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  1. addy

    The anklet

    Yes theres more!
  2. September 2017 I was in a local hotel bar having a drink after a meeting just about to leave when I noticed a very attractive young lady sitting alone on a sofa on the back wall. Something about her caught my eye and I went closer to make sure, having walked past I retuned and stopped in front of her and asked if she minded if I join her? She beamed a smile at me and said “yes of course” she was wearing a low-cut black dress well above the knee showing off her very nice nylon covered legs. I sat next to her and first told her how pretty she was, she blushed and thanked me. I said that I had noticed she was wearing an ankle bracelet, on her right ankle which was crossed over her left leg as if to make sure it was seen she smiled shyly, and also, I pointed out that she was wearing a wedding ring. I told her I was intrigued and asked if it had any meaning as had always thought it signified something. As we talked her shyness vanished and she seemed to get more confident, her name was Judith she was 26 and she had been married since the age of 20. She said if I brought her another drink, she would tell me about the anklet. Looking back from the bar I noticed she was on her phone, I assumed texting someone. The anklet meant that her and husband were trying to spice up their sex life, it was his idea but she got more into it the more she considered it. She thought it wouldn’t work as she had sat there for well over an hour and nobody had spoken to her until me the perfect man for her fantasy! Older well dressed and polite, her phone beeped and she removed it from her hand bag. “Would you like to walk me to my car?” she asked. We finished our drinks and stood up to leave, as we walked out, she took hold of my hand. The car park was large and behind the town hall, being mid-week, it was also mostly empty. She knew where she was going and lead me to the back corner, there was an empty parking space with a hedge on one side and a large tree on the other “I’ve enjoyed talking to you and need to thank you” she said. I said nothing but allowed myself to be led into that partly covered parking spot and nearest the tree where Judith lent against the wall and pulled me to her. She held her hand bag over my shoulder and we kissed, very passionately! Her tongue was in my mouth from the start and she only removed it to whisper in my ear “don’t be shy”. Still kissing I moved my right-hand round and felt her ass through her dress and yes also felt what could only be a suspender belt. I moved my hand round her front and up to her tits, she moaned as I had a good feel of each in turn. Then I felt her free hand on my crotch, she was fumbling with my zip! I then thought what the hell! And moved my hand down and under her dress, stockinged leg then flesh then lace panties. Her hand by now was inside my fly and slowly moving up and down my hard cock, I noticed she moved slightly turning me, not that I cared as my hand was inside her panties and exploring her bush for an entrance. I found it, she moaned I slid a finger inside and started to finger her, she was soaked! She now buried her face in my neck and kept saying “oh please oh please”. Then she removed her hand from my cock, kissed me again and siad “we better stop, you’ll make cum and that’s not supposed to happen, not yet anyway!” I reluctantly removed my finger from her cunt and her Panties, “ok” I said “where’s your car?” “Just over there behind us with my husband sitting in it!” that was why she had turned me slightly, so she could see him and that had been the text message just before we left the hotel, he had watched the whole time! She handed me a piece of paper from her hand bag, kissed me again then left walking towards the car, she got in and both of them put their hands up as they drove off! Leaving me with a sticky finger and phone number.
  3. addy

    The club

    My wife back in the eighties went with some friends to an Ex-service man’s club one Friday night. It was announced that any young lady who would go on the small stage naked and tell everyone a bit about herself would receive free drinks all night! As you can see my future wife was more than happy to do this, one man ran to his car and got out a camera, she was shown half a dozen photos he took, a few days after the event, but this is the only one left so my wife believes? After volunteering she was taken to a room behind the stage were watched by two men she striped to her heels. She went onto the stage with much clapping and cheering and nervously started telling them her name age where she was from and what she hoped to do in the future. She then started getting questions from the nearly 90% male audience who obviously knew the more they asked the longer she would stay on stage. She was asked to turn and bend and then the questions got more intermate! How many boys have you fucked? Do you fuck on the first date? And have you had sex with a girl? She says that along with the intimate questions and being asked to wriggle her ass and make her tits bounce having all the men leering and her naked and making comments about her body she got rather turned on. The free drinks meant very little as after getting dressed every man in the place wanted to buy her a drink!
  4. addy

    My Ex

    My ex proving that it wasnt just talk that she would pay off the £50 i owed on my car, she even let me video it but swore like hell at him cause he cum inside her! UltraFappers.com_UF4620_Vids_(43).mp4
  5. The biggest thing shes had in her cunt since then was our bed post!
  6. The largest my wife had she says was a good “10 and as thick as a large hairspray can, all in all a lot for her to handle when she did! Its owner was an old family friend going back to her mother’s university days, she had heard conversations about him involving grinning and the word big! in front of his name for many years. He had been down for a family get together and was staying at her house overnight. He stayed out of the way while everyone had got ready and left for work except my future wife who didn’t have to go out that day. He was sitting at the kitchen table in just his dressing gown, she says she knew it wouldn’t be difficult by the way he always looked at her! Anyway, she made it easy by standing in the kitchen against the work top in just a very short night dress talking to him and feeling his eyes all over her. She eventually just asked him straight out why he was talked about as “big?” this got the reply that her standing there in that night dress made it difficult not to let her know? A bit more flirting and he opened his dressing gown to show her, his cock was semi hard but still impressive, she automatically walked towards him and took it in her hand. As she marvelled at the size of the cock growing in her hand, he explored under her night dress feeling her ass then moving a hand up between her legs. She remembers wondering if she could take it or not and really wanting to try. Even back then she was a slut so just straddled him and holding his cock guided it into her well wet cunt. He felt her ass and moaned as she got the end inside her and marvelled at just how much was still left in her hand. He pushed her night dress up to get at her tits, she let go of his cock to allow it over her head and off and slowly slid up and down getting used to his cock inside her. He was play with and sucking on her tits as she was totally lost in enjoying his cock when he lifted her legs from under her dropping her onto his entire length! She says she lost her breath and felt impaled! It took a few minuets to get used to the length and also the girth but she could almost stand right up and then let herself slid back down his length. She felt him tense and moan with her tit in his mouth and guessed he had cum; it didn’t take her much longer then she just sat with his cock inside her. He apologised for Cumming inside her, she was on the pill, then he came out and said “your mum couldn’t take it like you did!” Apparently back in the day he had tried to fuck her mum but she made him take it out and stop! She raised herself off his still semi hard cock and his cum ran out of her stretched hole which let out pussy farts! They showered together and he explored every inch of her body, his cock never got hard again but she still enjoyed playing with it. She posed for a dozen or more naked photos for him then he headed back home.
  7. Been there and done that as a fantasy for both of us, both loved it!
  8. Horny_Girlfriend_Shared_With_A_Friend.mp4
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