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Wife Starting To Come Around


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I've had secret desires to watch my wife, Lisa, be totally ravaged by another man with a large cock for many years.  I myself have only 5 inches fully erect.  My wife and I married young and she was only with one other guy before me, who was maybe 6 inches at best since her vagina was still rather tight for me.  I've been trying to broach the subject to my wife about her trying out larger penises, or even a dildo/strap-on since she's had to suffer with my little dick for so many years.  She always responded with something along the lines that my dick was fine for her and that she 

wasn't driven by sex.  I often wondered what her sex drive would be like after she fucked a real man-sized cock.


There's plenty of material available on the internet to feed my desires as well as give me an outlet for my lusts, albeit temporary.  Been trying out phone sex humiliation as of late and it has been great.  Definitely want to give a shout out to Mistress Amber at phonehumiliation.com as she has been great doling out humiliation as well as motivating me to do things on cam that I never thought I would - becoming a sissy slut.  



Anyways, for one of the cam sessions I purchased a fabulously realistic 10 inch suction cup dildo.  The head on that thing felt massive and I had quite the difficult time getting it in my ass, but with Mistress Amber's encouragement and 

cheering, the endeavor was rewarded with success.  Once the head was in, I was able to get some deep plunging action on it until I finally came with delight.


Since it gave me so much satisfaction, I decided to give Lisa the opportunity to enjoy it as well and put it in a place where she would come across it.  She did so the next day and I saw the box on the table when I got home from work.  She asked me about it and I told her I bought it for her as a present since she's been so wonderful with putting up with having sex only with my little dick.  She blushed a bit, but once she took it out of the box, she became a little excited and curious.  We left it uncovered in her underwear drawer so she could see it every day and grow her curiosity and excitement.  


When Friday came we had some time to talk about fulfilling her curiosity over the weekend.  We came up with some ground rules, 1. would only insert same length as my cock, at least at first.  So measured out 5 inches from the head and placed a cock ring there to mark the spot.  2. Since no kids would be around this weekend, the dildo would be left out in the open (suctioned to counter in plain view).  3.  I was to be naked all day so that her curiosity could peak seeing the obvious difference in size, which I readily agreed to doing.  4. We would proceed Saturday night after some wine and hot tub time.


So on Saturday morning, I took off my clothes as soon as I got out of bed.  Lisa smiled with an excited grin, so I got the playfulness going and danced around, bouncing my little dick in front of her, for which she giggled and 

egged me on.  Then I took out the dildo and started wiggling it around at her, to which she let out a playful "mmmmmm, it's sooo big!"  I then took the dildo to the counter and placed it in full view.  All day long as she 

passed by, she would give it a playful slap and occasional stroke.  I could see the lust for this big toy building in her eyes.  I tried to be around when she slapped the massive toy and had her slap around my little dick as well.  After the first few times, she would give my little tool a slap every time she walked by me.


Saturday night came, finally, and we started off the evening with some wine and cheese with the massive dildo suctioned to the middle of the table in between us.  We opened up a second bottle, got naked, and headed out to 

the hot tub.  I brought along the dildo, which I named "Rick" by the way, "Rick the Dick", and placed it on the edge directly across from Lisa in her direct line of site.  She couldn't take her eyes off of it.  I took "Rick" from his perch and started lightly smacking her with it.  She was very giggly and playful from the wine.  She then positioned herself in front of me with her legs wide opened and said "come give me a proper smackdown".  So I then started smacking her lips and clitoris with "Rick".  "Oh yes, that feels so good", she said, "so nice and thick."  I changed from 

smacking to rubbing "Rick" against her pussy lips and clit starting from the tip all the way down the full length of the shaft down to the balls.  She was loving it.  



We finished the wine and decided to move to the bedroom.  She laid back on the bed legs spread wide open.  I put some coconut oil on "Rick" and gave it to her with instructions to stroke it while I gave her a good licking to get her ready.  She came very quickly but didn't move away afterwards like she normally does.  Instead, she came two more times as she enjoyed the special attention on her clit while stroking "Rick".  


She was definitely ready, and told me to proceed.  I lubed "Rick" up again and began working its head into Lisa's tight wet pussy.  From the time she felt the pressure of "Rick's" massive head until I was able to get it inserted, she moaned with delight like I've never heard from her.  She even let out comments like "it's so fucking big, but feels amazing!"  Once the head was in she encouraged me to continue to the agreed depth.  I worked it in her 

slowly, but deeper with each stroke.  She was gasping from her continuous orgasm.  I finally reached the 5 inch depth and began plunging "Rick's" massiveness into Lisa's wet, quivering pussy faster and faster.  Her moans were incredible!  When she couldn't take any more, she called enough.  So, I pulled out "Rick" ever so slowly.  Lisa moaned with delight with one more orgasm as "Rick's" massive head exited her pussy.  I then proceeded to mount her wet stretched out pussy, which felt absolutely amazing.


I told her to tell me how I felt complared to "Rick".  Much to my pleasure, she said she couldn't even feel me and asked if I was even inside her.



So looking forward to next time.  She's already said that she wants to try taking "Rick" even deeper very soon.  Yes!!!!

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