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  1. Sounds like you desire to penetration sex with her more than a desire for her to have sex with others. Has she been open talking about her prior sexual life if any? Is she a victim of r********? What are your ages? Do the two of you cuddle? does she liked to be touched? Does she ever use sex toys? Does she flirt?
  2. Why do you really want to share your wife? This is a question you need to be prepared to answer if your wife ever ask it. Is it really for her or for you? Are there any ground rules? For me I would like her to have the experience of enjoying another dick, and for them to enjoy not only her tight pussy, but her ability to milk them dry with her cunt muscles. Also, would like her to have fun of another man's attention, to learn how to @@@@@@ herself more.
  3. Give us some information please. Does she like to dress slutty or in flirty clothes? Does she enjoy sex? have the two of you role played? Have you been able to get her to wear sexy dresses in public? Does she chat online? Does she enjoy flirting? How does she react when hit on? Is she concern about how she looks? Does she want to out dress other women? Is she super religious? Have you brought up the topic to her? If so what was her reaction? Where are you in your quest?
  4. I contend that most women will in time for someone that does not want to share her with you or anyone else, and your relationship will end,
  5. You are smoking hot. would love to see you in a very short skirt wearing a net top, or see thru blouse.
  6. KennyG

    More revealing

    She is a winner, loves to @@@@@@, but STD's and other issues prevent sleeping with others.
  7. Consider looking at my earlier post on this topic.. First step should get her to start wearing sexier clothing. She has to get use to the ideal man find her desirable and it is fun.
  8. Sounds like you moved to early in disclosure of your fantasy. There may still be hope. But it will take time.
  9. Porn star photos I bet.
  10. KennyG


    Hot Christmas gift photos jimmyh, the one where she is licking her nipples getting them all hard is a major turn on.
  11. KennyG

    More revealing

    Enjoying a drink at the bar
  12. KennyG

    New here

    Wonder what happened, it has been almost a year since last post.
  13. I find this post and following post very interesting. Nothing is mentioned about measures to protect wife from STD's. According to the CDC, 51% of Black males have gonorrhea, 41.3 % have syphilis, and the highest rate of HIV. The question is regardless of race, would you want your wife to have sex with someone that has a STD?