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  1. Cookoo Yes a great combination for sure. My mind is wandering there now. It's a real pity (for me) i haven't logged on on a while & missed your early notice. I actually was in Newcastle for the weekend, so a trip over to the Hunter would have been ideal. So how was the trip? There must be some stories to tell. Any plans for Sydney flashing?
  2. Mrs C & Cookoo the weather's great so any plans for new outdoor adventure?
  3. A very sexy lady. She looks to have a naughty-fun side to her. Feel free to keep posting more pics. They will be enjoyed.
  4. Sampson

    My first

    nice intro. definitely want to see more of you.
  5. I think if your wife says she's happy with your cock above all others then take her on her word. She has the experience with other cocks so she should know what works for her. Don't let your insecurity ruin what you have. Having said that it seems your wife likes to fuck others from time to time, so as long as that works for you both then go with it. Does she know how you feel in a MFM situation & is she fine with you being a sub? Maybe you should let her know this is what you like in case she has concerns of how a more assertive male in the room will impact you.
  6. I like the idea of the shared changing area. Where is this?
  7. Sampson


    Good girl, spread your ass open.
  8. Sampson


    Great view. That's the way I'd like to take her.
  9. Sampson

    slutwife boobs

    very nice titties
  10. I just discovered this post & definitely glad i saw it. it looks like things were definitely heating up. He certainly got fairly intimate with Mrs C. Mrs C your bikini is very nice. It (only) just manages to hide your secrets.
  11. I think it makes you popular
  12. Cookoo nice submission of Mrs C. Good to see you back. Any plans by Mrs C to make the most of this great Sydney weather for some new pics?
  13. Well said Cookoo. Most of us here (me especially) want Mrs C to enjoy herself. Being there in person to watch her enjoying will be even better.
  14. How did the day go Cookoo? I was away for the weekend otherwise would've been keen to see Mrs C in action.