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  1. Horny_Girlfriend_Shared_With_A_Friend.mp4
  2. One of the hottest things I’ve ever watched. I knew my wife was entertaining that afternoon and as I finished what I was doing early I decided to sneak back home. I went in the back door as quite as I could, at the bottom of the stairs you could clearly hear what was going on. I crept up until my head could see over the top of the stairs and into our bedroom. I was behind and slightly to the side and I had a perfect view. My wife was on all fours on the bed and knelling behind her and pumping away like a piston was her younger lover. She was grunting and panting in time with his thrusts as were her tits which bounced as he banged into her. She would let her head fall onto her folded arms on the bed but soon got a smack on the ass and had to push herself up again as he liked to reach round and feel her tits as he pumped. I loved the noises my wife was making and once he pulled right out of her and I saw the size of his glistening cock briefly before he buried it back into her, I knew why she was making those noises! Then I heard my wife say “Are_you_going_to_cum_soon?” he said something about enjoying himself too much to rush things. It dawned on me that id been watching for some time by now and I wondered how long this had been going on. Still enjoying my wife’s tits bouncing away I noticed he had sped up as had my wife’s pants and groans, he was gripping her waist and pulling her back onto his cock. my wife panted “please please” loudly as she got 30 seconds of fucking so hard I thought the bed would move. He let out a loud groan and threw his head back as I knew he was pumping his cum into my wife, I saw sweat running down his back just before I snuck down and out the back door. I heard the front door slam and I went back in and upstairs to find my red-faced wife laying naked on the bed, she was a bit surprised to see me so soon but after telling her that I had been watching she filled in the rest of the story. He had already fucked her soundly on her back and after relaxing for a while he started sucking on her tits and got hard again so back between her legs. He was lasting well this second time but promised my wife he would cum quicker seeing her ass stuck up in the air that’s pretty much when I came in! “my pussy is still spasming now!” she told me. I started to play and suck on her tits but he had even left them sore so my lovely wife sucked me off!
  3. When my wife was much younger, she was at a fair with a group of friends, she grabbed the cap of one and held it above her head, he was quite short! Another lad from behind grabbed my future wife’s summer dress and pulled it right up over her head. she had no bra on and just a small pair of knickers, after pulling her dress back down everywhere she looked were grinning men and she got several wolf whistles. She went bright red and went behind a kiosk to composer herself, she says she felt so turned on! her nipples were rock hard. Even half an hour latter walking past two men and one of them said "very nice love" she felt her face flush and her pussy tingle. since then she has always been turned on by embarrassment and humiliation.
  4. A confession my wife didn’t tell me about until we had been married for quit a while but she did like the effect it had on me. She was between boyfriends and at home on her own one wet rainy morning. Still in bed and playing with herself and feeling very neglected. Her mum had had a knock in her car and the insurance man was coming latter that morning to collect some paper work and cash. She had known him for a long time and always put him down as a dirty old man by the way he looked at her, but she was horny as hell and as she played she fantasised! She liked the fact that he always leered at her if she answered the door and decided to give him something to leer at. She tried on a towel, a small towel, holding it between her tits it would cover them but not her entire pussy if she pulled it down to cover that her tits were on display. Since he wasn’t going to be at a level with her pussy it could only be seen from a distance. She placed the paper work and money at the other end of the downstairs hall away from the door on a low telephone table, that was the bit she didn’t know if she dare do! She then waited in her room until she saw his car pull in the drive, she jumped in the shower and soaked herself. Wrapped in just her towel she hurried downstairs as he rung the bell for a third time. She opened the door and stepped back as he came in and stood just inside the door pushing it back, his face light up and his mouth opened a bit as he took in the site in front of him. “sorry I was in the shower” my future wife said as she dripped on the carpet. She said his face was great as he ran his eyes up and down her body as she wriggled in the towel, he didn’t mind waiting at all and he stared to make small talk but his breathing was fast. He tilted his head a little and she wondered if he could see some bush? Then much to her delight she noticed a defiant bulge in his trousers! Eventually he asked about the paper work, the bit she was worried about, but not now she was enjoying herself and was felling horny as hell. She turned and walked down the hall knowing full well her ass checks were on show. Then still holding the towel between her tits she bent and took some time getting hold of the paper work and money with one hand. She knew what was on show as she could feel the wetness in the cool air, she turned back his face was light up and staring down at he bush. She was now calmer than him as he fumbled with the paper work, as he was putting it in his pocket she moved her hand and let a tit slip out “sorry” she said “towel doesn’t cover much does it?” he replied. She said something about it being the first one she grabbed he replied “I was going to offer to wash your back, I mean there’s not much I haven’t seen now!” she acted all innocent and asked him wah he meant “let’s just say you have a great ass” she thanked him and then he said “they come in pairs, I only saw one!” with a big grin she let the towel down to her waist “lovely” he said then he complimented her on the rest of her body and pointed out how her nipples looked rock hard “why don’t you feel them and you’ll find out?” he did. After feeling each tit, he bent down and sucked one, my wife dropped the towel, still sucking his hand went between her legs and they moved back against the wall. Her pussy was soaked and as he fingered she realised his cock and started stroking it. He pushed her round and down and she laid back on the carpet, the fuck was quick and very forceful and she came in seconds and he was very grateful and thanked her a lot. He rang a week latter and she happened to answer the phone, he wanted to return the paper work, she told him Wednesday afternoon was good. She knew she was home alone again, he said “at least your dressed this time?” “yes” she said “but come upstairs and ill strip so you can fuck me properly this time” which is what happened and after a decent fuck she sucked him hard again and he fucked even longer the second time.
  5. My wife being used last weekend
  6. We discussed and relived our first experience many times always ending in a fuck. My wife said she loved being fucked as I watched, tom just needed to empty his balls and I was happy to loan my wife out for that purpose. No feelings or commitments just being fucked for the sake of fucking, this was all new to us and it quickly led to more fantasy’s being discussed. They were getting more and more daring and dirty and often my wife asked me to feel her cunt just so I knew how turned on just discussing things was getting her. Our first experience had happened by chance but the next was going to be arranged. We were friends with a guy in our village called mark, he did car repairs and we sometimes met in the pub. He serviced my wife’s car and when I went to pick it up once I heard him telling another customer that he would quite like to service the car’s owner too! I told my wife about this one night in bed, mark was in his early twenty’s and the idea that he fancied my wife appealed to her. As we discussed what might happen, she physically started to shake and her cunt was soaked again. Over the next week or so we discussed various scenario’s and to my surprise my wife was coming up with the more dirty and blatant sexual situations. Then one evening she stated that she had decided what we should do. We have a hardly used serving hatch from our kitchen to the dinning/living room, it slides up so a book placed underneath would keep it up more than enough to give me a full view of the sofa area from inside the kitchen. She stated that it was most important that I see and hear everything, I suggested a safe word! Which amused her “why, as long as he plays his part, he’s going to fuck me, and I’m not going to make it difficult for him at all!” my wife doesn’t like me to ask if its ok do something in bed, she likes me to take what I want and she hoped mark would do the same. So, there I was Thursday afternoon, my car park a few streets away and me sitting on a chair staring through the gap at the bottom of the serving hatch. I confirmed for the 10th time that I could see nearly all of the living room including the entire sofa, I didn’t say just how unconfutable I felt about just how much my wife was into this! It was a warm day so my wife’s button front summer dress wasn’t out of place, the shortness of the dress and the number of buttons undone certainly was! Also, the fact the only other item of clothing she wore was a pair of sandals, no underwear at all, even from the kitchen if she sat right, I could see her neatly trimmed pussy! That morning she had text mark asking him to pop around to discuss if he could sort out a new car for her, she would make it worth his while to get her a good deal! He text back almost immediately, a sign I said of his keenness, the only reason he would turn down what was so obviously on offer would be if he was gay and I knew he wasn’t! I heard the door bell, she flashed me a smile then went to answer, she and mark came back and she offered him a seat on the sofa then a drink witch she went and fetched. She sat close to him on the sofa half facing him, he was in full charm mood saying how nice she looked and staring down at her tits in the unbuttoned dress. After a very short bit of small talk he asked what she meant about making it worth his while? “well” she said “I don’t know what sort of incentive I could offer you as you must have all the young girls you want?” he bit immediately! he moved closer and said what an attractive woman she was and how much he had liked what she was wearing last time he saw her in the pub. He put a hand on her arm and she moved in and kissed him, the kiss lasted and got more intense, his hand moved to her tit over her dress and had a squeeze then it moved to her thigh and slowly slide up pushing her dress as it went. I guess he felt first then broke off the kiss and glanced down “you’re not wearing panties!” he said “I always intended on hand you it on a plate” she said “I don’t want a new car I want your cock inside me, feel how wet I am for you” he did! From then it was all ripping dress of and pulling t-shirts over his head. She was soon naked and he sucking on her tits as his hand explored her cunt “I want your cock!” she said pulling at his jeans. He kicked off his trainer’s and dropped his trousers, my wife gripped his cock as they went back to kissing. He pulled her round on the sofa then knelt on the floor, his back facing me as he pulled my wife’s ass off the edge of the sofa. Her hand went out to guide him in and I saw his ass cheeks clench and my wife gasped as he rammed into her. Her mouth remained open as he got into a rhythm her tits bouncing in time with his thrusting. He slowed a couple of times to lean down and suck and bit on her tits, she looked directly at me more than once. He pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and fucked her with all the force of his youth. Gasped and yelped and I knew she had cum, he just carried on, then I eventually heard him ask something about was it safe to cum inside her, struggling to speak with his thrusting “yes yes empty inside me, I want your seed inside me” if anything he sped up and the sofa moved as he let out a loud yell. He froze and stayed like a statue for awhile before gently lowering my wife’s legs, she groaned and stretched out her legs “that was rather nice” she said still panting he stood and stretched “you are a nice fuck” he said “and a lot tighter than I expected” my wife looked insulted “well I don’t know how to take that?” she said mark pulled her head towards his groin! “you’ve got a nice cunt now clean my cock” I couldn’t see it but knew it was pushed into my wife’s mouth. She never sucked me after sex! In her defence he was more fucking her mouth than she sucking him. One hand bouncing her head back and forth the other he reached down to her tit and he let out a low groan! My wife jerked her hands holding his hips but he didn’t let go still slowly rocking his hips for a good minuet or more before finally stepping back. I saw his cock was still semi hard my wife gaged and swallowed a couple of times them licked her lips before finally saying “I didn’t expect that!” he pulled her to her feet and kissed her again “if I had time id fuck you again and cum again in one of you holes” he picked up her dress and wiped his cock then put his clothes back on “what time does your old man get home?” he asked “cos you do look like you’ve been fucked and I wouldn’t want him to get in the way of a repeat performance” still naked she showed him out then came back to me. He was right! Her face was flushed red her tits were marked, a glob of his cum was on the edge of the sofa and more on the inside of her leg.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, no it wasent a one off weave/shes done more stuff since.
  8. Last month the CEO of the company my wife works at was making a rare visit, he was staying at a large county hotel and golf complex. My wife’s direct boss was playing golf with him on the Friday and she informed me she had been asked to join them in the evening for drinks. After work on the day she came home and got straight in the bath, I made sure I was in our bedroom when she got out. The first thing I noticed was her pussy had had quite a trim, not to unusual she either kept it neat or shaved it off completely. The neatly trimmed pussy was slipped into a pair of sheer black and burgundy lace panties and her 36C tits went into the matching bra. Black stockings and a suspender belt then as she chose a dress I asked “what kind of drinks were these?” she said just drinks but she liked to feel nice. I also asked who else was going, nobody just her the CEO and her direct boss! In a short black tight-fitting dress, she pecked my cheek and said “don’t wait up” then left in a taxi. At 2.35am I heard a car in the drive then the front door opened and slammed, I put the light on and sat up in bed as my wife walked into the room. She didn’t look at me just walked straight through and into the bathroom dropping her hand bag on the end of the bed. I noticed her hair was a mess and her face red also her legs were bare as she passed, I reached down for her bag which was open, inside were her stockings and her bra! After what seemed like an age she walked out of the bathroom naked and removing her earrings, her tits ass and back were covered in red marks. As she dropped her earrings on the dresser she let out a” tut” pulled a tissue from the box twisted her leg open and wiped her inside thigh before dropping the tissue in the bin. “what are you staring at?” she asked, I didn’t reply just carried on staring until she snapped with some venom “yes I got fucked! Fucked a lot, apparently my knickers were a trophy, so there’s cum all inside my dress and as you can see its still running down my bloody legs even after sitting on the toilet for ten minutes” she stomped over and got into bed besides me and immediately lifted the duvet and looked down at my rock-hard cock “that’s what I thought, you goanna fuck me now or do you want the details first?” I moved a hand onto her marked tit and said “details” she pushed my hand away “my tits are sore and my boss has a cock as thick as a beer can so you won’t get much joy out of me tonight after those bastards have been through me!” She carried on “two bottles of wine and they were fingering me and feeling my tits in the bar and taking Viagra! How much detail do you want, up in his suit they stripped me, and yes, I was very willing they both licked me out and I was begging them to fuck me and they did. From every direction and in every position mostly with the other cock in my mouth, they both cum in my cunt then we had a wine break! Then back to sucking on my tits and fucking me again, oh and you’ll like this they rang down for more wine and guess how they tipped the boy who brought it up? Yes I had some spotty teenage lad pumping away for all he was worth between my legs. Still my two bosses fucked me, slowed down by now of course and one at a time, enough detail for you? oh let’s not forget the lad who brought the wine had a big mouth so the bloody bar man knocked on the door after his shift, I said enough but both bosses took great delight in holding an arm down each as the bloody bar man spent ten bloody minuets fucking me too! She was right! Just after she said “well I’ve had my legs open enough tonight” as she opened them for me, her cunt was sloppy and stretched and made a squelching noise as I fucked it. She had her face turned away from me and took a nipple in my mouth “I told you there sore” she said. Then she stopped me, “here” she said as she took my cock in her hand “this hole hasn’t been used tonight” I helped her legs back over her head and she groaned “oh god that went in there easy enough didn’t it” the backs of her knees were bent under my arms and my cock was buried in her ass “god I must be a whore, I’m actually getting into this!” a few minutes later I pumped my load in her ass.
  9. another guy, me after when shes sloppy.
  10. Another one I really like is her first job and the “Saturday boy”. She worked for a large well-known department store, he dad got her an old car so she could drive the 12 miles to town. It was Christmas and when the store shut one night it was a tradition that most of the staff stay and have a party on one of the floors. Obviously, my wife’s first time at this and she was warned about the stock room game! Basically, the girl’s names are put in a box and the boys picked one out and had to spent a certain amount of time in the stock room together. The girl who told my wife said it was just a stupid game and she would just stand in there and talk, but had heard that some things did go on in there! After 2 or 3 couples had taken there turns in there my future wife’s name was pulled out! It was her direct boss, much older than she and married! As the door closed she was very pleased when he said “well I got first prize didn’t I” he told her she was very pretty and then it basically turned into a job review, he told how well she was doing and what he had planned. The thing to remember he like most people were drinking my wife who had to drive was only on soft drinks! She was flattered by his attention and praise, he held her arm and told her if he wasn’t married he may have tried to steal a kiss, she let him know he would not have been turned down so he went for it. It turned into a very long intense kiss and he felt her ass while doing it, he told her he admired her ass every day in her tight skirts and loved watching her walk up the stairs. He broke it off not wanting to stay to long in the room and they left. The party seemed much more interesting after the stock room! Nearly an hour latter her name was pulled out again by “the Saturday boy” as the name suggests he was young and very shy and very red faced as my wife took his hand and the door was closed to the sounds of jeering. She talked to him as she half lent half sat on some old sheets on boxes, she said he was sweet and looked terrified, she pulled him close and kissed him. He placed both hands on her sides and didn’t move them, she took one and slid it under her blouse and upwards. He sighed as he found her tit and started to feel it through her bra, she also felt something pushing against her leg! She reached round and undid her bra, he was actually shaking as he now felt her tits. She reached down and undid his fly, he jumped as she felt his cock, she tugged to realises it and at her tender age she knew she was holding something interesting! It wasn’t huge but defiantly above average and it was as hard as stone. She took the hand that wasn’t on her tit and moved it down then up her skirt, as he began feeling and working his way into her knickers she paid more attention to stroking what was in her hand, all of a sudden, he pulled away! She said if he would have been a bit more confident he could have fucked her there and then but that was for another time! Worried about Cumming he apologised again and again she calmed him as they tidied themselves up. Back with the others her boss commented on how red in the face she was and how maybe he should have tried his luck more, he pumped her about what had happened put she told him nothing. As the night came to an end and people started leaving she found her Saturday boy and asked him back to her car. He was still nervous but they talked and she kissed him again and reached down to find he was still hard! It 1am and only her car was left in the car park she got his cock out and told him to relax as he was about to get his first blow job. Unlike other lads he didn’t hold her head down or anything he just let her bob as she liked and she decided there and then that this cock would fuck her soon. He groaned and started to push his cock into her mouth then she had to start swallowing, he was very grateful and sweet and went home smiling.
  11. Yes, my wife told me about a guy she dated long before me, she said they went to a for a drink then kissed in his car before he ran her home. Then I met him one night and when he relaxed he told me his version which she later confirmed as true. He took her for a drink then they drove to a well-known spot, and yes, they kissed! But he soon had his hand on her tits and she suggested getting in the back of the car. By the time he got in the back she was removing her knickers! He said one of the easiest first date fucks he had ever had “and there was no way I was pulling out cos her legs were wrapped so tight around me”
  12. since we married 36, before! she tried to work it out once, its well over 100. she opened for any one when she was a teenager.