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"Transitioning to sissy"


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    I do not know the correct forum that this would fit, but since it involves cuckold lifestyle I will put it here. Backstory,   I was never a 'manly man' growing up, but neither were my mannerisms or talk considered effeminate, mostly just a regular guy.  I was always submissive, being the youngest of 4 boys my mom's '' (she would only half jokingly say).  So her influence on me was greater than my dad's and I spent a lot of time doing household things with her while by brother's all did the 'man' things with dad.  Looking back it all seemed normal, even my brother's accepted it, never teased me and actually protected me from neighborhood bully's.  In a way I was the sister they never had, almost the neighbor kids my age were girls who I played house and barbies with (at a young age), except for B, my best friend who actually became the first dominant male figure in my life, leading to me being his secret 'fag cum dump' all through middle and HS.  That started when he came over to look at my bro's porn, we started JO'ing off, soon each other, and then I was sucking him off and he was fucking me.  He never did anything to me, but never told anyone and again always protected me as his 'boy bitch'.   Even when we started dating girls (and he was fucking them), he continued wanting my mouth and ass.  This short paragraph to just set up the transition after I got married, and my wife and I decided to live a full FLR lifestyle.

   Even before the cucking started our (my wife and I) relationship seemed to always have a FLR component.  Even before considering roles, J, though naturally submissive, always made the best choices and I naturally submitted to them.  We never really talked about those roles before and after marriage, I loved to cook, do housework and she didn't, lol.  She loved to her career, enjoyed the power of keeping the household finances, and giving me a budget to work with.  While the roles were being more and more defined, we still operated under the no decision will be made thing without discussion,  but always it came down to me trusting her and submitting to her decisions.  You can see the influences my mother had on me, and gladly giving 'J' more and more control became as natural as turning on and off a light switch.  There was really no kink involved, but these early things helped me evolve as we moved forward into full FLR mode.  The kids came, and  J felt it was important to have a parent home during those early formative years...guess who?  She was still the mom..and I the dad, just different aspects and duties, against most social 'norms' at the time, but still growing acceptability.  I share this because I feel it is important to understand the difference between living a FLR in realtime, Vs fantasy land.  When we started to explore and dabble in kink, we never wanted to involve the children in these life choices.  Being a 'sissy', you know the full blown dress in a French maid outfit would be hard enough on the kids at home, but definitely social problems for them outside the home, besides it is not fair or right to include them in your life choices, at least to that extent.  So balancing 'who; we were, and how we felt we wanted to explore and live those boundaries required a lot of thought and planning.  Now moving forward.

     Full transitioning.  With the thought of the last sentence in mind, we also felt that accepting ourselves, living our true lives and showing our children being true to yourself is more important than living a lie.  This dies not mean we went into full freak mode, had other men over..no no no.  However, dad had been hiding and denying who he really was, and there was no shame being 'softer', having haircuts, and wearing styles (that J chose and loved), that others might consider 'gay', having mannerisms that were 'fem'.  My wife actually wanted this type of 'man', she saw it in me when we were first dating and this was part of the attraction. A lot of it had been lost, and we went on the search to find it again.  The kids were actually young enough that they would not actually realize the transformation, because we did not have a huge social circle, and our new found friends were also living the lifestyle, made it easier.  Our mentor advised me (and J), that the process should be done deliberately, slowly, and long term.  

     Inside and outside of the home our kids knew we had a 'different' style of living, but to them it was just normal.  Dad went to all the PTA meetings, provided snacks for the special events (with other mom's), became very close friends with some of the mom's (who thought I was gay..no just sissy bi), and we had a very happy household.  My son more or less followed in my footsteps, married a very strong woman and looks very much like a FLR household.  While in college our was very much into experimentation, one day outright asked her mom and I if I was cucked, lmao.  After the shock wore off we were able to talk quite openly about our life choices.  She told us that some of the guys she had dated were asking her about cucking..seems to be a very growing fetish, and life her mom did with, she also cuck's her man.  

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