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  1. SEX 332

    Porn star photos I bet.
  2. The weekend

    Love a woman with saggy tits
  3. wife

    Hot Christmas gift photos jimmyh, the one where she is licking her nipples getting them all hard is a major turn on.
  4. More revealing

    Enjoying a drink at the bar
  5. New here

    Wonder what happened, it has been almost a year since last post.
  6. Fantasy about my wife

    I find this post and following post very interesting. Nothing is mentioned about measures to protect wife from STD's. According to the CDC, 51% of Black males have gonorrhea, 41.3 % have syphilis, and the highest rate of HIV. The question is regardless of race, would you want your wife to have sex with someone that has a STD?
  7. Wife Starting To Come Around

    Have never been a fan of a woman with a big pussy, that I can not feel her while trying to fuck her.
  8. A text message I received from her lover

    I would text back would be "Kiss my ass" you don't dictate what I do or don't do with my wife, you don't own her. If she wants you so much, divorce papers will be ready tomorrow for her to sign.
  9. My wife for blacks

    She looks pregnant
  10. SEX 68

    It is obvious these woman are not your wife, what is the source of these photos.
  11. Would you do my missus

    Hell yes
  12. MySecret's wife

    Looks more like self photo to me, that is hot.
  13. New to cucking hubby

    Not all cucks are the same, many will oppose being submissive to their hotwife, and even become violent if it is forced upon them. I am one that is against meeting a stranger alone, it is just to dangerous. Also, this is a lifestyle I contend is not for everyone. It should be understood that if you have sex with someone else, that it can end at anytime. You may want to start by wearing revealing clothes when in public at a location you will not run into anyone you know. Then move on to not wearing a bra and panties. Beware many women find not wearing a bra so comfortable they not wearing one except when at work, around family, and at church. The hotwife lifestyle should be for you, not your husband. It is often destructive to the marriage.
  14. my wife like to fuck big cuck in front meĀ