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Good Holiday Location For Photography?


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My British wife usually goes topless on the beach and at the swimming pool when we go on away in Summer in mainland Europe. Sometimes if I'm lucky she goes nude if nude beaches are near us.


My hope is she will be discreetly photographed by someone, then they post her pictures on one of the big websites but so far no luck. I love the thought of her pictures being posted by someone anonymous online.


Does anyone know a good destination where chances of this happening can be high? Is there a place where photographers regularly go to take these kind of pictures? Any beaches or resorts you can name where this can happen?


She's actually shy so it needs to be somewhere where they are discrete in this activity. She will not strip off if photographers are pushy or too abundant.


If you can suggest places, I will try to book our next stay at that location. Thank you for your assitance.

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I do but they are a bit far away:   Miami beach in the States.  All beaches are topless and women go to be seen. That means a lot of men go to watch!


Jamaica, Hedonism II resort in Montego Bay.  Half of it is topless and half of it is nude.  Although mostly couples, you will find a decent amount of single men hoping to socially or sexually be invited to tag along with a couple or group.  I am sure you will find a willing you man to "help" you taking pics of your wife and posing with her...

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I'm more looking for beaches or resorts where photographers are hiding in the dunes with long lenses. Hoping for non aware kind of shots. Anybody know good beaches for this or resorts in Europe for this kind of activity?


I have a little wading pool and some sand out in the backyard.... will that do?  I can throw in brunch.

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