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Nastiest Your S.o. Has Gotten?


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What's the nastiest, kinkiest, raunchy thing you're wife of girlfriend has done? Mine won't do scat, and doesn't dig anal, but has done pretty much all else. 

She loves pissing on and for me or anyone else, has intentionally farted in my face, and once, possibly the hottest was in a motel once, I was hitting her doggy in the bathtub and she pissed and farted right as I nutted in her. She was a sloppy cum bucket that day

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Cuckold Tests

My wife did an 8 man gang bang in a hotel once, I wasn’t one of the 8. She was hoping to get to 10 but a couple of guys didn’t show up an one guy couldn’t perform in front of others. A black guy showed up about one and I was sent to the couch and he spent the rest of the night with her.

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