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  1. addy

    The club

    My wife back in the eighties went with some friends to an Ex-service man’s club one Friday night. It was announced that any young lady who would go on the small stage naked and tell everyone a bit about herself would receive free drinks all night! As you can see my future wife was more than happy to do this, one man ran to his car and got out a camera, she was shown half a dozen photos he took, a few days after the event, but this is the only one left so my wife believes? After volunteering she was taken to a room behind the stage were watched by two men she striped to her heels. She we
  2. addy

    My Ex

    My ex proving that it wasnt just talk that she would pay off the £50 i owed on my car, she even let me video it but swore like hell at him cause he cum inside her! UltraFappers.com_UF4620_Vids_(43).mp4
  3. The biggest thing shes had in her cunt since then was our bed post!
  4. The largest my wife had she says was a good “10 and as thick as a large hairspray can, all in all a lot for her to handle when she did! Its owner was an old family friend going back to her mother’s university days, she had heard conversations about him involving grinning and the word big! in front of his name for many years. He had been down for a family get together and was staying at her house overnight. He stayed out of the way while everyone had got ready and left for work except my future wife who didn’t have to go out that day. He was sitting at the kitchen table in just his dressing gow
  5. Been there and done that as a fantasy for both of us, both loved it!
  6. Horny_Girlfriend_Shared_With_A_Friend.mp4
  7. One of the hottest things I’ve ever watched. I knew my wife was entertaining that afternoon and as I finished what I was doing early I decided to sneak back home. I went in the back door as quite as I could, at the bottom of the stairs you could clearly hear what was going on. I crept up until my head could see over the top of the stairs and into our bedroom. I was behind and slightly to the side and I had a perfect view. My wife was on all fours on the bed and knelling behind her and pumping away like a piston was her younger lover. She was grunting and panting in time with his thrusts as wer
  8. When my wife was much younger, she was at a fair with a group of friends, she grabbed the cap of one and held it above her head, he was quite short! Another lad from behind grabbed my future wife’s summer dress and pulled it right up over her head. she had no bra on and just a small pair of knickers, after pulling her dress back down everywhere she looked were grinning men and she got several wolf whistles. She went bright red and went behind a kiosk to composer herself, she says she felt so turned on! her nipples were rock hard. Even half an hour latter walking past two men and one of them sa
  9. A confession my wife didn’t tell me about until we had been married for quit a while but she did like the effect it had on me. She was between boyfriends and at home on her own one wet rainy morning. Still in bed and playing with herself and feeling very neglected. Her mum had had a knock in her car and the insurance man was coming latter that morning to collect some paper work and cash. She had known him for a long time and always put him down as a dirty old man by the way he looked at her, but she was horny as hell and as she played she fantasised! She liked the fact that he always leered at
  10. My wife being used last weekend
  11. We discussed and relived our first experience many times always ending in a fuck. My wife said she loved being fucked as I watched, tom just needed to empty his balls and I was happy to loan my wife out for that purpose. No feelings or commitments just being fucked for the sake of fucking, this was all new to us and it quickly led to more fantasy’s being discussed. They were getting more and more daring and dirty and often my wife asked me to feel her cunt just so I knew how turned on just discussing things was getting her. Our first experience had happened by chance but the next was going to
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