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Playing Sex Games.


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In order to get my wife started swinging and eventually cuckolding, I created a perverted version of monopoly. We had 3 guys over playing a game they never had before, the only rules were, what the cards say, you MUST do. Everyone agreed. There was a watersports (waterworks) card, with a picture of my wife pissing, but the best card was the 7 minutes (or more) in heaven card. The ultimate card. Whoever draws it, takes whoever they want into another room and does WHATEVER they want for 7 minutes, or until they finish. Leave it to my wife to pick her ex boyfriend with an 11 inch cock she had never felt with anything but her hand in high school. She dragged him into our shitty bedroom, with our mattress lying on the floor and 3 bags of dirty laundry lying around. She sits by the bed for a few minutes (while I'm watching through our keyhole), debating how far to take it. So he undoes her pants, and discovers that she still wears white granny panties (she used to dress for comfort before she became a slut). He finger bangs her til she is creamy. She slowly reaches down his pants, and I think her mind was made up. She pulled it out, sucked on the top few inches until he was solid. This was now double the biggest she had had yet. Without much hesitation, she lies back to let him enter her. He tries without a condom, so she stops him. She makes him wear one of mine. No sooner after going balls deep in my wife's previously sacred hole, it busts. She feels the difference and makes him check. He used my last condom on a second attempt. I'm watching my wife get used as solely a fuck toy. She might as well have been a blow up doll. This condom breaks. This time she is loosened up enough, she doesn't feel it, but he does. But he also knows if he tells her, it's game over. So he pounds away until cumming deeper inside my wife than anything had been before. So deep she doesn't notice until they return to the game and I start fingering her and globs are falling out. She beat some odds, as she was fertile, and he had 4 kids already. 1 week later, she fucked him again. This time, with Magnums

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