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    After years of marriage and fantasizing about watching my wife with another man, I'm taking steps to try to make it happen.

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  1. I have 7 or 8 videos of the wife and her BF. He finally talked her into anal the other night and these were the results. Still frames from video: Pic one: him using the lube I just bought... Pic two: Moving in for the kill Pic three: Leg back, long dicking her ass Pic four: Top view
  2. Wife sent me a message saying they checked into the room, had sex, we're going to eat, shower and then possibly try anal. She said she was going to try to sit on it because that might be easier. Will update soon hopefully.
  3. My wife is doing a sleepover with her boyfriend tonight. Supposedly she's going to let him do anal. They've talked about it and decided tonight is the night. I've posted screenshots of their videos in here before, if I get anything good I'll put it up.
  4. I've done it 4 times now, latest being today. Video'd the last 2. Wife came home a few minutes after, and her and I went out running errands. I could still taste his cum and the thought occurred to me that I have had so much more of his cum in my mouth than she has ( she let him do it one time, on video but bad angle ) At first I was kind of nervous and hesitant, now I turn it up and let it drip in my mouth. The time before this, it was a huge load....I mean massive. This time not so much so I turned it inside out and licked the rest. I know for a fact that I could take a full load from him and swallow it without any difficulties.
  5. Wow....wife has no idea what I did. She would probably freak out, although I have seen her checking out male/male blowjobs on the internet. Her bf is a very manly, straight laced conservative guy. He would never go for the "I'm gonna make my husband suck your dick" thing so it's all better left unsaid.
  6. True story, swear to God. Wife has been in a three month or so relationship with her BF ( she started calling him her "Bull" because he's a Taurus, I explained the hotwife term and she got a kick out of it ) They use condoms much of the time except when she has just come off her period. The other night I had to work late, so she asked me if he could come over. Sure I said. She calls me a couple hours later and he's gone home. She said they took a shower together and she gave him a blowjob ( she wanted him to cum in her mouth as he never has ) and they ended up fucking on the floor. Long story short, I get home and she says "Can you make sure I threw the condom wrapper away?" so I looked for it but couldn't find it. Looked in the trash and there it was with the condom partially wrapped up underneath. I got curious so I pulled the condom out to see how much he came. Looked to be a pretty small amount. Next thing I know I'm thinking "Wouldn't it be funny if his load ended up in my mouth instead of hers?". I turned it inside out, keeping everything in the tip and just put my mouth over it without thinking. Quite a powerful taste I must admit and now I can say that I tasted his cum before my wife did. Anybody ever do anything like this?
  7. She still has never come home directly after he has cum inside her. He came inside her 4 times a few nights ago, but she came home at 11 am and with kids there was no time to do anything. She's out with him tonight, at the park up the street. She's in her "safe" window so if they end up fucking it will be tonight could be the first time she gets into our bed with another man's cum still inside her. Problem is, the guy takes like 20 minutes to cum so she never knows if it will happen on these short little jaunts.
  8. Wife has been dating the same guy for two months. They have hotel room sleepovers every week or two and once a week he either fucks her in our bed while I'm working or the meet and hook up in the car. She got a Brazilian wax for him. Then came home from a sleepover at 5am the other morning and sat on my face as she told me that he had fucked her three times and that his dick had been inside her less than an hour before. We fucked right after, I lasted about 2 minutes. It was fantastic. They've also made 4 videos that are really hot. She lets me watch them and tells me how much she likes fucking him.
  9. She told her new lover that her husband doesn't have a problem with her hooking up. So Saturday they are planning a "romantic" hotel sleepover. I think we are going to go out tomorrow and buy her some lingerie.
  10. Well the first guy she hooked up with was in May which wasn't great ( her 14th guy ). The guy just kind of wanted a one night stand and there was no emotional attachment, sort of a man whore. Then we went to a swing club in July and we hooked up with another couple ( 15th guy ). Wife has recently been hanging around with a guy she met at a gym competition, they became very good friends ( but as she said repeatedly, JUST friends). They have been out 4 or 5 times and nothing ever crossed the line. I always tell her "He will be number 16" and she just said "No, it's not going to happen" Then last night, she sends me a text that they are parked out at the beach drinking wine. Hours later she doesn't come home so I texted her ( I could see by the iphone locator she was still at the same spot ) asking if she was ok. She texts back "Busy.....I'll update you a little later". An hour passes and she sends me a message "You still awake?". I said "Yes, how's it going?" and she answered with just the number 16 and a smiley face. When she got home, she sat on my face and gave me all the details. He licked her to orgasm, fucked her in the back seat and threw her around a little bit ( she's tiny, he's short but very muscular ). So that's the update...
  11. My wife said she really wanted to be able to tell somebody and asked if she could tell her sister. She was flooded. Lives in a different state so not a big deal
  12. She did it, March 30th he got a room and she went and got fucked! She came home and sat on my face while telling me the details! Only thing that sucks is the guy seems like he just wanted a one night thing (he's married) so now she's going to have to find another guy
  13. He met her at the gym. Asked her to come over later and she had to pick up the kids. Then she asked why he wanted her to come over, he told her in no uncertain terms that he wanted her to suck his dick and to bend her over and fuck her brains out. She agreed that she wanted him to do both. I think tomorrow or Fridat will be the day. This guy is very forward and if she goes there, she is going to get ducked. She sent me this text