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  4. I put some jazz music on the stereo and sat across her. Then the door bell rung. I woke up and open the door and Eddie was in the door. She had a bootle of wine with him and a rose.. He leans infront and gives me a kiss in the mouth and asks me about the surpise... I tell him come on in and you will find it out. As soon as he enters the living room, he sees my wife sitting on the couch in her sexy lingerie, enjoying her chianti and he stays frozen... I then brake the ice and say, Eddie this is my wife Erica, Erica this is my black friend Eddie. My wife stands up going on to him hugging him and start kissing him in the mouth... I was frozen now...but I am liking what I am seeing.. the contrast of her white face kissing his black face was very kinky. I feel me clity trying to get erected but as I am caged I am in pain. They kiss for a few minutes and Eddies hands are all over my wifes body and she looks that she is enjoying every damm second of it. As soon as she stops kissing him she orders me to serve them some wine. Eddie sits next to her on the couch and I pour some wine. Then my wife orders me to undress Eddie, so he stands up and I undress him, taking his shoes and socks, his pants and tshirt and then pulling his brief off. As I do that his cock is semi erected so my wife orders me to kneel infront of him and lick him fisrt to clean his cock first so that she can go on and blow him. I kneel infront of him, smell his cock head, I always love to do that, the smell of cock, manhood and piss is hitting my nostrils and make me feel seductive to his cock. I stark kissing him all over his length and go down to his balls and I start kissing and caressing his big black balls. My wife then takes my mobile and starts taking pictures and videos.. I keep on worshipping his cock and then my wife orders me to stop. Now this black cock is mine you sissy fluffer... She then pushes me back and she kneels infron of me and starts blowing Eddies big, thick balck cock. I must have done a good job because his cock was standing tall and strong for my wife to enjoy. Erica started blowing Eddie with passion, the way she always was giving me a blowjob. She takes all his cock in her mouth up to the balls and she gags. as she takes it back saliva is running from our black's lover cock, so she orders me to kneel next to her and lick only the running saliva from her mouth and Eddie's cock. She keeps on gagging on his cock and swallowing all the saliva from her dripping mouth. She keeps on sucking and we can both tell that Eddie will be coming soon.. Then my wife startsn blowing him and wanking him faster and faster and then Eddie starts screaming and emptying his balls in my wife's mouth. My wife takes all his cum in her mouth and as soon as Eddie finishes coming, she turns to me and gives me a kiss and empties all his cum in my mouth... 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  5. So, I went to the kitchen and made her a cappuchino and as soon I served her I asked her to allow me to go and change out of my sissy clothes. She said no, and she ordered me to bring her my laptop to see where I was up to. I brought the computer, and unfortunatelly for me I had open tabs, as usual of all pages that Eva has, fff, twitter, xhamster, meet me, fetlife, experience project, tumblr, blogger and skype. She started going through all my profiles and checking my messages. I was sitting across her watching her, waiting for her comments. While checking my profiles, someone was calling me on skype. It was african boy...the guy that I was talking while my wife came over and caught me in my sissy clothes.. She let it ring and when he haunged up he told me...Listen sissy, where is he from? I said he is from Nigeria and lives in our city. He asked me if I have ever meet him and I said yes, one time. She told me then ok, you call him back and you invite him in our house, tonight and tell him that you have him a big surprise... I was surpised myself...I said what is the surprise....and she just said ME! I said, what are you talking about? and she said..we will both enjoy a big black cock together... Call him back and tell him to be here in one hour.. I was shocked buy obeyed, so I called him back and told him to be in my house in one hour, I gave him the adress and I hunged up. Then my wife said, good girl..lets go to the bed room and get ready for our lover... She opened the drawrer and she took out her black stockings and the red corset with garter belt, got undressed and put it on with a matching g string. I asked her, are you sure you want to do that? and she said off course, I always wanted to fuck a black now I will do that infront off you without feeling guilty because you deserve it ... and I deserve a big cock to make me feel slut and whore... To be honest, I was confused..I did not know what to say or what I was feeling..on one hand I was happy that she found the Eva that I was hiding so many years, but on the other hand her rapid reaction were making me skeptical..Many times I had fantacised of being with her in bed with one or 2 black men...but know that the time has come I was quit pushing back. She went to the restroom and called me to follow her. I went there and she said to stand there so that she can do her makeup exactly as mine. She said that I was looking slutty with the smoked make up that I had on that is why she wanted to copy me to have the same look. As soon as she finished, she put on her perfume, escape, my favorite too and she sprayed some on me as well. We went to the living room and she ordered me to open a bootle of wine. I went to the kitchen, found a bootle of fine red wine, a chianti, one of our favorite, and went back with 3 glasses. I presented her the label, like waitresses do and opened it up and poured a sip for her to try. She gave her the glass and she tried it first and after she approved it I pour some more in hers and mine. She looked so sexy while drinking her wine that I started enjoying the moment.. To be continued ...
  6. She kept on drinking her vodka, telling me how pathetic I looked... I excused my self and went to the bedroom where I took my chastity belt and I put it on. I took the keys went back to the living room, stand infront of her, showed her the chastity belt and I handed it the keys... From now on you own my sex life.. I told her..I want to show you that I am sorry and I am willing to sacrifice my sex life so that you can forgive me. Let me know what I need to do and I will do it... Just give me a chance to prove you that I can keep up on your expectations and show you that I am really sorry.... She looked at me, smiled, and be honest you look very pretty and sissy...She spread her legs pulled up her skirt and order me to dive in between her legs and start licking her pussy...When I was ready to do that she closed her legs and squeezed my head between them..Hold on she told me.. I have an idea. Go in our roon, in the second draw, you will find the dildo that we bought last christmas for my I am going to use it for yours... I went to the bedroom and returned back with the pink 15 cm real feel dildo... she ordered me to start licking it and then she got it from my hand and ordered me to go on all 4. I did that and she came behind me, moved the string from my gtring to the side and she started pushing it in my pussy ass. Thank god I was palying with it earlier and with a few strokes I took the whole length in me.. While she was doing that, she was asking me questions, this is how men fuck you? On all four all dressed up as a pathetic faggot with your ass in the air, unprotected ready to be analized??? I was so ashamed I could not say anything...on the other hand I was enjoying her power on my body...and mind!!! She put the string ovet the dildo so that will not go away and ordered me to stand up and get her another vodka. It was the first time I saw her drinking that fast..I guess she needed it or she wanted to be excited and take advantage of the situation. I got her another drink and as soon as I was returning, she called me to come to the bedroon. As I went there, she was all naked wearing only her high heeled fake snake boots. I always loved those boots, I even worn them a few times when meeting men in hotel rooms or in their houses and also they were my favorite when home alone all dressed and dolled up. We bought them together, many years back, I was insisting to buy them and she did...I was insisting because I wanted to wear them too. I gave her the drink and she said stay here because I need to go to the restroom. I was seeting on the bed waiting for her and she returned back. As soon as she returned, she stand infront of me, open her legs and ordered me to lick her pussy and clean it from her piss, because she did not wipe herself after peeing. I leaned infront and start lickling her pussy, feeling the saltiness and acididty of her piss...I wanted to do that so many times before but she did not want it. Finally I could wipe her clean and taste her piss. I was mentally horny, but my cock could not, because I was all caged up and unable to have an erection. She went away from me, and laid on the bed with open legs. I could not wait and started licking her boods first and then slowly slowly her legs and finally came back to her pussy. She ordered me not to touch her with my hands but only with m,y tongue. I started licking her wet pussy and I heard her moaning and cursing on me...suck it are were born to serve me and from now on I will be your mistress. From now on I will be Mistress M. so make sure you call me that way! You will pay for the secretes that you had and never told me... I kept on licking her pussy and feeling her wetness all over my tongue and mouth. I was aslo licking her asshole as well and making her screaming from being horny and comming to a climax.. I could tell that she was almost there, so i started licking her faster and faster and then i felt her cumming. I was still licking her clitoris while cumming and enjoying her wet pussy and smell all over my mouth and nostrils. As soon as she came, she kicked me away and wend to the restroom again. I was there on the bed, kicked back having the smell and the taste of her pussy on my face. I could not tell how long she stayed in the bathroom, and when she came back she ordered me to go and make her a cappuchino. I obeyed and went to do that. I still had her smell in my face. my chastity beld and her dildo in me..what a miserable scene...guess not...because I was enjoying every second of it...and I beleive that my wife too..finally she found out about Eva and we both are enjoying that. hopefully this is going to get better and better.. I will keep you posted... So long, until the next time... I am going to serve her the cappuchino.... To be continued ....
  7. Since my wife found me all dressed up in femme, my life has changed...i beleive to the better and the kinkiest!!!! She was supposed to be at work, so I was home alone and every time I am home alone I dress up...with stockings, g string, high heeled boots, sexy mini dresses, and if I know that she is coming late, I put make up and my wig. Most of the clothes that I wear belong to my wife, thank god we have the same shape and body, even her shoew fit me, lucky me... that is why every now and then, I buy her sexy lingerie and clothes because at the end I will be wearing them as well..!!! So, it was around 1 oclock in the afternoon, and I was chatting with a black guy on the internet. I knew my wife was suppose to return back at 4, so I had time to paly around and then undress and wait for her. In the meantime, while dressed I did all the house work, cleaning the dishes, vacuming, fixing the bed, laundry and all a good house wife should do. You see, since I was unemployed, my wife was the earner in the house so I had to help. To be honest, I enjoy every minute it of it, because I am a good housewife...haha, making me more feminine. I need to mention also that for the past 2 years I have been taking feminization pills, on and off because I want to feel and become more feminine. I have been taking some herbal hormones that helped a lot band also some estrogen and antistestosterone pills. Since I have been taking those pills, my skin became more soft, my breast more pouty with very sensitive nipples, my hips started to get bigger and I became more sensitive...i can watch a romantic movie and cry..haha. Also, besides the hormones I started removing my breast hair, my wife was asking me why..and I was telling her that I wanted a change...I have been shaving my private parts, cock, balls and ass for many years, since she met me, so there was no questions about this. I also trimmed my legs, you see I could not shave them all the way, but with high dem stockings you could not tell that I was not all the way shaved. Thank got I am not hairy, and since I started the hormones the hair growth was not the was slower..lucky me!! So, I was having my esspresso, and chatting on skype with this nigerian guy and listening to music, so I did not hear the door opening. She called me and then open the office door and saw me there, all dressed up, lookinmg so sexy and feminine, with open skype and a black guy on the line..... I could not escape, everything that I was hiding so many years have fallen apart...I was there all dressed up as a sexy sissy, wearing her clothes, her makeup and talking to a black guy on line..OMG, I wish the earth could open and take me deep inside. I was trying to say something but I could not.. I had seems that I was there for hours listening to her questions...what is this? what are you doing? and so on... What I managed to say was I am sorry, let me explain to you... and she said ok, go ahead.. We went to the livin g room, so as soon as she sat on the couch, I told her wait a second... I went to the kitchen and pour some vodka with some ice cubes and fresh lemom juice and took it in a tray... I served her the drink and I was trying to explain her what i was doing... She started drinking her vodka and calmed down. She said to me that she had figured that something was going on with me... she could find her clothes and make up messed up, I started to be more feminine - the hormones started to kick in- meaning my movements some times, and some other things. I explained to her that I still love her, it just I have two personalities, the one that she knows and married and another one, Eva, that she does not know yet but I wish she could know and accept. I was so nervous waiting for her reactions and her answers on all this.. but she kept drinking her vodka without saying anything. I was sitting on a fire, waiting for a sign... Then, as soon as her vodka finished she told me: You bitch, go and get me another vodka, 50 ml and half a lemon juice and 3 ice cubes! I was shocked I took her glass, rush to the kitchen and follow her order. 50 ml vodka, 3 ice cubes and half a lemon fresh squeezed juice. I went back, carrying the glass, and the she said - where is the fucking tray? So, back again, getting a tray and serving her the vodka. I serve her the glass and put then tray down on the table. Then she ordered me to take off her boots and put her leg on a pillow. I followed her orders...I could not resist her bossy way..I think I started paying my duties.. on one hand I was feeling starnge, but on the other hand, i always wanted this to happen...So Eva, shut up and start serving your wife.... Trans EvA Zurich , Switzerland Hello everybody, I am EvA and I live in Switzerland. There are so many fetishes that I have done and there are also some that I am willing to do. I am 40 yeras old and I have been a crossdresser for 13 years. Because I am doing that for so long I consider myself a transvestite, because for a period of 3 years I have been taking on and off feminazation hormones and I feel more feminine and sexy. My figure is curvy, my skin soft and my titties full and pouty with very sensitive nipples that erect in the mouth of my lovers... I enjoy beeing with men and I am only passive!!!! I like to be treated as a woman, slut, whore and treat my men as my Masters!! I have been with many men, I have been with 3 men at one time, with 2 black men twice and with couples 3 times. Lately I am addicted to black men. I have to admit that I enjoy being with men anyways, but with the black men I have been was something else. Now I want my wife to meet black men and cuckold me with BBC only. The last months I have been very kinky, buying sexy lingerie and accesories. Now as I am writing I have inside my my Butt Plug Jewel and wearing my chastity belt. Kisses EvA View my complete profile Powered by Blogger.
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