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Still more from my well used wife


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One of the hottest things I’ve ever watched. I knew my wife was entertaining that afternoon and as I finished what I was doing early I decided to sneak back home. I went in the back door as quite as I could, at the bottom of the stairs you could clearly hear what was going on. I crept up until my head could see over the top of the stairs and into our bedroom. I was behind and slightly to the side and I had a perfect view. My wife was on all fours on the bed and knelling behind her and pumping away like a piston was her younger lover. She was grunting and panting in time with his thrusts as were her tits which bounced as he banged into her. She would let her head fall onto her folded arms on the bed but soon got a smack on the ass and had to push herself up again as he liked to reach round and feel her tits as he pumped. I loved the noises my wife was making and once he pulled right out of her and I saw the size of his glistening cock briefly before he buried it back into her, I knew why she was making those noises! Then I heard my wife say “Are_you_going_to_cum_soon?” he said something about enjoying himself too much to rush things. It dawned on me that id been watching for some time by now and I wondered how long this had been going on. Still enjoying my wife’s tits bouncing away I noticed he had sped up as had my wife’s pants and groans, he was gripping her waist and pulling her back onto his cock. my wife panted “please please” loudly as she got 30 seconds of fucking so hard I thought the bed would move. He let out a loud groan and threw his head back as I knew he was pumping his cum into my wife, I saw sweat running down his back just before I snuck down and out the back door.

I heard the front door slam and I went back in and upstairs to find my red-faced wife laying naked on the bed, she was a bit surprised to see me so soon but after telling her that I had been watching she filled in the rest of the story. He had already fucked her soundly on her back and after relaxing for a while he started sucking on her tits and got hard again so back between her legs. He was lasting well this second time but promised my wife he would cum quicker seeing her ass stuck up in the air that’s pretty much when I came in! “my pussy is still spasming now!” she told me. I started to play and suck on her tits but he had even left them sore so my lovely wife sucked me off!

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