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My Dirty Wife


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I love seeing her spread her legs wide in the last pic.  Looks like she enjoys having her cunt looked at and used.  I really like how she fixed her hair.  Shaved off the sides with a little patch on top. 
It looks good and gives a good view of her cunt.


the close up of her gaping asshole is amazing.  So good to see her spreading with both hands.  Good girl!  nice labia too.  ]


Hope to see more 

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I've shown her the comments and she is loving it so far.

She would love some downright nasty comments and maybe tempted to show more if the requests 'hit the spot'. She has some full face clips talking like a dirty whore so depending on demand she is considering posting herself in full flow!

I would also like to know what you would do to her.

Cheers Guys.

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so glad to hear she is enjoying the attention.  which means as a cuckhold you are doing your job.  very pleased to see you offering her and making sure she is pleased.  i think you should be posting a pic of your limp dick for humiliation.  Be sure to show your cum hole.  I want to see it for sissy training.  Maybe she can help with this.  :)


looks like both of her holes are well used.  I'm sure I could easily slip my dick into both and go back and forth between the two. Make sure they are both clean and lubed for me.  


i really want to explore her holes.  she has a great looking cunt and i'd like to stretch it out a bit. 


hope to see more!

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Thanks for all the comments, they are very welcome  :thumb:


She has a preference for wide cocks over length. It's all about the stretching open that she loves - hence the occasional double anal........

After a long anal session (her favourite) she likes to play/finger with her loose butthole and really enjoys the sensation of being stretched and open.

On a number of times she has 'pushed out' and the sight is fucking amazing - no photos unfortunately but will ask if she will show you the results next time.


When she is horny, and can't make arrangements (hotel, holidays etc.) I am given a dildo show and get to watch her ruin her cunt and asshole with whatever is on hand (if her toys are not available).

There tends to be a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards, especially when she starts squirting. She loves it messy and lube, cunt and ass juice get everywhere. It's always me that deals with housekeeping.

I have had to take some pretty unusual shopping baskets through the checkout when we have been away from home too  ;)


I think that my Lady will be more willing to share herself with the forum given some more time and encouragement - she has a high profile job and is 'testing the water' with regards to her on-line presence.

Because of this it takes a little longer to meet/greet new cock, and given her preference for hard anal/messy fucking we have had some 'runners' so to speak.


Keep the comments coming (cumming) - would love some tributes - it feeds her wet/messy appetite.


Please be patient as she does not rush into things unless 110% sure.

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you are most welcome for the comments and attention.  I am very pleased that you continue to share her for our pleasure.  Good cuck! 


I can see that she likes to be stretched.  Great description of her bearing down after a long anal session.  I bet it is an amazing sight.


great to see the gif.  (I kept looking for the video)  She looks great in it!  good to see your cuck cockhead too!

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I closed my computer yesterday and today when I opened it the gif was still running.  I bet her asshole is sore today!  Seriously I've watched it many times.  Your cock head goes in her ass just a little.  Not real deep.  But enough for your head to get rubbed by it.  I count 5 thrusts and insertions.  I love that her cunt is in plain view the entire time.  very erotic.  thx!

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It was on the gentle side as filming and fucking at that angle is a little shaky...plus my belly was in the way LOL. Usually I hammer her asshole good and deep. 


Just laughing at the fact that the gif was running all night. She likes her ass worked hard but that would probably be too much ☺

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