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  1. Madmajor

    New to cucking hubby

    If your hubby is getting carried away sexually and can't seem to stop think about giving him the female contraception pill for a short while. It will reduce his libido and take the pressure off you. it will also make him more sensitive and emotional. It may be the answer o gaining the balance you seek.
  2. Madmajor

    Closed Kik group

  3. Madmajor

    My wife's cleavage

    Where are you in Spain?
  4. Madmajor

    Help me turn my hotwife.

    Send me pics of you doing it
  5. Madmajor

    KiK id's

    My kik is madhornblower happy to chat about our experiences and share pics of my wife....just ask
  6. Madmajor

    List Your Location

    You got a big grin on your face???
  7. Madmajor

    Wife's anklet

    My wife makes and sells anklets online and sells loads, all over the world. Can there be that many women wanting to be available!
  8. Madmajor

    Hi all! New here and looking to chat! =)

    Do you use kik? my user name is madhornblower
  9. Madmajor

    The Many Cocks My Wife Has Sucked

    Does she like swallowing their seed
  10. Madmajor

    More chat frustration....

    I agree the new chat sucks....and not in a great way
  11. Madmajor

    My Wife - Sexual History

    Have you any pics of her with other men? The wife being satisfied by another man is the ultimate visual stimulation
  12. Madmajor

    Chatting On Kik

    Anyone braver enough to give out their wife's kik?
  13. Madmajor

    I Want to Watch Another Man Fuck My Wife

    Maybe you could write up what happened anyway!