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She Just Took Her Third!


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Well the first guy she hooked up with was in May which wasn't great ( her 14th guy ). The guy just kind of wanted a one night stand and there was no emotional attachment, sort of a man whore.


Then we went to a swing club in July and we hooked up with another couple ( 15th guy ). 


Wife has recently been hanging around with a guy she met at a gym competition, they became very good friends ( but as she said repeatedly, JUST friends). They have been out 4 or 5 times and nothing ever crossed the line. I always tell her "He will be number 16" and she just said "No, it's not going to happen"


Then last night, she sends me a text that they are parked out at the beach drinking wine. Hours later she doesn't come home so I texted her ( I could see by the iphone locator she was still at the same spot ) asking if she was ok. 


She texts back "Busy.....I'll update you a little later".


An hour passes and she sends me a message "You still awake?". I said "Yes, how's it going?" and she answered with just the number 16 and a smiley face.


When she got home, she sat on my face and gave me all the details. He licked her to orgasm, fucked her in the back seat and threw her around a little bit ( she's tiny, he's short but very muscular ).  



So that's the update...



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