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Mentoring a couple..from friends to lover's.


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     The diversity of the cuckold fetish/kink has truly morphed from the original definition (literally a wife cheating on her knowing husband).  I do not get into arguments on the differences as each couple has to define what fit's their fantasy's and desires.  As I have stated in previous posts J and I lived a lifestyle of our choice and that fit our needs.  One thing we always agreed on, she/we would not ever entertain a married man (or woman for that matter) unless the other SO was aware and permitted the activity.  While we may have been questioned about our morality, we did have ethics, lol.  As a couple we had been in kind of a holding pattern, our longtime friend's R and S were taking a hiatus dealing with family health issues, our last child had just flown the coop and J and I were facing that change in life.  While we had so much in common, her need for intellectual depth was something I just could not meet.  By this I mean her desire and almost need to tackle everything on an intellectual level, investigating the origins and history. I could appreciate art and classical music, but damned if I cared what every brush stroke or note might mean!  For her though it was that discovery that made life more interesting, so she decided to join a weekly discussion group for those who enjoyed such things.  A few weeks into this group and it was apparent she had met a 'soul mate' type, a guy who shared her fascinations and love of culture.  Soon they were going out for extended conversations over coffee and after trust was established more intimate details of their personal lives.  A very common story emerged, married, one time a month sex, wife said he should get a gf, but did she really mean it?  He was not going to cheat as he loved her, felt her shyness and conservative upbringing kept her from really experiencing life.  Time went on and instead of shutting down their friendship, his wife became more intrigued and wanted to meet us.  We invited them over for dinner and had a wonderful evening.  As I started clearing the table Ann asked if she could help and we went to do dishes.  In the kitchen this shy lady started asking all sorts of questions, I answered as directly could be, holding back some details afraid it might be to much.  There was a genuine interest in the questions she asked, non-judgmental, kind of like a child finding the cookie jar, wanting to grab one, but afraid to get caught.  I suggested she come over for lunch someday and we could talk more freely, she asked, 'soon', "sure", "tomorrow", 'sure".  So began a friendship that perhaps has been the most fulfilling in my life and likely the same for all involved.

    Our talk the next (and subsequent) days showed how lonely and heartbroken Ann was.  She loved her hub, but always felt inadequate in the BR and keeping up with the things that interested him.  She came from a background where woman were to keep house, shut their mouth's and just be happy they had a man who kept them.  She was genuinely happy raising her kids, but once they left home and her friendships dwindled because she was no longer involved, she began to close down and just shut herself into home activities.  I felt so sad for her and suggested we do some things together, shop, groceries, etc.  The more time we spent together I to felt like she was a soul mate, and as our relationship grew so did the trust and communication we shared.  As her walls started coming down, she agreed that an intimate relationship between J and her husband was inevitable.  We openly talked about 'cuck' fears, excitement, all the emotions, and finally the joy of being in love with someone you so deeply that you can trust their happiness to others as well.  Eventually Charles and J did become lovers, and from what I could determine J had to teach him a lot about sex.  This left Ann and I together many nights and J asked why I never moved forward with intimacy with her.  Frankly I was afraid to mention it, I enjoyed her company so much I did not want to ruin it, but J told me Ann had mentioned to her and asked if I was open to it.  Not soon after Charles and J planned a weekend away for some arts festival in a different city, Ann and I were just going to stay in our home, catch movies, play games, shop.  When Charles and J were about to leave she handed me a card with a little gift wrapped box and said enjoy.  Ann read the card while I unwrapped the box, inside the card was a note that said Ann 'owned me' for the weekend, worded lovingly and signed by both our mates.  inside the box was the key to my chastity cage.  Ann and I had more sex that weekend than we had in years past, lol.  It took about 2 years to get to that point, and while sex was never the focus of our relationship, it became a beautiful expression of it.  After the weekend I almost did not want to be locked up again, I was like a teenager again, yet I need that security blanket.  When Ann came over for midweek brunch she had a key hanging from her necklace, the one J gave her was one she had made especially for her and she gave her 'all rights and entitlements" that came with it.  This relationship lasted several years until J got sick and Charles retired and they moved to be closer to their grandchildren.  I still keep in contact with them, though it seems their 'swing' days are over, they seem very happy and much in love.

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