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  1. Yeah it's not gay unless you are attracted to guys. If your wife wanted to watch you suck a guys cock and you did it to please her it still wouldn't make you gay . It would just make you a freak !
  2. I am just wondering what everyone's first time was like watching their wife have sex with someone else . Were you jealous at all ? Was your wife nervous ? I am very curious about the emotions involved . Where did you meet your new stud ?
  3. I would love to make some friends in the lifestyle also. I am thinking somewhere warmer !
  4. I am in a work from home situation now and I can move anywhere and I would love to go to a place that has sexually adventurous couples who are into alternative lifestyles like cucking and hotwifing and all kinds of wife sharing activity. Where do you think it happens the most in the USA?
  5. Your poor wife deserves better. Good for you being a cuckold .
  6. One of my buddies has always been into the hot wife lifestyle even though his wife has been not so much . Before they got married we all got pretty drunk one night and he pretended to sleep and she came in to me and I have her a good shagging while he laid on the couch with one eye open . That was 25 years ago . He told me that their sex life was boring as hell after they got married . She wouldn't do anything freaky at all . Well last year my buddy had some health problems and long story short his equipment doesn't work so well anymore . After years of my friend trying to get his wife to hot wife with him now she is only doing it because his stuff doesn't work . She never even told him ,he just confronted her one night when some young dude dropped her off and she had spunk in her hair. He feels bad about it because he was always ok with it but now he feels betrayed because she is only fuckingr guys because of his inability to service her anymore. Does anyone else understand or relate to this ? What can I say to him ? She still doesn't let him watch or partake which is killing him and he is contemplating divorce despite their 6 kids together .
  7. I am in Orange County California for the next month and I am hoping that the wife gets lonely enough to stray . Has anyone got any pointers that I can tell her so that she will send me some pics of her getting pounded ?
  8. I will have to check that out . I never heard of it before.
  9. I think that is so hot too. I love the for money aspect cuckoldry. It makes it way hotter for me for some reason.
  11. We have kind of come close to that (I think) after I brought it up a couple of times. I think it was on her mind with a couple guys when we were out and little situations arose. I am still hopeful.
  12. I wish I had a link to share too. Will see if I can find one .
  13. What are the best ones available to watch ? I saw a short clip of Funland and it looks great and was wondering if anyone has any other good ones I can casually be watching along with my wife to help move things along.