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  1. Terrific body, love her red pubes...and perhaps the first Bull who ever fucked his babysitter story I have ever heard. Also love the part where you fucked sis in the past as well. Nothing like keeping it in the family.
  2. It is the little things that make an already hot pic much more interesting. The hand under her leg touching her thigh could be any one of us wankers, ready to dive into her delicious pussy as you watch. The little choker a gift from one of us, to show our gratitude, but also let you know she is now shared, and the intense pleasure on her face let's you know, this is not the last time she will want shared. Thanks for posting your hot wife.
  3. As secondjag posted, this is beyond the usual cuck fantasy stuff. Seems like a total communication breakdown over the years. Why would he feel betrayed now just because his 'stuff; does not work? If he had a real cuck attitude, this would have always been about her to begin, maybe he should start there. Watching or not is totally up to her, again this is about her satisfaction, not his. What it comes down to is pretty simple, either he can accept this, try and be a part by supporting her, building the relationship in openness through communication, just keep things the way they are and likely the marriage will dissolve through bitterness, or get things in order, consult a lawyer and protect himself (and ultimately her) and separate. The only thing you can really say to him is 'what are you looking for?". He wanted this for years, now has it, but because it is not in his control he wants to take his ball and go home. A wife just does not go out and cheat because his cock quit working, the problems stem far deeper, those issues need resolved. Only he (and his wife) can determine what direction they want this to go, If both feel like the marriage is worth saving, her 'cheating' should really not be the issue as he wanted this for years. There may have to be boundaries for it to work in the marriage, and only those can be agreed upon if both parties are in communication. The longer it goes the worse it will get.
  4. I enjoy SPH very much. The humiliation was instilled at an early age. I think the first time was in 7th grade (in shower after gym class) when a guy with a massive cock pointed mine out and started laughing. He started out as a bully, but before long we were friends, well actually I was his bitch, lol. I love sucking small clits off, especially when cuck's wife is mocking that this is the only way cuck will ever get sexual pleasure.
  5. Love your reply, going against stereotype and proving not all woman are size queens. I was always amazed that some smaller statured guys had enormous dicks, while at 6'1 200 pounds I had a 1 inch flaccid, less than 4 inch erect cock. As a sissy I wanted to look the part all over, not just in cock size, lol. At the right angle even I could hit my wife's cervix, so she was not looking for size, she enjoyed the 'whole package' and wanted a person who could stimulate her in every phase of life. As a bi guy I would likely be salivating at the chance to drain your cock,
  6. Such a 'wonder'ful holiday for both of you! Hope she gets everything she desires, hope your 'wonders' are greater than your present thoughts.
  7. My wife J just would not do anal, she did not enjoy it at all and was not a size queen anyway. She did love to watch massive cocks breech my ass however, lol. Biggest BBC she watched me take was over 12 inch's, very thick and pounded me like a jack hammer. As the smaller BBC (7 inch or so) was fucking J he said he was the first time he was glad he was not bigger lmao.
  8. Greetings, I love to write about my now deceased wife. The things I have written so far have been straight forward events about our lifestyle. In this story I am going to digress a bit. On this day we were married so many years ago and for the first time since she passed I went out and actually started a new chapter. For the first time in over 2 years I went shopping for panties, the first time without her and it brought back so many beautiful memories. I bought a could thongs, and a set of pretty cotton for the 'full figured' sissy (lol). I was so excited I slipped off my shorts and put a thing on before I left the parking lot, and felt her presence beside me telling me what a good slut I was. So I share this 'embellished' story, based on reality, but also a deep fantasy we both shared but never lived out. I hope you enjoy it, I think it would please her to have it shared. He was remarkedly candid in our interview, I think this is what drew her in, for her honesty and forthrightness were signs of a very strong character. She could overlook physical 'imperfections' on her Bull (those areas that did not necessarily turn her on), when the strong personality and confidence showed through like his. He was not 'stud' looking, but his demeanor left no doubt who was in charge. He stated from the beginning that he was not looking for the average couple, but those who would be trained for eventual ownership, and ownership meant his total control over every area of our lives. We would serve him, he would be our Master, our focus, our being...he would take and not give back..because he was just worthy of our total devotion. In turn the giving back for us would be fulfilled by serving him totally, that would make our lives worth living. We could leave at any time, but be forewarned he told us, that other couples who had left were soon begging him for another opportunity, and he had never offered that once insulted. I was somewhat turned off by his seeming arrogance, but I saw J intrigued beyond measure. What did this man possess that was drawing her so deeply into his fold .so quickly? She had many other Bulls in the past, but this was a first and if we took this our lives would eventually never be our own again. Fear took control of me, but loving her I had to give her this chance, and with it lose my own existence as not only her slave, but his as well. The training period was intense, but rather tame (so we thought). It started with sex, more sex, and still more. She was mentioning him more often than any other Bull, and thus his grip was beginning to take hold. What we did not realize was ever so slightly we were also serving him with our time, efforts, every part of our lives was slowly but surely being driven by him, for him, and to him. It became spiritual. Our days would start with him on our minds, we would hear his voice first thing, and he would be the last one we saw before we retired. The details are not necessary, but in just a few months we had fallen madly and devotedly for him, we needed him for what seemed like our very breath. The second phase was the reckoning, it was then that we were to be proven through devotion, up to and including brutal punishment. He really did not care, for him we were now his property and how we were treated was only the method for getting what he desired for his life, and willingly we followed to treasure the pleasure it brought us to please him. We knew we were totally owned when he told us there were debts that needed paid, He had never asked us for finances and he said this was not about our money, but the bodies he owned. He loved playing poker and got into a huge game, thing was it was not money that gambled, but the services of his sexual property. He lost big, and now to pay off that debt his slaves would be required to perform an entire week of sexual servitude to these friends, no questions asked, no refusal of any fantasy. The only guarantee was we would not be physical harmed, but indeed we would be used, abused, and at the end of the week both of us would be known whores throughout 'his' community. J was in tears, she never wanted it to go this far, in near hysterics I thought he was reaching over to comfort her, instead he pulled her by her hair, took off his belt and beat her ass till it was raw. He roughly threw her to the floor and told her she was free to leave, but never would she be in his presence again. She looked at me, I being so weak and confused had always relied on her strength. With this she looked at him and said, "Master we obey." The week will be another story, but be assured we were pimped out and used like the whores Master wanted us to be. Our lives would never be the same, but it did not matter, for we were now and forever owned. This was J's favorite fantasy, we never lived it, though we did have some weekend fun roleplaying it with some Bull's and his friends. Wearing my new pink panties. drinking a glass of wine, damn I miss you J, but would not have traded you for the world.
  9. love them shaved, hairy, or in between. Love them white, black, or other. Love young, older, and in between. But I have to say that the middle pic here is about the sexiest I have seen for some time. I just want to worship that woman from head to toe, with special emphasis on cleaning that beautiful pussy. Thanks for posting this.
  10. I was driving yesterday and saw a young blond gal (college age), with a pear shaped body. When I say pear, her top was quite normal, but her ass was huge, I mean mega huge. I wanted to stop and ask her if she was into BBC because I knew some BBC who would love to be in her, lol. My wife and I knew some people from Kenya, and in this particular 'tribe' (actual Kenyan term), the wives were mostly fat and the men quite skinny. J asked if this was something expected and the answer was yes the men loved fat wives as it proved they were providing for them, then the wife smiled and said but we like our men slim..ha ha. There are those who love women in gereral, some prefer varieties. J was never a model, but no man ever turned her down, or came away unsatisfied.
  11. Can only speak for how it worked for us. I was the bread winner and house 'slave' if you will. J was a nurse and worked PT for her enjoyment, and did help with some things around the home, but it was my job to make sure everything was up to her standards. I did laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning. She kept all the finances and paid the bills. I was not feminized in the sense I wore woman's attire at home, we actually lived just like a normal family, just FLR. She had final say in all the decisions, yet like any marriage consulted me over important issues and if I was not sure or on board would defer at times until we came to a consensus. That said, if something needed done she would have the final word and I never questioned her on it, and even it things went south (rarely), I never said said I told you so, lol. I respected and supported her as any mate would. At work I was always caged, wore panties and as stated in a previous post eventually changed mannerisms to be more 'effeminate'. The change was so gradual that no one really commented or seemed to notice. if they did do what, I was being transitioned to who I was born to be. While never overly 'flamboyent', J wanted me to look, sound, act, and be femme. In time it was not an act, I was and am that person, even several years after her passing. I so thank her for the insight in bringing the true me out, and building my confidence to live 'out' (in the sense of losing my outward masculinity in a masculine world).
  12. It was a learning experience for me. My first times was with a very dominant high school friend who saw the sissy in me. While neither of is had the experiences to really be dom/sub. he instinctively took charge and told me cock suckers completed the job or else. After a couple 'for else's' (nothing to drastic) I finally was able to take the whole load. He had moved to another town where I did not know anyone and was I was soon the cocksucker for others he was acquainted with. I had to swallow every time and soon I was craving and begging him for all I could get.
  13. Here is my dilemma. If she is standing there looking like that, then she isn't my dau, but bull and wife's, lol. Though I raised her and still could not do it, though I wonder if mom sent her in to show her what cocks NOT to fuck. lol
  14. I cannot explain his emotion, but different times meant different responses for me. There were instances where the complete joy on my wife's face brought tears of happiness to my eyes, I loved her with my whole being. Our marriage was basically sexless, yet the bond we shared went so much deeper. There were also times I actually cried tears of pain, wanting her so bad. She would console me and ask if I wanted life to go back to 'normal'. She gave me this choice, but knew I would never choose that because of the complete joy and freedom she was having, and this was something I could never give her. The humanity of our lives does not stop just because we are in the lifestyle. Hell, as much as I love the humiliation, it was not the end all. Every emotion came into play, just much deeper and prevalent..and more importantly real for us. How we responded to those emotions is what built our trust and made me want to serve her more. She was my Queen, and I literally gave my sex life up for her..I do not regret one minute of it.
  15. Interesting to see the development after nearly 2 years. Like others have shared your wife not desiring others is simply her choice, but to see pics of her pegging you and now allowing you to explore your fantasy is truly fantastic.