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  1. Erika is a horny slut and she loves to offer her body to horny cocks. She loves to get warm cum in all her holes

    geile Fickfotzen.jpg

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    2. blackdevil6


      she could take 2 cocks at the same time in her pussy😜

    3. Cameron1683


      Perfect. I love it to feel like she knows what good sex feels like. Then, as she barely feels me, make her know it is because of all the cocks she has taken. I love that feeling of barely feeling

    4. Cameron1683


      What’s the nastiest thing your slut has done? I do think it will be raunchy. Hold nothing back.

  2. you like my slut Erika?


    1. Cameron1683


      I do. I just think she would look better with some potent, fertile seed running from her obviously experienced twat. I love a pussy that looks like it has seen some shit. 

    2. Cameron1683


      How dirty is she? I like it raunchy 

  3. I can agree here. Weirdly, my wife insists she doesn’t get any more pleasure from the guys that have gone bare, yet she has let a few. She isn’t on the pill, and has had one baby and one miscarriage (both mine). Even with this obvious risk, she says she doesn’t want another baby but is just slutty enough to open her hole to be filled up.
  4. That’s all part of the thrill. Of course, it’s great when you’re not raising another man’s baby, but there’s no real thrill without real risk. An old flame of my wife that came in her a long time ago and I were chatting and I told him I wanted him to do it again. He said “I just had a kid with my own chick, so you know I can still make babies, what if I get her pregnant this time?” I just said “what if indeed”. He then kept threatening that he would do it and that he would make sure her pussy was completely destroyed this time (first by his very big cock and then by having his baby). I said “I
  5. So, my wife of near twenty years used to date a guy in middle school. The first guy she was ever sexual with actually. He used to finger her, eat her pussy, and she used to give him handjobs. She had spent most of that time telling me she regretted not fucking him even that young. She said he has such a big dick even for their young age. I spent so many years wondering what she would do and how that would go. They have been friends on social media for most of that time and joked about it quite a bit. Well, we moved a few months ago to only an hour north of where he lives. I got her to finally
  6. This. This is how I want my bbw wife treated by a bbc. Every last bit of this.
  7. Perhaps, she’s only had two at once before. She could certainly use more.
  8. She definitely does not suck enough cock. She always just wants it on her pussy.
  9. Go ahead and be as outright raunchy as you like and tell me what you would do with my hotwife? Be honest, but no limits.
  10. Such a perfect sight. That’s how a good wife’s panties should look.
  11. Delicious. I would love to be blessed clean such a delicious pussy.
  12. Mine has had an 11”. I was blown away that she fit it after just being with me and my 6”.
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