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Cuckolding Advice Needed


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If you are a cuckold or a bull I need your help. I'm going to meet this couple next Friday night. I've been writing them stories. He wants me to breed his wife.

"Oh ya...I had her read it out loud as I went down on her...she came in my mouth before she finished ...she's ready to be fucked by you!“

"I can't wait to watch you fuck her ...apparently I'm finding out she gets turned on thinking of cuckholding me hahah"

You don't have to be a writer or a teacher to help. Just a regular guy that's interested will probably do wonders.

Please read my cuckold story it's just a scratch into cuckolding but I think it will agree nicely with them since this is just the beginning. But it's choppy, something is wrong with it. Please help me fix it if you are truly into this lifestyle.

Advice, edits, suggestions requested don't just say it sucks. If your going to be negative please also tell how it can be fixed.

You are also welcome to continue with the story how would you fuck her and cuckold him where he's slightly involved in a teasing way. But i can't contain any more references to homosexuality sorry, that will come later.

I'm going to send this story tonight after I finish it.


It's open to critique, criticism, editing, or any new ideas. Anything that would make it more interesting or enjoyable to the couple that will be reading it. Also If you are interested in co authoring for fun it would be awesome if you want to pick up where I left off.

As long as you stay in context. Anything is acceptable except for anal and any further hints of homosexual tendencies


So you want to tease Dave?, sounds like fun, come dance with me. Were all standing as I take Alice's hand and ask you to take a seat in the chair.

Her and I start to slow dance to something playing on the MP3 player. I'm feeling her up good in front of you, reaching under her skirt squeezing her ass. Running my hands up and down her sexy body, kissing her neck. whispering things in her ear about what were going to be doing and her role on how to treat you during this session. Then when I'm ready I turn her around so I'm behind her feeling her tits, she's facing you. I tell Alice "take off your panties in front of him and give them to me." She looks you in the eye and slips her panties slowly down her legs and puts them in my hand.

Then I turn her back around standing with our sides facing you, slow close you can touch us. I tell her to get on her knees and tell you "Your wife's going to suck my cock" Alice kneels and I tell her to take my cock out and stroke it. She unbuckles my pants and they drop to the floor she reaches into my underwear and pulls out my hard cock and begins stroking it. I tell her to reach over and rub your cock through your jeans, just for a minute making sure it it rock hard. As she turns back to me, you start to unbuckle your jeans but she reaches over and stops you mouthing wait with her lips, and puckers her lips together giving you an air kiss. frustrated you stop and begin watching again.

When she turns back to me, I tell her to suck my cock, she obeys wrapping her lips around my cock and gives me heavenly oral for about 1 minute. My cock is rock hard as i pull it out of her mouth. She looks at me and i nod my head. Alice turns to you and takes tells you to stand up, as you do so she removes all your closes and tells to sit back down. Your cock is so hard as she takes it in her hand and strokes it a little.

You can't help but smile as she moves her mouth towards your cock. She holds it up and runs her tongue from the bottom to the top and around your swollen cock-head. She looks at you and whispers " it's so hard" you reply with "I know" She looks you in the eyes as she runs her tongue back down your cock and back up it circling the head again never breaking eye contact.

Then she reaches up and french kisses you and as she's pulling away back down towards your cock keeping her eyes on yours. She keeps moving but turns, still looking you in the eye and starts puts my cock back in her mouth and closes her eyes and proceeds to suck my cock like a woman in heat, slurping and licking until I tell her to stand and remove all her clothes.

Dave watches as his wife glances at him and stands, already unbuttoning her blouse. She casts it aside and stepping out of her skirt reaches behind her to remove her bra revealing her large lovely breasts.

She tosses the bra towards him and stands completely naked before us. I twirl my finger and she turns slowly giving me a complete 360 view of her sensual body.

For a moment I'm somewhere else. I see her laying on the bed beneath me. Her eyes closed smiling, her tits bouncing as I'm slamming my hardness into her wet pussy. I hear her moaning with pleasure taking my cock.

Then I'm back in the room my cock throbbing from the vision. It's all I can do not to take her. Not to take her now. Have her on the bed rubbing my cock on her pussy lips and then pushing into her.

But I shake that though from my mind. As I tell her to squeeze her breasts together and offer her nipples to me. She looks at Dave and then places one hand on either side of her tits and pushes them together, moving close to me as if offering them. I reach out and pinch each of her nipples then lick each one.

I tell you, your wife's nipples feel awesome on my tongue and they taste sweet as candy. I tell her to show them to you. She walks over and puts them in your face.

You hear me say, I know you have tasted them before but, they are going to taste sweeter tonight. They will taste sweeter because you saw me lick them. You watched me lick your wife's nipples correct? You reply yes.

As I walk up behind her, I ask you to lick them, lick them and tell me how good they taste. You don't see me cupping her fine ass in my hands as you run your hungry tongue across her breasts. Squeeze and kneading her ass cheeks as you lick her nipples. She starts to moan


Something leading to her laying naked in on the edge of the bed in front of me. My hard cock inches away from her wet pussy.


Are you ready to watch as I fuck her Dave? You reply yes. Ok but if I'm going to fuck your wife in front of you. Both she and I must know and believe that you want this.

This is not some imaginary dream you are watching in your head. This is real and you are a part of it. You've thought about this moment for a long Dave. You've imagined it happening over and over, that moment happens now. "Take my cock and put it in your wife's pussy."

Dave looks at me bewildered. "You heard me, put your hand on my cock and put it in her pussy! We all know you're not gay, touching my cock doesn't make you gay. It shows that you are willing to give up all excuses in that this might not have been your idea. if you argue about this in the future. You will not be able to say it got out of control and she fucked me on her own.

There's only one way for that to happen. If you want this to happen show her she has your blessing, grab my cock and rub it up and down her pussy lips as if it were your cock.

He reached over as if to touch my hard cock with two fingers. I interrupted him saying "only two fingers Dave, are you sure about this? He immediately grabbed my cock with his whole hand squeezing it with enough force it felt like a vice had clamped down on my cock. "Easy, easy, big boy, I believe you" and he lightened his grip to something more comfortable.

"That's better, now rub it up and down her pussy" She felt soft as he moved my cock around her wetness. Leaning forward making it rub hard on her clit when it was close.

"Your doing great just a few moments more, hold it stead and release your grip to a lazy one" as he did this I pushed forward my cockhead entering her.

She moaned with pleasure as I pushed it through your grip further into her and withdrew coating the inside of your hand with her juices. "Ohh god your pussy feels good Alice " I mumble. Repeating the process as if your hand was part of her pussy.

I tell you to let go and watch as I fuck your wife.

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