriends and at home on her own one wet rainy morning. Still in bed and playing with herself and feeling very neglected. Her mum had had a knock in her car and the insurance man was coming latter that morning to collect some paper work and cash. She had known him for a long time and always put him down as a dirty old man by the way he looked at her, but she was horny as hell and as she played she fantasised! She liked the fact that he always leered at her if she answered the door and decided to give him something to leer at.
She tried on a towel, a small towel, holding it between her tits it would cover them but not her entire pussy if she pulled it down to cover that her tits were on display. Since he wasn’t going to be at a level with her pussy it could only be seen from a distance. She placed the paper work and money at the other end of the downstairs hall away from the door on a low telephone table, that was the bit she didn’t know if she dare do! She then waited in her room until she saw his car pull in the drive, she jumped in the shower and soaked herself. Wrapped in just her towel she hurried downstairs as he rung the bell for a third time. She opened the door and stepped back as he came in and stood just inside the door pushing it back, his face light up and his mouth opened a bit as he took in the site in front of him. “sorry I was in the shower” my future wife said as she dripped on the carpet. She said his face was great as he ran his eyes up and down her body as she wriggled in the towel, he didn’t mind waiting at all and he stared to make small talk but his breathing was fast. He tilted his head a little and she wondered if he could see some bush? Then much to her delight she noticed a defiant bulge in his trousers! Eventually he asked about the paper work, the bit she was worried about, but not now she was enjoying herself and was felling horny as hell.
She turned and walked down the hall knowing full well her ass checks were on show. Then still holding the towel between her tits she bent and took some time getting hold of the paper work and money with one hand. She knew what was on show as she could feel the wetness in the cool air, she turned back his face was light up and staring down at he bush. She was now calmer than him as he fumbled with the paper work, as he was putting it in his pocket she moved her hand and let a tit slip out “sorry” she said “towel doesn’t cover much does it?” he replied. She said something about it being the first one she grabbed he replied “I was going to offer to wash your back, I mean there’s not much I haven’t seen now!” she acted all innocent and asked him wah he meant “let’s just say you have a great ass” she thanked him and then he said “they come in pairs, I only saw one!” with a big grin she let the towel down to her waist “lovely” he said then he complimented her on the rest of her body and pointed out how her nipples looked rock hard “why don’t you feel them and you’ll find out?” he did. After feeling each tit, he bent down and sucked one, my wife dropped the towel, still sucking his hand went between her legs and they moved back against the wall. Her pussy was soaked and as he fingered she realised his cock and started stroking it. He pushed her round and down and she laid back on the carpet, the fuck was quick and very forceful and she came in seconds and he was very grateful and thanked her a lot.
He rang a week latter and she happened to answer the phone, he wanted to return the paper work, she told him Wednesday afternoon was good. She knew she was home alone again, he said “at least your dressed this time?” “yes” she said “but come upstairs and ill strip so you can fuck me properly this time” which is what happened and after a decent fuck she sucked him hard again and he fucked even longer the second time.

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