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  1. Thanks, I am an extremely confident guy . I don't think In would have any regrets . I don't fear her leaving me. I just want her to have as much pleasure as possible . That's the way I see it . It's hot for me to watch it also . That's another thing that I get from it . Thanks for the rep!y .
  2. I was wondering if any guys had any regrets or changes of heart after watching another man empty his balls into your wife . Did you have so much jealousy and just wish you had left your desire as a fantasy ? Did your wife treat you different afterwards and you wish you could go back to the way it was before ? Was reality so far different from fantasy that you wish you hadn't done it ? I am curious as to other opinions . I am still working on having my wife take a a big load from another man but have seen people say be careful what you wish for . Please tell me your honest feelings . Inbox me if you would rather share privately .
  3. You are not too old at all ! I personally far prefer an older woman than a younger one. Older women are usually more confident and willing to please and experienced also. They tend to have better personalities too due experiences . Just my opinion ...
  4. 25-45 ! You are a very lucky man to have had 20 years with a willing spouse .
  5. Why can’t I see these videos ? They won’t play for me .
  6. I don’t think it does . I am rather large myself and I am still wanting another man for my wife . I would want him at least equal to my size though and I am about 7.5 and thick .
  7. Superman16142 if you want to chat
  8. Wow, that is an amazing wife you have there . You are a really lucky guy . So many couples don’t want a married guy with a family despite those guys being the safest around .
  9. Your husband is such a lucky guy . Can you tell me how he brought up the idea of you having sex with others originally ? How did you take it ?