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  1. London bull and amateur photographer wants to meet wives and gf for photos and fuckng

  2. here 18 months after last reply think this not been a sucess lol🤣
  3. being on these sites been a complete waste of time no closer to meeting etc anyone than the first day on here or other sites

    will give this and others till xmas then move on and try find real life meets lol

  4. still around no closer to pussy than before

    1. cjhopper


      But your name? says it all.


  5. how does one become a family bull or are such things deemed too taboo to discuss

  6. great video hope to follow your lead with a cuck or two one day
  7. White London Bull & Amateur Photographer Wants To Meet Ladies To Take Sexy Photos of Them
  8. White London Bull & Amateur Photographer Wants To Meet Your Wife Or Gf
  9. am back for god knows why let see if anyone reads or really meets me lol