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I am currently dating a very beautiful, very sexy, and extremely sexual woman. We've been together for 3 years. Within that time, she has fucked 2 different men, one in which she spent the night and fucked repeatedly. She also returned to him 4 days in a row after to fuck him some more. That happened about a year and a half into our relationship. Currently, she says she wouldn't fuck another guy unless she was no longer with me. I've told her many of times how I liked her fucking those 2 guys and I wouldn't mind her fucking someone else.

Any suggestions on how I can open her mind up to the idea of fucking other guys?? She is the type of woman that you can't just bluntly tell her such a thing, so it must be in a nonchalant, round about way. Any suggestions??

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Cuckold Tests

You'll know what's the best way to raise the topic, but I think you'll need to understand what her reasons are for not wanting to continue fucking other guys.


She might be reluctant to be fully truthful at first so you'll need to pressure test her objection with some solutions or options. If you can understand from her perspective you'll be in a much better position to respond. I wouldn't be too assertive in pushing her in the direction  you want her to go.


I'll assume she could have a level of guilt. What is her sex drive like, or her attitudes to sex in general? Is she open to trying adventurous sex (eg out door or risky sex)?

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