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Wife Founds Me In Femme...part 2...


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She kept on drinking her vodka, telling me how pathetic I looked... I excused my self and went to the bedroom where I took my chastity belt and I put it on. I took the keys went back to the living room, stand infront of her, showed her the chastity belt and I handed it the keys... From now on you own my sex life.. I told her..I want to show you that I am sorry and I am willing to sacrifice my sex life so that you can forgive me. Let me know what I need to do and I will do it... Just give me a chance to prove you that I can keep up on your expectations and show you that I am really sorry....

She looked at me, smiled, and said...to be honest you look very pretty and sissy...She spread her legs pulled up her skirt and order me to dive in between her legs and start licking her pussy...When I was ready to do that she closed her legs and squeezed my head between them..Hold on she told me.. I have an idea. Go in our roon, in the second draw, you will find the dildo that we bought last christmas for my pleasure...now I am going to use it for yours... I went to the bedroom and returned back with the pink 15 cm real feel dildo... she ordered me to start licking it and then she got it from my hand and ordered me to go on all 4. I did that and she came behind me, moved the string from my gtring to the side and she started pushing it in my pussy ass. Thank god I was palying with it earlier and with a few strokes I took the whole length in me.. While she was doing that, she was asking me questions, this is how men fuck you? On all four all dressed up as a pathetic faggot with your ass in the air, unprotected ready to be analized??? I was so ashamed I could not say anything...on the other hand I was enjoying her power on my body...and mind!!!

She put the string ovet the dildo so that will not go away and ordered me to stand up and get her another vodka. It was the first time I saw her drinking that fast..I guess she needed it or she wanted to be excited and take advantage of the situation. I got her another drink and as soon as I was returning, she called me to come to the bedroon. As I went there, she was all naked wearing only her high heeled fake snake boots. I always loved those boots, I even worn them a few times when meeting men in  hotel rooms or in their houses and also they were my favorite when home alone all dressed and dolled up. We bought them together, many years back, I was insisting to buy them and she did...I was insisting because I wanted to wear them too. 

I gave her the drink and she said stay here because I need to go to the restroom. I was seeting on the bed waiting for her and she returned back. As soon as she returned, she stand infront of me, open her legs and ordered me to lick her pussy and clean it from her piss, because she did not wipe herself after peeing. I leaned infront and start lickling her pussy, feeling the saltiness and acididty of her piss...I wanted to do that so many times before but she did not want it. Finally I could wipe her clean and taste her piss. I was mentally horny, but my cock could not, because I was all caged up and unable to have an erection.

She went away from me, and laid on the bed with open legs. I could not wait and started licking her boods first and then slowly slowly her legs and finally came back to her pussy. She ordered me not to touch her with my hands but only with m,y tongue.  I started licking her wet pussy and I heard her moaning and cursing on me...suck it bitch...you are nobody..you were born to serve me and from now on I will be your mistress. From now on I will be Mistress M. so make sure you call me that way! You will pay for the secretes that you had and never told me...

I kept on licking her pussy and feeling her wetness all over my tongue and mouth. I was aslo licking her asshole as well and making her screaming from being horny and comming to a climax.. I could tell that she was almost there, so i started licking her faster and faster and then i felt her cumming. I was still licking her clitoris while cumming and enjoying her wet pussy and smell all over my mouth and nostrils.

As soon as she came, she kicked me away and wend to the restroom again. I was there on the bed, kicked back having the smell and the taste of her pussy on my face. I could not tell how long she stayed in the bathroom, and when she came back she ordered me to go and make her a cappuchino. I obeyed and went to do that. I still had her smell in my face. my chastity beld and her dildo in me..what a miserable scene...guess not...because I was enjoying every second of it...and I beleive that my wife too..finally she found out about Eva and we both are enjoying that. hopefully this is going to get better and better.. I will keep you posted... So long, until the next time... I am going to serve her the cappuchino....

To be continued ....

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