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  1. I will have to check that out . I never heard of it before.
  2. I think that is so hot too. I love the for money aspect cuckoldry. It makes it way hotter for me for some reason.
  4. We have kind of come close to that (I think) after I brought it up a couple of times. I think it was on her mind with a couple guys when we were out and little situations arose. I am still hopeful.
  5. I wish I had a link to share too. Will see if I can find one .
  6. What are the best ones available to watch ? I saw a short clip of Funland and it looks great and was wondering if anyone has any other good ones I can casually be watching along with my wife to help move things along.
  7. She just got kind of angry each time I brought it up. She thought that somehow it was me that wanted to find a way to be with other women. She said she considers it cheating even with my permission. She can't seem to understand why I would want this . She has never brought it up again in conversation since I tried discussing it the last time probably a year ago.
  8. As some of you know I have an unwilling wife. I have asked her in the past to have sex with other men and she has just been unwilling although she has had moments where I thought maybe something was going to happen but it didn't. The thing is I have a big birthday coming up and she has been asking me what I want. All I really want is for us to get a hotel room for a couple of nights and to invite a guy in so I can a man cum inside her multiple times and I want to watch her give this guy a blowjob. So.should I bring the issue up again or is that unfair to her as she has already said she doesn't want to do it ? I would appreciate your feedback . She did say She would go to Vegas for a weekend away so maybe she is considering it !
  9. Wow, let us know how it goes. Your husband is so lucky to have you ! Even if you don't do it at least you are not super dismissive of his fantasies and are willing to consider it. I wish my wife was at your stage right now! You really have nothing to be scared about I think because guys that are into helping out husbands with their wives are pretty respectful I think . They wouldn't last long if they were disrespectful. You really have a great body !
  10. Thanks, I am an extremely confident guy . I don't think In would have any regrets . I don't fear her leaving me. I just want her to have as much pleasure as possible . That's the way I see it . It's hot for me to watch it also . That's another thing that I get from it . Thanks for the rep!y .
  11. I was wondering if any guys had any regrets or changes of heart after watching another man empty his balls into your wife . Did you have so much jealousy and just wish you had left your desire as a fantasy ? Did your wife treat you different afterwards and you wish you could go back to the way it was before ? Was reality so far different from fantasy that you wish you hadn't done it ? I am curious as to other opinions . I am still working on having my wife take a a big load from another man but have seen people say be careful what you wish for . Please tell me your honest feelings . Inbox me if you would rather share privately .
  12. You are not too old at all ! I personally far prefer an older woman than a younger one. Older women are usually more confident and willing to please and experienced also. They tend to have better personalities too due experiences . Just my opinion ...