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Wife's First Anal


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My wife never let me stick anything but my tongue up her pooper, but she let another man, and that's when it got nasty. It took her 4 years to let me taste her sweet, sweaty asshole, but it took just a few drinks and a couple hours to let some guy she never met before. He had a dick like she had never had, and the sex was kind of unexpected. We were at his house and she asked for the bathroom, so he nodded at me and took her there, he then proceeded to watch her sit down and let it flow. Just as she reaches for toilet paper he gets on his knees and cleans her dripping cunt, then whips out his veiny cock. Not much longer than mine, but twice the thickness. She slobs on it for a while, after sitting back on the pot. He lifts her up, turns her around and licks her hopefully clean asshole. She was loving it. He pushed the head against her quite virgin hole. She refused. He said, okay, but he hopes she has condoms. We didn't. By now I'm watching from the open door. She relents. He was very slow and gentle. She came right down her thighs onto the toilet that still contained her yellow nectar. He sped up and she is looking at me apologetically for letting another man not only fuck her shithole, but bareback. Then she sees me rubbing myself through my pants. So, she reaches down and squeezes his nutsack, forcing him to explode. Now, this wasn't planned, no enema, she emptied those bowels just before we left for his house. Well, he let it fall limp from her newly abused rectum, and his load following. Splattering his not so white baby juice down the front of a questionably clean toilet bowl. She seems embarrassed at first, for having not one, but 2 men see the shit stained cum that now belongs to her, a gift from his swollen nuts. I go over as he looks down to me. She tells me no, it still hurts. I lift her up, and lick every remnant. I pull back up her panties (white Thong),and hug her as she whispers how good it was, but how embarrassing the aftermath was. We return to the living room and drink some more. After a while they go to the bedroom and she climbs right on top of his cock. The cock that just an hour before was poking her dirty large intestines. He reminded her that they had no protection, and she tells him, she doesn't care, she would have to throw those panties away now anyway. She rode home in those panties, and wore those nasty things for 2 more days.

Any follow up questions, just ask.

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