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  1. Starting out

    We're all looking forward to seeing more of her
  2. Starting out

    Hello cuck I love curvy wife can't beat a good arse and big tits as it's been said her pic would look even better with her wedding ring. Is she going to chat with you or just read the replies at the minute. If you use KIK message me there as well.
  3. My wife the model.

    Best position for a hubby to be while she is being fucked getting to lick the bulls balls up close before getting his load out of her fucked cunt
  4. Picture sent by my wife

  5. My wife the model.

  6. My wife the model.

  7. My wife the model.

  8. What my poor wife had to deal with.

    Show the thread the poor wives who have to put up with those little fucking things
  9. Cucks...check In

    Lets make sure 2018 is as good as the last for cucks and hubbys showing there HOT and sexy wives
  10. 1st time wife meeting guy alone

  11. Great profile pic who is she

  12. Lynne Mills 002

    Hot as fuck would love my tongue between both sets of her lips
  13. Lynne Mills 003

    Would love to meet Lynne sometime out dogging
  14. Lynne Mills 004

    Sexy smile and a fantastic body
  15. kik messenger

    More need to update there KIK Messenger details OffshoreBull1