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  1. You are not too old at all ! I personally far prefer an older woman than a younger one. Older women are usually more confident and willing to please and experienced also. They tend to have better personalities too due experiences . Just my opinion ...
  2. 25-45 ! You are a very lucky man to have had 20 years with a willing spouse .
  3. Ok, I am going to wait until I have some time and we can go out to dinner and have a couple martinis though and that could be a while with my workload right now . I still kind of like the feeling this gives me . God am I such a weirdo ! I also am considering the possibility that this is a set up too. The card was right there on top of her purse when you open it . Was I meant to find it ? She is a clever girl ...
  4. I am a little bit upset here over finding a hotel room key for Eastland suites in my wife's purse . We have never stayed there before . I went into her purse to get a cigarette , I wasn't snooping . I just smoke so infrequently that I just get one from her after a few glasses of wine . She was already in bed so I opened her purse and found the plastic key entry . The hotel is about 2 hours away from us . I am not sure what to do . She always had the green light to do as she pleases but I always said I need to know rshe is going to do it. I want her to do it and she always said she wouldn't and wasn't interested . We had one little incident before where I saw her mess around with a guy in front of me when she was quite intoxicated . What should I say and do about this key card thing ? I don't know where she got the time to go there but the evidence says she was there . Do you think she could be getting banged by some other dude and she is not telling me ?
  5. I love it every time you post her pics
  6. Why can’t I see these videos ? They won’t play for me .
  7. I have been trying for years to have my wife go with another guy . I really would like to watch her. That would be my ultimate goal but I even asked her if she would go on a date with a guy and she has always said no . Well, we were both at a wedding Saturday night and she got really hammered . I had to carry her and put her into the backseat of the car . My buddy Tom was in the back seat drunk also . I was driving and Toms wife was in the passenger seat . As I was driving I saw the wife kind of fall over . Her head was in Toms lap . He was passed out . I thought the look of that was pretty hot . I kept checking them out . The next thing I could not believe when I saw it . She pulled at his zipper and I couldn’t see it but I knew she had his cock out . Her head was moving up and down . This was unbelievable . Toms wife was out for the count in the front seat now and my wife was sucking her husbands cock ! After about 2 minutes I could see him now awake and pumping his semen into my wife’s mouth . He zipped up and my wife’s face stayed in his lap until I brought Tom to his house . They got out of the car and I asked my wife whose cum was on her face and hair . She said she thought it was me who was in the back seat with her . I thought it was the hottest thing ever to watch but now she is playing all innocent and won’t even consider doing it again . She said she feels tricked even though she was the one pulling out his cock when he was sleeping . Is it possible that she actually did think it was me in the back with her ?
  8. I don’t think it does . I am rather large myself and I am still wanting another man for my wife . I would want him at least equal to my size though and I am about 7.5 and thick .