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30th Aug Leeds


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Any guys willing to be on standby on 30th Aug in Leeds in case my sub wife  and I are in a position to play? (I am slut training her). We need any size or shape man 50+ (older the better), sexually healthy, and no hardened bulls or swingers please. Married or ex-married guys preferred,

You shouldn't mind providing a mobile number, be prepared for a chat beforehand, and be respectful.

She is curvy mid 40's dark hair, nice fake tits and shaved.

This is her first time, so it will probably be a simple matter of coming to our hotel room, lying her on the bed with her legs spread, and you putting your cock in her pussy and fucking her until you come, while I watch.  Her sexual needs are unimportant to us (that's how she likes it).

I'll make sure that she is dressed for sex, and if you have any requests in this regard I would be happy to try to entertain them.


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