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  1. addy

    My First Experience

    Thanks for all the replies, no it wasent a one off weave/shes done more stuff since.
  2. addy

    Friday night

    Last month the CEO of the company my wife works at was making a rare visit, he was staying at a large county hotel and golf complex. My wife’s direct boss was playing golf with him on the Friday and she informed me she had been asked to join them in the evening for drinks. After work on the day she came home and got straight in the bath, I made sure I was in our bedroom when she got out. The first thing I noticed was her pussy had had quite a trim, not to unusual she either kept it neat or shaved it off completely. The neatly trimmed pussy was slipped into a pair of sheer black and burgundy lace panties and her 36C tits went into the matching bra. Black stockings and a suspender belt then as she chose a dress I asked “what kind of drinks were these?” she said just drinks but she liked to feel nice. I also asked who else was going, nobody just her the CEO and her direct boss! In a short black tight-fitting dress, she pecked my cheek and said “don’t wait up” then left in a taxi. At 2.35am I heard a car in the drive then the front door opened and slammed, I put the light on and sat up in bed as my wife walked into the room. She didn’t look at me just walked straight through and into the bathroom dropping her hand bag on the end of the bed. I noticed her hair was a mess and her face red also her legs were bare as she passed, I reached down for her bag which was open, inside were her stockings and her bra! After what seemed like an age she walked out of the bathroom naked and removing her earrings, her tits ass and back were covered in red marks. As she dropped her earrings on the dresser she let out a” tut” pulled a tissue from the box twisted her leg open and wiped her inside thigh before dropping the tissue in the bin. “what are you staring at?” she asked, I didn’t reply just carried on staring until she snapped with some venom “yes I got fucked! Fucked a lot, apparently my knickers were a trophy, so there’s cum all inside my dress and as you can see its still running down my bloody legs even after sitting on the toilet for ten minutes” she stomped over and got into bed besides me and immediately lifted the duvet and looked down at my rock-hard cock “that’s what I thought, you goanna fuck me now or do you want the details first?” I moved a hand onto her marked tit and said “details” she pushed my hand away “my tits are sore and my boss has a cock as thick as a beer can so you won’t get much joy out of me tonight after those bastards have been through me!” She carried on “two bottles of wine and they were fingering me and feeling my tits in the bar and taking Viagra! How much detail do you want, up in his suit they stripped me, and yes, I was very willing they both licked me out and I was begging them to fuck me and they did. From every direction and in every position mostly with the other cock in my mouth, they both cum in my cunt then we had a wine break! Then back to sucking on my tits and fucking me again, oh and you’ll like this they rang down for more wine and guess how they tipped the boy who brought it up? Yes I had some spotty teenage lad pumping away for all he was worth between my legs. Still my two bosses fucked me, slowed down by now of course and one at a time, enough detail for you? oh let’s not forget the lad who brought the wine had a big mouth so the bloody bar man knocked on the door after his shift, I said enough but both bosses took great delight in holding an arm down each as the bloody bar man spent ten bloody minuets fucking me too! She was right! Just after she said “well I’ve had my legs open enough tonight” as she opened them for me, her cunt was sloppy and stretched and made a squelching noise as I fucked it. She had her face turned away from me and took a nipple in my mouth “I told you there sore” she said. Then she stopped me, “here” she said as she took my cock in her hand “this hole hasn’t been used tonight” I helped her legs back over her head and she groaned “oh god that went in there easy enough didn’t it” the backs of her knees were bent under my arms and my cock was buried in her ass “god I must be a whore, I’m actually getting into this!” a few minutes later I pumped my load in her ass.
  3. addy

    my wife about to be fucked

    another guy, me after when shes sloppy.
  4. addy

    How many cocks?

    Another one I really like is her first job and the “Saturday boy”. She worked for a large well-known department store, he dad got her an old car so she could drive the 12 miles to town. It was Christmas and when the store shut one night it was a tradition that most of the staff stay and have a party on one of the floors. Obviously, my wife’s first time at this and she was warned about the stock room game! Basically, the girl’s names are put in a box and the boys picked one out and had to spent a certain amount of time in the stock room together. The girl who told my wife said it was just a stupid game and she would just stand in there and talk, but had heard that some things did go on in there! After 2 or 3 couples had taken there turns in there my future wife’s name was pulled out! It was her direct boss, much older than she and married! As the door closed she was very pleased when he said “well I got first prize didn’t I” he told her she was very pretty and then it basically turned into a job review, he told how well she was doing and what he had planned. The thing to remember he like most people were drinking my wife who had to drive was only on soft drinks! She was flattered by his attention and praise, he held her arm and told her if he wasn’t married he may have tried to steal a kiss, she let him know he would not have been turned down so he went for it. It turned into a very long intense kiss and he felt her ass while doing it, he told her he admired her ass every day in her tight skirts and loved watching her walk up the stairs. He broke it off not wanting to stay to long in the room and they left. The party seemed much more interesting after the stock room! Nearly an hour latter her name was pulled out again by “the Saturday boy” as the name suggests he was young and very shy and very red faced as my wife took his hand and the door was closed to the sounds of jeering. She talked to him as she half lent half sat on some old sheets on boxes, she said he was sweet and looked terrified, she pulled him close and kissed him. He placed both hands on her sides and didn’t move them, she took one and slid it under her blouse and upwards. He sighed as he found her tit and started to feel it through her bra, she also felt something pushing against her leg! She reached round and undid her bra, he was actually shaking as he now felt her tits. She reached down and undid his fly, he jumped as she felt his cock, she tugged to realises it and at her tender age she knew she was holding something interesting! It wasn’t huge but defiantly above average and it was as hard as stone. She took the hand that wasn’t on her tit and moved it down then up her skirt, as he began feeling and working his way into her knickers she paid more attention to stroking what was in her hand, all of a sudden, he pulled away! She said if he would have been a bit more confident he could have fucked her there and then but that was for another time! Worried about Cumming he apologised again and again she calmed him as they tidied themselves up. Back with the others her boss commented on how red in the face she was and how maybe he should have tried his luck more, he pumped her about what had happened put she told him nothing. As the night came to an end and people started leaving she found her Saturday boy and asked him back to her car. He was still nervous but they talked and she kissed him again and reached down to find he was still hard! It 1am and only her car was left in the car park she got his cock out and told him to relax as he was about to get his first blow job. Unlike other lads he didn’t hold her head down or anything he just let her bob as she liked and she decided there and then that this cock would fuck her soon. He groaned and started to push his cock into her mouth then she had to start swallowing, he was very grateful and sweet and went home smiling.
  5. addy

    How many cocks?

    Yes, my wife told me about a guy she dated long before me, she said they went to a for a drink then kissed in his car before he ran her home. Then I met him one night and when he relaxed he told me his version which she later confirmed as true. He took her for a drink then they drove to a well-known spot, and yes, they kissed! But he soon had his hand on her tits and she suggested getting in the back of the car. By the time he got in the back she was removing her knickers! He said one of the easiest first date fucks he had ever had “and there was no way I was pulling out cos her legs were wrapped so tight around me”
  6. addy

    How many cocks?

    since we married 36, before! she tried to work it out once, its well over 100. she opened for any one when she was a teenager.
  7. addy

    Being A Hooker

    We had discussed fantasy's and even fulfilled some, one we only ever roll played at not thinking it would ever come true? We live in a small market town and a couple of years ago a lot of building work was going on for a new industrial estate. Every B&B and hotel room was taken by builders, we went out one Wednesday afternoon for a quite drink in a pub. We played a game of pool, two men were checking my wife out as she bent over the table in her tight jeans. A bit latter we got chatting to them, they were working on the estate and told us our town was nice. Good food good pubs but lacked something which they had looked everywhere for “hookers!” as they said it my lovely wife light up. They both noticed her interest and commented on it, after a bit my wife pulled me up to the bar, she was trembling as we talked. “go on go for it, you know what I want?” I asked “what now? And here?” “yes its perfect, go on i'll wait here you go set it up, if you don't at least try I'll never forgive you” she leaned in and whispered “the whole situation has got me so turned on, go and do it if you love me” so I went back and sat down with the two intrigued looking builders, my offer was met with sucking in air and “corr's” both checked that my wife was happy with all this, more than once and both couldn't believe there luck! Prices were discussed and I was stunned by what they offered, I had no idea what the going rate was but agreed a lot more than I thought possible. Remember myself and my wife had discussed this in detail and played it out several times. I gestured to her to return, she confidently sat down, both men asked if she was OK with this? She was and after a little chat I said she should go in the toilets and buy some condoms, as she stood one of the men said “get more than two love” as we walked to where they were staying they both said they couldn't believe there luck and my wife admitted that this had long been a fantasy of hers and she was more than happy to oblige the men in there hour of need. A comment was made about her ass as she bent over the pool table “well those jeans will come off soon so you can try it for yourselves” behind a shop and up some metal stairs we went into there rented bedsit. Open plan living and kitchen area and a bedroom with two single bed in, my wife looked around and it was a bit awkward for a moment. The moment was broken by my lovely wife as she threw the condom packet through the open door onto one of the beds then started to unbutton her blouse “which one of you gets first go then?” she asked. She hadn't dressed with this in mind but had a nice white bra on and they both gasped as she slid her jeans down to revile yellow lace panties. The first man stood and as my wife dropped her bra and went into the bedroom I saw his hand cup her tit as he closed the door behind him. The other guy made me a coffee as we chatted and listened to the increasing noises coming from the bedroom. The groaning and moaning had been replaced by the rhythmical knocking of the bed, it was quite a turn on! The first man came out and number two went in, the first man was gushing praise for my wife's hot body and what a great fuck she is. If anything the knocking was loader and faster for the second guy and it was nearly tree quarters of an hour before he came out only to be followed by my wife looking for her bra. Both men thanked her and kissed her cheek, we left with my back pocket bulging with notes. Back home she told me number one had started on her tits then moved down to licking her cunt before sliding his cock into her. She was so turned on she came straight away and he kept stopping, obviously trying to make it last, she spoke dirty to him and came again. The condom broke and he sucked on her tits and fingered her before she replaced it then he had her on her knees from behind until he finally came..the second guy explored her body then went at it “like a man possessed!” he stopped to throw the full condom on the floor put on a fresh one and continued again. She had loved every minute of it, being used for cash turned her on and knowing I was just outside listing was even better. I fucked her twice more that night and it was only the start!
  8. addy

    Wife's Past

    Now I knew there was little chance of my wife saying ouch! on our wedding night, I knew she was experienced but over time I have found out just HOW experienced! She told me about a lad she dated when she was just 17. He worked on a farm looking after the cows, he lived in a large caravan on the farm. The toilet had never been plumbed in but the shower in the corner of the main bedroom had been? In the night rather than go out to the main farm buildings he would pee in the shower, as did my future wife when she stayed over. She liked to watch him pee and liked hoping he would watch her but he was not interested at all and would never indulge her in any way. One weekend the lads father turned wanting to stay, not a problem there was another bedroom at the other end of the caravan. At about 5am the lad got up and left to see to the cows, the father appeared in the shower! She had a perfect view as he dropped his bottoms and held his cock to take a piss. He saw her looking and said sorry but he didn't want to go out in the cold, but he didn't stop pissing! He watched her watching him and as he shook himself he said with a grin “but you don't mind do you?” at this point my lovely wife pulled the duvet back to revel her naked legs spread and playing with herself! “let me suck it” she said and he obliged. As she sucked he felt how wet she was and said he thought he heard his son taking care of that last night “well lets see if daddy can do a better job shall we?” apparently daddy did. He then took them both out for breakfast, the son totally uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Next night the lad fucked her again then when he left next morning the father treated my future wife to her first major water sports session. He pissed on her face and tits then she straddled him and fucked her ragged while his son milked the cows! This next one she told me about but never went into much detail unlike the caravan one, so I always suspected there was more to the story. A date took her to someone's party and she said he and a friend took her upstairs and they had a three sum, she also said she performed sexual acts for a couple of others. One day she let slip one of the names from that night and I knew who he was. In a pub over some pints he filled me in on that night and when I challenged my wife she told me the rest! The date and two others had taken my wife upstairs and were gang fucking her as others watched, she then while getting a drink naked, announced she had tired those ones out was anyone else up to the job! The bloke in the pub said he was number 6 or 7 he wasn't sure but she was very willing still, apparently she got less willing as time went on but had little choice by then. He also told me that at one point nobody knew who's ass was pumping away between her legs, apparently a taxi driver was looking for who had called him and had just decided to make the most of the opportunity! She told me that when she was left alone she went and through up in the bathroom due to the alcohol and amount of cum she had swallowed, she sat on the toilet letting the cum run out of her. The bathroom door was nearly kicked open as there were more cocks wanting to fuck her, the bloke wasn't sure how meany fucked her that night, my wife laughed at his guess of 10 or more “it was twenty that I know off, I lost count of the ones who had seconds, and there was two men who delivered pizza and more beer, I was there tip and held down on the bed while they had me!” after that she knew her past turned me on so was not so shy about telling me things.
  9. addy

    My Ex

    As part of her D of E my girlfriend spent a week at an out door activity centre in the lake district hiking and map reading. After her return she had a great interest in bondage and I tied her up in various ways as I fucked her, on night she said it was “nice but not the same”? One night at the centre she had stayed up late with a group of mainly older lads and instructors and she said the flirting was bordering on the obscene! She went to her bed and played with herself as she was turned on then went to sleep. She was woken by people in her room and her hands being held above her head. Her pyjama bottoms were removed and her top undone, they were 4 of the people from earlier. Each arm being held and a hand over her mouth her tits were used roughly and two of them held her legs open and licked her pussy. They were told to hurry up as it was obvious an order had been decided. Each one fucked her in turn as she was held down, each puling out and cumming on her belly then wiping her clean with her pyjama bottoms before the next took his turn. As one took seconds she was told that if she told anyone they would all say she was willing and after earlier they would be believed and not her. The last one left his cum on her belly and she used it to rub herself to another orgasm. She had loved being held! She had loved the eagerness of the one telling them to hurry as he wanted to have her, also there roughness. This all led to some very interesting events latter on!
  10. addy

    Our Party

    We went to a party at a friends very large house, the friends son had invited lots of his mates so it wasn't really our thing. We found an empty bathroom and I was enjoying a blow job from my wife when the door opened. In came one of the teenage lads, my wife didn't stop, the lad said “that is so hot” my wife waved him forward and unzipped him. Eventually I saw her cheeks puff and she swallowed a couple of times, the lad was very grateful and left. My wife said she needed fucking so she dropped her panties and bent over supporting herself on the bath. She came quickly and I left my load inside her then we went back to the party. I saw my wife talking to the lad she had sucked off, about ah hour latter she told me to follow her up stairs to a small bedroom. Two lads came with us, she sat on the bed me on a chair at the end of the bed. She sucked off the first lad swallowing again, then she unzipped her dress and removed her bra much to the delight of the lads in the open door. I watched her use her mouth and hands on six more teenage lads taking most of there loads on her tits. In the bathroom cum was running off her tits also from sitting and it running off her dress was covered. Three of the lads had followed us into the bathroom and were very interested in the view when my wife stepped out of her dress. Black stockings suspenders belt and matching panties as she wiped her tits clean. The lads all had a feel, her clean tits were felt and then sucked on, one lad stumbled out. My wife went and locked the door, then removed her panties “who's gonna fuck me first?” having just been sucked off neither lad was accused of being to quick! On her back my wife came twice as each lad emptied into my wife in turn. Left alone it was my turn and my wife said how much she loved me fucking her sloppy cunt, she also told me she had the number of the first lad saying she more ideas of what to do with that much teenage cum!
  11. addy

    My Ex

    I know I am blessed with my wife who can be as dirty as you would want, and I shall tell more about her soon but I must tell about an ex whom I was also very privileged to know. Helen was very pretty a natural blond, cute shy and sweet also a virgin when I met her but she was only to happy for me to sort that out for her. We then fucked everywhere and anywhere as most do at that age but I started to notice something different about Helen? She was shy around my friends and family, turning red easily but seemed less shy when naked! And when I got my cock in her she lost any inhibitions at all! She lived with her mother a divorced school teacher, rather strict! When we were alone Helen liked walking around the house naked, she also did this if her mother was home, she didn't like it at all! One morning after I had stayed over we were in her kitchen, me sitting in a gown her stark naked making a drink. I heard the side gate open and someone approaching, being a summer day the back door was open. It was the milk man who put the milk inside the kitchen and said a cheerily “hello” Helen smiled back and replied. Looking at my face she grinned “he's seen me naked before, I counted out change at the door one morning!” and you don't mind I said “no I like it, oh!” she had seen my hard on under my gown, she walked over “oh? And you seem to like it to?” she knelt and started sucking me off. She stopped to say that if he was coming back she would have got me to fuck her on the kitchen table but as he wasn't I took her upstairs. Then one weekend we were staying at friends house who was having a party, us and other couples were fucking all over the house, Helen also walking around naked. She had to cover up a bit as a couple of the other girls moaned as there boyfriends were enjoying the view. At about 3am the house was quite me and Helen wearing just her knickers were getting a drink in the kitchen when another guest came in. He was only two happy looking at Helens tits as we chatted, eventually he point out that although he loved the view it was very cruel as he was without a girl friend and here on his own. Helen seeing the bulge in his jeans walked closer to him, she said to me that she felt sorry for him and did I mind if she “took care” of him, I didn't!. She put his hand on her tit “you play with these while I get him out” she said as she undid his jeans. She knelt down and took his cock in her mouth, know Helen was great at blow jobs but he lasted quit well bobbing her head until he groaned and her cheeks puffed out, she stood. “um quite a load there!” he kissed her and thanked her. She told me she liked the feel of her second ever cock in her mouth and the fact she didn't even know his name. She also liked the fucking I gave her straight after watching, saying she wanted more! Her second cock to fuck her came about a month later, we went to the lake district for a camping holiday but it rained none stop. Cold and unable to get dry we found a farm house that did bed and breakfast. The fifty something couple who ran it were nice, the husband obviously taken with Helen! Retuning to the room once she said someone had been through her underwear in the case, we knew who! We didn't have much money and hadn't expected to have to pay for bed and breakfast, I half joking suggested how we could make our money last and to my surprise Helen thought it might be fun! On our third and finale day things worked out perfectly, the wife went to a farmers market in the morning leaving us alone with her husband. I stood in the open door of our room and started talking to the man, behind me sitting on the bed was Helen, naked. I started telling the man about our money problems and paying the bill. From his eyes I knew he had seen Helen, it wasn't hard! I suggested another way of paying and he knew what I meant. Helen walked over and moved me aside “he's nervous” she said “you go for a walk and I'll take care of things” off I went. Nearly an hour latter I saw him in the kitchen window so I went up to our room, Helen was naked on the bed and grinning. He had taken full advantage of what was on offer, groping her tits and fucking her like something possessed. Having cum inside her he apologised for being rough, he hadn't had sex for a long time and certainly not with a teenage girl. He calmed she stroked his cock, he felt then sucked on her tits, she moved down and started sucking his cock, something he was most grateful for. When hard again Helen opened her legs for him again, this time he was much more steady, she begged him to take his time and he did. She came and then began encouraging him to do the same. When he left his second load in her her legs were under his arms and her feet around his head. I fucked to another noisy orgasm there and then, we left the next morrning having payed in full but not in cash!
  12. addy

    My First Experience

    My wife in the undies she wore that night.
  13. addy

    My First Experience

    We were at a friend’s wedding reception where a man called tom seemed to latch onto us, not that we minded, he was good company and not shy at buying drinks although he wasn’t drinking himself. We had only been married just over a year and were both in our twenties tom was divorced and in his early fifties. To save a taxi fare tom offered to drive us home where we asked him in for coffee. We ended up all sitting on our large sofa, tom one end my wife in the middle snuggled up to me at the other end. Tom was easy company and we chatted away like old friends, my wife curled her legs up on the sofa then apologised for taking toms space. He didn’t mind he rather had a thing for lady’s legs in tights he said! They weren’t tights they were stockings a treat for me latter! Very soon after that my wife was leaning against me with her long legs stretched out on tom’s lap. He was caressing her legs and feet, especially rubbing her feet at her request. Both tom and my wife were soon moaning with delight, he with nylon covered legs to caress and her with her feet and legs being rubbed as I also worked my hand under her blouse finding tits with nipples already poking hard against her bra! Undoing her bra with my other hand she groaned as I cupped her tit and tweaked her nipple, tom’s hands were moving up my wife’s legs and slowly pushing her skirt up, I started kissing her. Tom let out a low moan “oh their stockings and suspenders!” her skirt having worked up far enough to show off stocking tops. My wife broke off kissing me to reach down and pull her skirt up above her waist “don’t be shy “she said. Her suspenders framed her sheer black knickers her bush visible through them and some sticking out of the top, as I went back to kissing and tweaking tom’s hands got braver! I had unbuttoned her blouse and her tits were now on show, toms had was working its way into her knicker leg and she was moaning like a slut on heat. She raised her hips and instructed tom “take them off, it’ll make things easier for you” he pulled my wife’s knickers down her legs. I was still kissing her and playing with each tit in turn, her legs were open and tom was fingering away, my wife started to jerk. She was Cumming twitching and bucking and moaning she grabbed my hand as tom worked away steadily, it went on for ages. Eventually she calmed to just heavy breathing then looked up at me and said “fuck me!” She was laying on the sofa with her ass hanging off the edge as I got between her legs and slipped into her sloppy cunt, it actually made squelching noises. Tom moved across besides her and started on her tits, he put his finger in her mouth. He told her her body was wonderful and her tits were firm, he sucked on them all the time I was fucking her. Her hand was inside tom’s trousers, she told me after that the moment she found his semi hard cock she wanted it! She said to me “its toms turn to fuck me, don’t cum in me” tom and I swapped positions! His cock was still not totally hard but still considerably thicker than mine, latter I found it was also nearly two inches longer! My wife’s hand looked tiny as it tried to feed tom into her cunt, she couldn’t close her hand around him! She was well wet and his semi hard cock soon vanished inside my moaning wife. It was so hot watching her face and hearing the noises she was making, he raised her leg up under his arm and worked away at a steady stroke. For a good 15 minutes I watched as tom fucked my wife, his cock had no got totally hard and it glistened as he pulled it out of my wife’s well starched cunt only to slid back into her at her obvious delight. She begged and pleaded with him to take his time and he obliged as she had another orgasm making even more noise than before and yelling profanities as she bucked and writhed on his cock. Calmed down to steady breathing she reached down to feel toms cock as he pumped away. She moved her arm making her tits easier for his groping hand, he asked about where to cum! “pump it in my cunt deep” she said. He finally seeped up slapping into her and making her tits bounce as he groaned and emptied his seed into my wife. As he pulled out of her she let out a low long moan and cum immediately run out onto the carpet, as she tried to close her legs and move up onto the sofa her pussy let out several farts. When he had left she let me wank and cum on her tits, she said it took until the next evening before her cunt stopped feeling the effects of tom’s cock. I fucked her that night in the spoon position and although I made her cum she said it was disappointing after tom’s cock!